Wife: A Captain Swan Drabble

A/N: BLAME @smorgan4, @yeahiliketheredleatherjacket AND @herhookedhero FOR THIS!!!!

For as long as she could remember, she had always been “Swan.”

Ever since that first adventure on the beanstalk, they Emma sacrificed herself and Henry brought her back with True Love’s Kiss, that had been her nickname from Killian.

But now, as they make their way back to Storybrooke after their week-long (and well-deserved honeymoon, he had taken to calling her something different, but just as meaningful.

Emma parked the car in front of the white picket fence of their home, from ear to ear. Killian looked over at her, exchanging a similar smile. “So, do I get to carry you over threshold?” Killian asked excitedly.

Emma Swan actually giggled. “Well, I don’t see why not…?” He was out at her door before she could even finish her answer. He practically unbuckled her from her seat himself. Killian lifted her into his arms, Emma squealing with delight. “You don’t to carry me the whole way! We have luggage in the car!”

“Luggage can wait. This is tradition!” he said, sauntering up the walkway through the gate.


“You know I’m not struggling. I’ve carried rum barrels heavier than you!” She laughed, knowing that he had said that to her before, but he didn’t recall.

As they reached the porch, Emma fished the house keys out of her jacket. Improvising, he bent her slightly so that she could reach the keyhole easier. As soon as the door was slightly ajar, Killian kicked it all the way open with his boot.

He looked at Emma, with all the love in his eyes reflecting into hers, as he said, “Welcome home, Wife.”


From that day forward, that was all she heard.

“Care for a splash of rum, Wife?”

“Wife, do we have to go to your brother’s birthday party?”

“I love you, Wife.”

One day, over a year into their marriage, while she was cooking Sunday breakfast, she finally asked, “Why don’t you call me ‘Swan’ anymore?”

He looked at her curiously. “Does it bother you?”

“No…not really. It’s just…it was our thing. I kind of miss it.”

Killian walked up behind her, as she was flipping the pancakes off the skillet, wrapping his arms around her. “You want to know why I stopped calling you ‘Swan’”? She nodded her head, which he felt on his chin. “It’s because I never in my life thought I would have this, with you, so when I call you ‘wife,’ it’s so I never forget what I worked so hard for, and what I will fight with my last breath to keep.”

She turned in his arms, placing her forehead onto his, revelling in the contact. “I love you so much, Husband.”

“And I you, Swan.”

“Call me, ‘Wife.’”

“As you wish.”

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season 1-3 fic recs

i couldn’t edit the other post i made so i’m just making a new one. these aren’t in any particular order, just however i happen to read them! they’re divided up by season/arc that made sense to me lol please check the warnings, most aren’t that dark or anything but please check to be careful :)

please leave kudos & comments!! show the writers some love ❤️

“somewhere someone must know the ending” by maleficently

“love her like she’s leaving” by absedarian

“memory” by rae325

“possession” by sapphire smoke

“come hungry” by chilly_flame

“all my care and woe” series by writetherest

“queens die proudly” by fictorium

“through heaven’s eyes” by standbackufools

“revenge of the three little pigs” by mskezzles

“land and the sea” series by adventurepants

“small world” by livelovelikeme

“what good people do” by aurorstorm

“a trail of destruction” by starsthatburn

“lucid” by alittlepinkvial

“you run for cover (i’ll take the bullet)” by writetherest

“the clock stopped ticking” by random dice

“bitter” by aurorstorm

“through a rose coloured camera lens” by aurorstorm

“phases of the moon” by wily_one24

“the staircase” by red charcoal

“this great distance” by chilly-flame

“the worlds you never see” by writetherest

“this happens to all heroes” by fangirlinit

“monday” by echo_au

“some hope after all” by hunnyfresh

“burn the witch” by jane_bond

“let’s talk about sex” by jane_bond

“battle towards surrender” by fictorium

“halfway through the wood” by fictorium

“educating emma” by bond.jane

“a touch of magic” by lzclotho

“punctured soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the rescue blues” by icicleair

