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08.11.16 // 4:00 pm //  ♡ ♡ ♡

Today was a pretty productive day for me so I got to enjoy a little personal treat. :D I and my roommate sought adventure in the local bookstore and then off to some coffee time. Because books and coffee is such a perfect combination. Duh.

One of my favorite things about having an immediate roommate is that when she shuts the door and I need to get into our room I can tell, “It’s me! Keeeeiiith! Your—I am your paladin!!!!” to get her to open the door.
She doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do but it’s either that or singing Frozen so

Lilly Week 1

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  • Moving into Indy was a pretty smooth transition! There weren’t any complications with my flight or baggage retrieval, and lyfting (for my first time) to my apartment complex was a simple process overall as well. My roommate helped me lug all my belongings upstairs because I discovered a lack of elevators, and our relationship got off to a good start. I had ample time to unpack my things, settle in, and unwind for the rest of the night, which was much needed and relaxing. 
  • Memorial Monday was an adventurous day! Waking up later than anticipated, my roommate and I still made time to walk around and explore downtown. The scenery is so peaceful here despite living on the edge of the city, and the proximity to everything is convenient and beyond my expectations. After a 2.5 hour hike through Military Park, past the circle fountain, through the Circle Center Mall, and down many random people-filled streets, we actually reached Lilly on the other side of the city. It felt surreal seeing the corporate buildings and research labs before my eyes for the first time. Having only seen Lilly from the satellite view on google maps, I didn’t expect Lilly to appear so grand, but it did and I couldn’t help but grow more excited for my next 10 weeks in the real world. The walk home would have been grueling, so we took a lyft to a few blocks before out apartment and walked the remaining distance home. After recovering from our slightly tiring journey, we embarked on another short expedition to Walmart to do some weekly grocery shopping. I learned from my mistakes and will never again purchase sweet canned peas or wheat tortillas. Also!! I found out the day after that my credit card information was stolen… just my luck. Every time I resettle in a new area, something dramatic and out of the blue has to occur. I grew anxious and paranoid, and wondered if this annoying situation would foreshadow the rest of my summer. But I’m grateful that everything worked out for the most part, and I’m trying to not make assumptions about this area. Staying optimistic is probably the only thing that will get me through these next few weeks.
  • My roommate had her orientation Tuesday, so I had the entire day to myself. Lazy to go out early in the day, I finished every house chore that I could think of and was finally able to live in my room and kitchen comfortably. In the afternoon, I finally got myself to walk outside for a little over an hour, exploring the IUPUI campus, walking in and out of buildings, and across many courtyards. I discovered that majority of the buildings and areas of study revolved around medicine and research, which was interesting. The facilities were nice and modern, and I’m glad I found a Starbucks nearby!!! I also walked the extra mile and a half to a plaza filled with fast food and casual restaurants, and I’m comforted by the fact that I won’t starve. :’) 
  • Wednesday, AKA orientation day and the first day of stepping foot into the future! Bless Sean for rides to and from work because being car-less here is QUITE the inconvenience. Naturally, I gravitated towards a table of all girls at orientation, but I’m glad that I did because they’re some of the people that I see most often throughout the day, and they’re all really friendly! It sucks that I can’t go out and enjoy nightlife with everyone else because underage probs, but I’m hoping that we all still grow close enough to hang out casually outside of work! Now, the CAMPUS, was INCREDIBLE. From the views on the rooftop of the CEO’s offices, to the private L-shaped pond right outside our building, to the on-campus gym, to the three different cafeterias, to my plain and simple cube, I was overwhelmed by the grandeur of everything. Some perks of the day included free breakfast, free lunch, a Lilly backpack, my new work laptop, and a salary. But the best part was probably meeting my supervisor for the first time and everyone else he introduced me to in our CFR division. He is the nicest and most patient man, and I can’t wait to learn more from his example this summer. 
  • Thursday and Friday were my first days in the office as a full-time intern! I felt definitely overwhelmed as I got lost in the many many buildings and interconnected pathways, navigated my way to the peer mentor event, and as I was assigned my pension benchmarking projects, but things were looking up! I got situated with my laptop and wifi set up, my mouse, second monitor, lock and keys, and before I knew it, my first casual Friday was over, and the weekend had come. 
  • Thank gooood my friend Akane moved in the next day so I finally had comfortable company. My roommate and I have a decent living dynamic and we are definitely cordial companions, but I honestly don’t see us becoming close friends anytime soon based on our backgrounds, perspectives, and interests. Over the weekend, I chilled with Akane with wine and grapes, went grocery shopping at the shady Kroger and much nicer Marsh, meal prepped, and took the two days to relax before the upcoming week. Although I wasn’t doing much throughout the week because I took a long time to understand my tasks and grow acclimated, getting through a 7:30-4:30 or -5:00 day was draining, especially with my messed up sleep schedule. But overall, week 1 exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to the rest! 
Two Girls

This is a fic about Penelope Bunce’s daughter and her roommate’s adventures at Watford! Her roommate, Charlotte, is a trans girl, something my amazing friend @billsydoestuff mentioned I should do!!! So thank you SO much to Billy for this and helping me write this + make it as accurate as possible!!! 

Some links to look at beforehand, if you want:

List of my OCs

Octavia Bunce aesthetic

Octavia Bunce has a girlfriend!

Fic that introduced Octavia Bunce

Octavia Bunce was terrified of the Crucible.

Her mum told her that, providing it didn’t stick her with a glitter-shedding fairy like it had with her, she’d be fine. Her uncles, Simon and Baz, had told her to always have an open mind. Then they’d winked at each other, which she didn’t really understand.

You never know what the Crucible is going to be up to.

So, now, Octavia was standing around with a bunch of other eleven year olds, nervous sweat running down her back. She’d made sure to wear her best dress, frilly and pink, to match her braids, but no one else was as dressed up as she was. It made her nervous.

The darkness of the sky here at Watford seemed much darker than at her house. She didn’t see any familiar faces; it was all strangers, milling about with the glow of the giant bonfire making their faces look monstrous.

She wrung her hands and waited for the pull. Uncle Simon had assured her that, regardless of who it was, the Crucible would never steer her wrong.

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Moving In (1/4)

Happy birthday, @annytecture! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are. I’m so thankful for your friendship and your positivity (and your saltiness). <3

Summary:  Killian ends up moving in with his friend Emma when he and his long-term girlfriend Milah break up. They’ve been friends for a decade, but could it turn into more?

Rated T. (For now.)

Also on Ao3.

Chapter 1: Trouble

Day 1

Emma massaged her temples in frustration. She got it, she really did. But why did David have to pick NOW to move in with Mary Margaret? Yeah, yeah, love and all that jazz. But it was October, not the best time for finding a cheaper place or another roommate. Everywhere affordable was rented out by July, and pretty much everyone who wasn’t completely sketchy had their living situation figured out by then.

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