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Interesting find at garage sale- Pat’s letter teddy bear

O.k so while i was at my part time, this church from across our apartment was having a yard sale, my sister tells me she found a cute teddy bear and has gotten it for me, she paid 50 cents for it. Little did we knew that this little teddy bear hold a incredible secrets.

The teddy bear, or as I call him, Pappi, had writing all over him. At first we thought it was some scribble made by little kids, but the more we examined it closely it was an old writing wishing someone well. One thing we noticed is that the teddy bear was presented at 4/15/1944. Guys this teddy is like 73 years old.

There is so much thing that is unusual about Pappi, and here are couple of things we figured out so far.

-It was gifted to a girl name Patula, but everyone calls her Pat. And according to the letters she was a sweet and swell gal.

-All the letters where indicating that she was going away somewhere, one writer stated that they will soon meet at Tulsa.

-Pappi was signed by 25 different people, who really treasured Pat.

- Black inks turn brown over long period of time, so this is as legit as it can get.

-Pappi’s design is highly unusual for a teddy who is from 40′s. He has no sign indicating that he was manufactured. (Such as logo print, or a button with company name engraved to it) Not only that he was made with a cloth instead of being covered with fur like the rest of the teddy from that time period.

Here is an example of type of teddy bear that was common in that time frame, a popular one from the 1940 was the Steiff teddy bears.)

-There is a high indication that Pappi has been hand made by someone from scratch, likely with a sewing machine. Whoever made him ran out of materials and left his arm in a simple floppy design, again i shall mention, is a unusual design choice compare to a popular designs.

-We know for the fact that, Pat adored this bear and treasured it, keeping it such incredible condition for past 70 years.

-It’s possible that Pat is no longer with us.

-And my sister and I know for a fact that Pat’s family saw no value in it and decided to simply toss it at a yard sale.

It’s sad to see such wonderful thing to be thrown out like this, honestly this teddy bear belongs in a museum, not because how old or unusual it is but because of the love put in by the 25 different people and the owner who took such good care of it for seven decades.

But for now, I think this teddy deserves some cuddling.

Whelp, where ever you are Ms.Pat, I adore this really strange, mysterious and sentimental teddy, Pappi gets to see sunshine and travels with me now.

Needle felt Doll Commisions!

I’m opening commissions for cute, chibi-style dolls! Doesn’t have to be just space marines; anything can be simplified and adorable. They’re around 3in tall and 100% wool.

Chibi-style humanoid doll prices start at $40. Accessories (weapons, capes, etc) are an additional $10. Anything else, please note me for a quote. If you’re interested, please message me via private message.

Payment via paypal only. Invoice will be sent after the doll is completed, but before shipping. Dolls that go unpaid for 30 days will be resold (OCs will be turned into new dolls); payment plans are accepted for larger orders (please note me first).

Commissions slots:

1. Available

2. Available

3. Available

Important: These dolls are NOT made for small children or animals. They’re sturdy, but can be torn. They are for display or gentle playing only.

Feel free to note me! ❤

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Remember when you thought she wouldn’t love you?


More fanart of The Evil Within :I hi. my whole art blog is this right now… I’m so inspired, though! I adore the character designs in this game, and Seb is so cute to draw with everyone. Here’s some more love for sassy nurse Tatiana, drawn for lady-of-rohan. Poor beatup Sebs never wants to accept anyone’s help… but can’t say no to her ;D