“the debt” by scribes and scrolls

“a ledger squared in blood” by scribes and scrolls

“savior’s shield” by aurorstorm

“thicker than oceans” by adventurepants

“soothing the distressed soul” by skinnyprocrastinator

“the stars that fade” by chelseadaggz

“safe in the arms of love” by jd4941

“saving mom” by skinnyprocrastinator

“polygraph calibration for beginners” by absedarian (bering & wells)

“of love and loathing” by sapphire smoke

“a fine line” by hunnyfresh

“flu love’s kiss” by sea-ess-eye

“curse you and your dinner” by highheelsandchocolate

“a glamour of truth” by sea-ess-eye

“my enemy’s enemy” by egoperceptum

“a dark ocean” by chilly_flame

“there will come a time, you’ll see, when love won’t break your heart” by inkinthepot

“a broken heart the world forgot” by writetherest

“the line” by chilly_flame

“a midnight dreary” by egoperceptum

“tattoo removal for dummies” by rebelbyrdie

“fade away with me” by selizabetha01

“a journey, in three acts” by coalitiongirl

“you do not have to walk on your knees” by dollsome

“beautiful” sgtmac

“family matters” by hunnyfresh

“sounds like something breaking” by strangesmallbard

“burn” by sgtmac

“broken” by rae325

“the monomythical adventures of regina mills and emma swan” series by maggiemerc

“death is just so full (and man so small)” by alinaandalion

“our hearts will make a fire” by bayloriffic

“fretting over the fate of dinosaurs” by harper_m

“the one with emma’s wedding” by aurorstorm

“the queen and her lady” by starvinglunatic

“whatever this is” by afictionado

“for henry” by adm_hawthorne

“our choices seal our fight” series by alinaandalion

“static” by hunnyfresh

“when the time is right” by deemn

“liar liar” by barbieshoes

“defenestration” be velace

“what i did for love” by korderoo

“nothing comes from nothing” by parakitty

“if the blazer fits” by flyyoufools

“the hard way home” by adventurepants

“addict fic” by fictorium

“the cellar” by lovingonce

END OF S2 (finale)
“mend these broken pieces” by highheelsandchocolate

“a safe place” by rebelbyrdie

“on the mend” by coalitiongirl

“you don’t need anything else” by rae325

“pretend” by sgtmac

“when the time is right” by negativeblue

“take this sinking boat and point it home” by mariathepenguin

“by the light of the moon” by bayloriffic

“fall” by sgtmac

“poppies” by SpookshowBabyx

“i am violence” series by darkersky

“we’ll make our home on the water” by bayloriffic

“two sides of the heart” by velace

“hide and seek” by absedarian✓&selected_id=2251464&commit=Go

“a kind of painful progress” by writetherest

“in the dark” by intensedreams

“you left me with nothing (but i’ve worked with less)” by fictorium

“gravity” by negativeblue

“do dream people like apples?” by skywideopen3

“new york serenade” by lzclotho

“incomplete” by negativeblue

“mine” by ellemae

“the wicked games” by black_knight

“keep me without chains” by swansaloft

“the demons from our past” by bythedawn

“chase” by fangirlinit

“many miles to avalon” by wistfulwatcher

“in the velvet darkness” by devje

“i met cupid (and he eats people)” by coalitiongirl

“maybe this time” by strangesmallbard

Natalie Abrams Reddit AMA

Is the Captain Swan “epic adventure” still on? When is it this awesome adventure of action, romance, and passion that Adam and Eddy mentioned we would get in 6B?

From what I learned while on set, that “epic adventure” appears to still be on, but there’s definitely a twist that makes it unlike previously adventures (Snow and Emma in Enchanted Forest, Emma and Regina in Wish Realm) we’ve seen.

Will we see Gideon’s time in the Dark Realm?

We will definitely see the Dark Realm in the back half of the season, which should provide insight into what’s happened to Gideon.

EDIT: Also, I wish I could answer all the OUAT questions with “yes,” “no,” “can’t say,” but even the answers would reveal too much! Sorry, guys!

