adventures with wall e


Preview for my finished piece for @terumobzine2017!! really was a heck of a piece to color, but I feel like it came out okay :33

What Recent Pixar Movies have taught me about life
  • Wall-e: Adventure. Live Life. But make sure to come home eventually.
  • Up: Everybody has lost something, giving of yourself is better then sequestering yourself.
  • Toy Story 3: It is totally OK to let go of your child hood its part of life.
  • Cars 2: People make mistakes. Be forgiving.
  • Brave: People love in many forms. It may not seem like it but they do truly love you.
  • Monsters University: Growing up means making mistakes
  • Inside Out: It's healthy and normal to be sad sometimes.

A project I did for my Typography and Layout class. The assignment was to design the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. I chose cartoons as my theme. I used mostly newer shows though there are some classic one thrown in. Note that my 1 and my 4 are swapped, I was more focused on what I was drawing than on where I was drawing ^_^ 


Happy Valentine’s Day and remember, adventure is out there!