Have you already asked Eddy and Adam about our Hot Seat questions? When can we expect to see their answers?

I have not done the next Hot Seat yet. I’m taking Qs over at the OUAT reddit so I have more time to sort through them. It’s hard to go through all the Qs on Twitter sometimes!

Hello Natalie, thank you for your time and yes I have some questions for you  about Once Upon A Time :)

1) Will we ever see a season without magic? An ordinary Storybrooke? 2) Hook casted a curse last year back in Camelot by killing Merlin, is that curse still upon Storybrooke? 3) Might the Dark Realm to be Avalon? 4) Is there a possibility to see in future a lot of flashforwards? Maybe in the next season? 5) What do you think about this “reset” for season 7?

I’m going for #5. I’m both delighted and nervous about what a OUAT reset would look like, but this is TV – shows have to find new ways to stay relevant, so I’m going to tune in no matter what if the show gets renewed and be ready for whatever adventure awaits.

For OUAT, Can we expect any surprising twists or shocking moments by the season finale that no one saw coming?

Yeah, actually, and probably before then – and something we probably should’ve seen coming. In a way, the show seems to be bringing the storytelling full circle (sorry for being cryptic!).

Do you know what musical styles (Classic Broadway, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop) will be in the OUAT and Flash/Supergirl musical episodes? 

I have not heard any of the songs, so wouldn’t be able to answer. But you just reminded me that someone I talked to on set (can’t say who) was pitching REALLY hard to rap.

Are you able to say for which show? I watch all three so I’m curious. :) 

Ha, whoops! I meant to say for OUAT! I HAVE heard some of the songs for The Flash, but they really want to keep the content a surprise.

Is there anything you can tell us about Jaime Murray’s character on OUAT? 

Well, we know she’s the Black Fairy. I’m really curious about how she became that way. The cast seemed to agree she’s probably one of biggest big bads the show has had thus far, if that tells you anything. Also, Kitsis previously said: “Any land where the Black Fairy, the Dark Fairy, the darkest soul we’ve been teasing for six years, runs can’t be fun.” Which makes me super nervous!

So how cold is it on the set of Once Upon a Time? 

Well, it was snowing the last time I was there, so pretty cold.

Can you tease anything about the OUAT musical episode?

There will be seven songs total, which includes a Jennifer Morrison solo!

Are there going to be any good moments between Emma and Regina in the second half of the season?

Cannot get more specific on this, but there was a line that was said when I was on set that addresses their friendship that made me chuckle.

Can you tease anything for Henry on OUAT?  I feel like he gets overlooked in spoilers… 

Mind if I use this question for Spoiler Room? :-)

Is the musical episode for OUAT gonna be important or impact storylines or is it just one of those random eps that’ll have no effect on the story/is just for fun? 

It will be important.

If you could steal one thing from Mr Gold’s shop what would it be? 


What is your favorite set to visit? Any funny stories?

I imagine walking around the sets would be surreal! Especially the fantasy ones

Visiting the Once Upon a Time set has always felt very special. I’ve been up to the Vancouver-based set every season so far. I’ve been to Steveston, a.k.a Storybrooke, a few times. One particularly fun time was being there for the end of the Snow Queen storyline. Elizabeth Mitchell and I got out of transpo van and the fake snow started coming down. It was totally magical. But then it started raining and it was just wet and cold. Haha.

Are able to tell if the EQ/Regina merging back or the EQ dying is not one of those twists? I think we all can expect either one honestly

I will say that’s not what I was necessarily thinking of, but can’t say more than that.


Note: This post will be edited and updated if Natalie adds new answers related to OUAT


summary: yet another little sequel to this rockstar au mixed with best friends get pregnant fic (also read: the second part)

word count: ~2500

a/n: I accidentally wrote more and it’s all fluff again.

Emma met Killian when they were kids.

They both were sitting in the waiting room at the music store for their music lessons. Killian had his guitar, Emma had her sheet music, and both of them were dropped off and came in all by themselves.

She can remember it as if it were yesterday. He’s the one that wanted to talk to her. He came over, smiling, and asked what she was practicing that week.

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Summary: Emma Swan is the hidden princess of Misthaven, when she was born the kingdom was under siege from the Evil Queen, and King David and Queen Snow in their desire to protect their daughter locked her away. When Emma is twenty her only dream is to see the world, and create a life of her own. Her parents deny her. Instead they sign a treaty with the Dark One her hand the in marriage the price of such a deal. Desperate and angry Emma does the only thing she can think of. She steals away into the night, and finds herself at a tavern in the village, with a blue eyed stranger.

Killian Jones is a pirate. He lost his hand in a duel with the Dark One, and is consumed by thoughts of revenge, but even so. Who was he, to deny himself the simple pleasures when in port? So when he comes to the aid of a beautiful blonde, who is being harassed by a drunkard, how is he supposed to know she was a princess as desperate for escape as he?

also on FFN

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“I need to show you something” - Marichat

Marinette was doodling in her sketchbook when the trap door to her room opened, startling her. She was used to Chat Noir dropping into her room, but they hadn’t made plans to see each other tonight.

“Hello, Princess,” he told her, landing on his feet. “How are you tonight?”

She placed a hand over her rapidly beating hard. “Ask me after I get over my heart attack. What are you doing here? I thought you were busy in your civilian life today.”

He bounced on the balls of his feet, looking excited. “I need to show you something.”

“Now? It’s almost midnight.”

“I know, but it has to be right now,” he told her, holding out his hand. “Please?”

She glanced at her pajama bottoms. “Where are we going?”

“It’s not fur away,” he replied with a wink. “No one is going to see your fuzzy polka dot jammies.”

She took his hand, letting him yank her out of her chair. With one fluid motion, he swung her onto his back and leapt up the ladder onto the roof. He started leaping across the buildings with ease. Although Marinette trusted him not to drop her, it made her uneasy to think about how high up they were.

Chat Noir jumped onto a particularly tall building and stopped. There was a table set for two, with a light candle in the middle. A picnic basket was sitting there as well. On the ground, written in rose petals were the word, “I have fallen for mew”.

She stared at it all in shock for a moment. Then she said, “Couldn’t you have left the cat puns out of the romance?”

“If I had, you wouldn’t have known I was serious,” he replied, setting her down in front of him. “I know I’ve gone on and on to you about being in love with Ladybug, but the last couple of months since I started coming to visit you changed things. I didn’t think I would ever love anyone else, but then one day I realized you meant more to me than Ladybug ever did.”

In all honesty, Marinette had been fighting off her growing feelings for Chat Noir for a while now. She hadn’t wanted to fall in love with someone who was pining after someone else, but she also wanted Chat Noir to love her for being her. It had made their work relationship very confusing lately.

She wrapped her arms around Chat Noir’s neck and kissed his nose. “What kind of food did you bring?”

“Aren’t you going to respond to my confession?” he asked incredulously.

“I thought I would keep you on your paws for a little while,” she replied with a giggle. “But I think I’m in love with you, too.”
First post for this anon! I hope you loved it! Thank you for being my first requests in a while! <3 I love writing for you guys, so it really meant a lot to me!

Fragile Wands

Happy Valentine’s Day Michelle @profoundlyfadedprincess! I hope you have a lovely day! <3 And I hope you enjoy this fic! I have a fun little drawing I’m gonna post in a bit too!

Here is a somewhere in season 6 canon divergent adventure of Emma and Killian getting sent to the Enchanted Forest!

And thank you @spartanguard for betaing! <3

It was Zelena’s fault they were in this mess. The unseasonably warm winter weather seemed to have everyone not in their right state of mind, which was even worse in Zelena’s case. It all happened so quickly: it was a blur of jumping towards Zelena to get the wand, a shout of ‘Emma,’ and a ringed hand grasping around her bicep.

And now, Emma and Killian were stuck in the Enchanted Forest.

Their means of getting home—  

“Love, you alright?” Killian groaned from underneath Emma.

“I think so?” She shifted, sitting up looking around them. She saw the wand that led them here peeking out from underneath Killian. She quickly grabbed it and frowned.

—A broken wand.

“Bloody hell,” Killian sighed at the sight.

“Yeah.” Emma threw her head back and groaned in frustration. “What are we gonna do?”

“What is this? The sixth time we’ve been in another land?”

“Seventh, if you count when we first met,” Emma corrected him.

“And even then, not on the same team, we figured out how to get back to Storybrooke.” Killian squeezed her hand and moved to get up off the cold rough ground. Emma felt the cold starting to seep through her leather jacket. She looked around and away from Killian. They were in the woods. Snow was falling peacefully through the trees.

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Adventures in magic with Emma Swan (ft. Killian Jones)

Summary: Emma’s partnered with Killian for one of her classes. Random stuff ensues. For @seastarved Fantasy Pretzel Week: Day Two. Bed-sharing in a Magical University AU. 

Dedicated to the Hub’s very own Mama Rowling, Clare @mahstatins (who beta’d this and is an all-round stellar person!) 

 Tagging a few other homies from the hub…

@captainwiley @starlessness @killiancygnus @winterbythesea @the-reason-to-sail-home@dassala @thejollypirate @katie-dub @phiralovesloki@abbadons-little-witch@swanandapirate@lenfaz@zengoalie@shoedonym

And to all those Potterheads, I apologise profusely in advance (I have not read or watched HP so I’m taking a lot of liberties with this). Heh.

(I’ll post the second half later in the week.) 

The words stared back at her, emblazoned proudly on the crest carved into the wood, a written warning intended as a constant reminder.

Omnes Magicae Price.

All magic has a price.

It begged the question why anyone would want to involve themselves in the magical arts, much less attend a school where it was the core curriculum, but here she was. Not only does all magic come with a price, it’s quite fickle if not handled properly. One tiny slip up and-

-and Emma found herself chained to her partner, staring forlornly at the library doors, hoping that somewhere in the building there was a spell to reverse this.

“This is all your fault y'know,” Emma hissed at him.

The events leading up to this went a little something like this…


Belle French: friend, book-lover, intellectual wonder, and the worst traitor known to mankind.

“I think you’re being a little over-dramatic, Emma.”

“Actually, I’m being just the right amount of dramatic, Miss French.” Emma said over her shoulder, refusing to look her ex-best friend in the eye.

“Really, Emma. The last name?” She could hear Belle’s eye roll at her theatrics. Emma sighed, turning to face Belle. She was happy for her friend, she really was. As one of the brightest at Storybrooke University, it was no wonder that Belle was given the offer to move to the advanced class. But it left Emma without a class partner.

“I’m going to miss you,” she said, her shoulders sagging.    

Belle laughed. “You’ll still see me.”

“It won’t be the same,” Emma pouted.

Belle smiled. “Oh. Miss Fisher wanted me to tell you that your new partner will be coming tomorrow. See? You won’t be all alone.”

Emma mumbled a “Yeah, I guess,” before pulling Belle into a tight hug.

“Come on. We’ll be late.” Emma gathered her equipment, her wand and spell book, shoving it into her bag and following Belle out of the canteen.   

Well. What a way to start the semester.


Killian Jones: newbie, charmer, too handsome for his own good, and a general thorn in Emma’s side. She should’ve been prepared for this. Belle had told her. But as soon as she walked into class she saw the dark haired, blue eyed stranger, irritation flared in her chest as he lounged in what used to be Belle’s spot. He was waving his wand around, a careless smile on his lips.

And she didn’t know what came over her but she stormed over to him, plucking the wand out of his hand.

“So. You’re my new partner,” she said, examining the wand before looking at him. He scrambled to stand up and she should not have found the red tinge to the tips of his ears endearing, nor the way his accent wrapped around her name.

“Ah, yes! You must be Emma Swan. Killian Jones.” He held out his hand and she took it, her lips tugging into a small smile.

“You aren’t from around here are you?” She mused as she handed the wand back to him.

“That obvious?” He asked, reaching back to scratch behind his ear.

She shrugged, “You stick out.”

“In a good way, I hope.”

“We’ll see.”

Killian Jones is without a doubt the worst partner Emma has ever had the misfortune of being paired with.

Not twenty minutes into the class, he had spilled three potions, cast two incorrect spells (she’s sure two of her classmates will be plotting his murder once the effects of his hex wear off), and almost broke his wand.

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{fave books}: this adventure ends by emma mills

“maybe there are people who love someone so much that it makes them want to find that kind of love again. maybe they loved so much, they can’t live without that kind of love in their life. and maybe … it’s a kind of love where you don’t have to say it. where they’re such a part of you and you’re such a part of them that it doesn’t need to be said. because you already know.”

Just a gentle reminder if ever you feel discouraged...

Even though we haven’t gotten to see it too much, never hesitate to let your heart get all squeezy over the fact that Emma and Killian DO live together. 

~ Emma falls asleep in Killian’s arms each and every night.
~ Killian has pyjama bottoms that Emma bought him. He loves them.
~ Emma loves to trace patterns over Killian’s stump after he takes his brace off. 
~ Killian tells Emma stories about his adventures at sea.
~ Emma sleepily tells Killian she loves him, right before she falls asleep.
~ Killian always wakes up first. He lays in bed watching Emma until she wakes.
~ Emma hates Killian’s heathy breakfasts, but would never tell him that.
~ Killian is meticulous about stuff being put away in the right place.
~ Emma never laughs as hard as when Killian tries to program the microwave.
~ Killian loves movie nights and rubs Emma’s feet while he learns about the  
   Millennium Falcon.
~ Emma has nightmares sometimes. Killian comforts her.
~ Killian has nightmares sometimes. Emma comforts him.
~ Emma almost has a stroke one morning when Killian asks if she’d prefer he 
   didn’t wear eyeliner.
~ Killian almost has a stroke one night when Emma asks if he’s happy here, or if
   he misses sleeping on the waves.
~ Sometimes they watch the sunrise in the morning on the back porch swing.
~ Sometimes they watch the sunset on the front porch with steaming mugs.
~ They both  love living together and can’t imagine ever having to live apart.

Even though we don’t see it with our own eyes, we know these two. These things are happening. Even though we don’t get to see. They’re happening. 

“I look like an idiot.”- DjWifi “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” LadyNoir or “We shouldn’t be doing this” MariChat  

“I look like an idiot,” Nino complained.

“You look so cute!” Alya squealed.

Nino was wearing a Toy Story Woody outfit, complete with cowboy boots, red handkerchief, and giant cowboy hat. He had never, in his entire life, worn boots with heels. And the hat pushed his glasses uncomfortably into his face. He felt stupid.

“Oh, come on! You said I could pick the outfit!” Alya said. “And I already bought my Jessie outfit!”

Nino sighed, taking the hat off. “I was totally trusting you to pick a good outfit, but this is way overboard. Why do we even have to match anyway?”

“We told Adrien and Marinette we would each do a couples costume for Halloween,” she reminded him. The school was throwing a Halloween dance, and they had planned on a double date. “And then we agreed on a Disney theme.”

“This barely counts as Disney. It’s technically a Pixar movie,” Nino pointed out. “And couldn’t you have chosen a different Disney couple?”

“Like what?”

“Like, I dunno, any of them?”

“Pleeease?” Alya pouted. “I’ll spend all day tomorrow doing anything you want!”

Nino put his head in his hand. He was so going to get her back for this.

The next week, Alya and Nino were waiting outside on the school steps for their friends. Nino kept adjusting his handkerchief and glasses. Alya looked adorable in her Jessie outfit. She had ditched her glasses in favor of contacts, so she wasn’t having the same troubles.

Marinette and Adrien turned the corner, causing Alya and Nino to gasp. Marinette was wearing a stunning Snow White dress. Her short hair was free of its pigtails, and a red bow had taken their place. Next to her, Adrien was wearing a Prince Charming outfit. He even had a red cloak hanging off his shoulders. They both looked ridiculously adorable.

“See?” Nino cried, pointing at them. “Why couldn’t you choose a princess and a prince outfit?”

Alya ignored him, running down the steps to meet Marinette. They squealed and fawned over each other’s costumes while Nino clumped down awkwardly in his boots.

“You look like you drew the short end of the stick,” Adrien said.

“No kidding.” Nino adjusted his glasses again. “You’re lucky you’re with Marinette. She chose an awesome costume for you.”

Adrien scratched the back of his head. “Actually, she wanted me to pick the costume.”

Nino’s mouth fell open. “Really, dude?”

Alya suddenly pulled Nino’s arm. “Come on, let’s go dance!”

Nino looked at Adrien, mouthing, “Help!” as he was dragged up the steps and onto the dance floor.

But while Nino tripped over his shoes, and stepped on Alya’s feet, and felt stupid and ridiculous, he was doing all of this with her. He would have never subjected himself to such embarrassment with anyone else, and that’s when he knew he would someday ask this girl to marry him.
This one ended up being one of my favorites so far! I had a ton of fun writing it, so I hope you have a ton of fun reading it, anon! Also, I had to feature Adrinette because I imagined them in their costumes and I couldn’t let it go, lol.


The Adventures of young Emma and Young Bae. 

I’ve seen a lot of criticism over Abby Ross being 16 (1 year before Emma met Neal) and how creepy it is that she and Neal got together at that age.

But in reality if they had chosen Abby Ross for the “Tallahassee” episode they would have also cast Dylan Schmid as Neal. The reason they didn’t do these two was because we had to recognize MRJ in “Manhattan” Plus back then both Ross and Schmid were still reaching the age of pubescence and didn’t look quite old enough to be making a baby just yet. 

They’re both about 16 in these and they still don’t look old enough. 

Bottom line: Swanfire forever

best books i’ve read in 2016

(2015 post) sooo i’ve read 116 new books this year, 177 counting rereads!! this was mostly a year of rereading tbh add me on goodreads /mydarlinginej !! anyways, here’s a list of the best books i’ve read in 2016

** = released this year


  • crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo (just,,,a masterpiece, truly)**
  • outrun the moon by stacey lee (why you should read)**
  • queen’s thief series by megan whalen turner
  • wolf by wolf, iron to iron, and blood for blood** by ryan graudin
  • a gathering of shadows by v.e. schwab**
  • gemina by jay kristoff and amie kaufman
  • tell the truth, shame the devil by melina marchetta**
  • the grift of the magi by ally carter**

★★★★ .5

  • places no one knows by brenna yovanoff**
  • this adventure ends by emma mills**
  • the miseducation of cameron post by emily m. danforth
  • the unexpected everything by morgan matson**
  • the winner’s kiss by marie rutkoski**
  • this savage song by victoria schwab**
  • map of fates by maggie hall**
  • you know me well by david levithan and nina lacour**
  • just visiting by dahlia adler
  • and i darken by kiersten white**
  • the square root of summer by harriet reuter hapgood**
  • the raven king by maggie stiefvater**
  • morning star by pierce brown**
  • wildlife and cloudwish** by fiona wood
  • passenger by alexandra bracken**
  • vendetta and inferno** by catherine doyle
  • tiny pretty things and shiny broken pieces** by sona charaipotra and dhonielle clayton
  • the hating game by sally thorne**
  • the lost & found by katrina leno**
  • lady midnight by cassandra clare**


  • if he had been with me by laura nowlin
  • the dark days club by alison goodman**
  • written in the stars by aisha saeed**
  • the girl from everywhere by heidi heilig**
  • girl against the universe by paula stokes**
  • three dark crowns by kendare blake**
  • the hidden oracle by rick riordan**
  • something in between by melissa de la cruz**
  • trouble is a friend of mine and trouble makes a comeback** by stephanie tromly
  • see how they run by ally carter

★★★ .5

  • the loose ends list by carrie firestone**
  • wild swans by jessica spotswood**
  • what’s broken between us by alexis bass
  • the darkest corners by kara thomas**
  • all laced up by erin fletcher**
  • bittersweet by sarah ockler
  • the walled city by ryan graudin
  • first and then by emma mills
  • the last boy and girl in the world by siobhan vivian**
  • the distance from a to z by natalie blitt**
  • the safest lies by megan miranda**
  • of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst**
  • the star-touched queen by roshani chokshi**
  • a torch against the night by sabaa tahir**
  • the beauty of darkness by mary e. pearson**

i’ve read more than this rip check my goodreads for more also check my book recs page or feel free to send me an ask for any recs 💙

“Is there something I can do to make it up to you?” - Ladrien

“Is there something I can do to make it up to you?” Ladybug asked Adrien. She had snuck into his room at eleven o’clock at night to apologize for standing him up on their first date.

Adrien crossed his arms, trying not to give in. He didn’t want to lose his anger just because he was in love with her. “I don’t know, Ladybug. You stood me up.”

“I know we had plans to meet up tonight, but I had an emergency in my civilian life,” she explained.

“What happened?” he asked, raising his eyebrow. He had waited for her on top of the Grand Paris hotel for over two hours on a chilly night. His heart had felt broken, and he had started to wonder if he had been part of some cruel joke. Whatever her excuse was, it had better be good.

“My father fell and broke his wrist. My mom and I had to take him to the hospital,” she replied, trying not to give too much information away. “I wanted to tell you about it, but I didn’t know how to without giving away my identity. I’m sorry.”

He sighed, releasing his anger. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. Is your father okay?”

She smiled, relieved that he seemed to have forgiven her. “Yeah, he is.”

“You know, you could make it up to me right now, if you wanted,” he told her hesitantly. “I have a TV in here, and I could make us popcorn and rent a movie. It could be like a real date, only we wouldn’t have to hide.” He blushed, feeling embarrassed. “I know it sounds lame, but I would really like it.”

“No, it doesn’t sound lame! Actually, it sounds kind of perfect.” She sighed, looking sadly at the clock. “Unfortunately, I have something I have to do in the morning. My dad needs help running the um… well, he needs my help, since his wrist is broken.” Sometimes it was hard trying to keep her identity a secret.

“Oh,” Adrien said, feeling rejected for the second time that night.

Ladybug took his hand in hers, trying to soothe him. “I really, really wish I could stay,” she assured him. “I can’t stop thinking about you most of the time. It’s just… today was an awful lot of bad timing.” She kissed his cheek. “I’ll come over tomorrow night, I promise. We can do whatever you want.”

“Okay,” he replied, squeezing her hand. “I’ll see you then.”

She ducked out his window, and he watched her go.

“See? I told you she didn’t forget about you,” Plagg told him triumphantly.

“You said she probably didn’t even remember my name.”

Before Plagg could respond, Adrien’s phone went off. Alya was calling him.

“Hey, Alya,” Adrien answered. “What’s up?”

“Hi, Adrien,” she replied. “Are you free tomorrow morning? Say around five?”

“Five? Isn’t that a little early?”

“I know, but Marinette really needs some help tomorrow with the bakery,” she explained. “Nino and I are going over to help her, but we were hoping you would come, too.”

“Why does Marinette need help with the bakery?” he asked. “Don’t her parents run it?”

“Normally, yes, but her dad broke his wrist today, and Marinette and her mom can’t run it without the extra help.”

Adrien was quiet for a moment. “Her dad broke his wrist?”

“Yeah, the hospital was so busy they had to wait like three hours, so they’re really behind. Can we count on you for help?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” he said in a daze. “See you tomorrow.”

Adrien collapsed into his desk chair as soon as they hung up. “I can’t believe Marinette is Ladybug.”
Here’s the other half of my anon’s request, plus a little bit of reveal. I love accidental reveals, lol. I hope you loved both of these, anon!