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Alexander Williams Animation Tutorials

Body Language for animators

Former Disney Animator, Alex Williams, explains how to show weight in animation.

Alex Williams is the son of ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ Animation Direction, Richard Williams and is currently Head of the animation school at Bucks New University. His animation work has featured in such films as ‘The Iron Giant’, ‘The Lion King’ & ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’

Source: Alexander Williams


“But how could you forget? 1964? School trip, the pier? She fell, she died, and you were with her. You lived, and she died. Only that wasn’t meant to happen. The key moment, when everything in the world changed.”

Maria Jackson in “Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part One. [Part Two]

Happy birthday to @chancehouse!


lost meme: [8/8] quotes
this is the place that you…that you all made together, so that you could find one another. the most important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. that’s why all of you are here. nobody does it alone, jack. you needed all of them, and they needed you.


Jae-Woon Dongbang, who is thoroughly relaxed. Some say by yoga, some say by smoking muckleberry leaves.

Andreas Navarone, who just farted. Hopefully no one will notice it.*

Gerrit Demeulemeester, who wrote The Gay Agenda Colouring Book.

Rhys Llewellyn, who has the same hair stylist as Andreas.**


* His facial expression cracks me up. BTW I love that denim shirt from the kitchen stuff! Looking fashionable in the kitchen is essential.

**I wrote “hairy stylist” by mistake at first, and now I wanna create a super hairy hair stylist.

From her first living room concert, to her 10th Grammy win, and every magically wonderful yet seemingly treacherous adventure in between, Andrea Swift has been by Taylor’s side, and I truly couldn’t be more proud to look up to someone whose mother cares so, so incredibly much for her daughter, and for the millions of others who share the same kind of blissful memories.

Happy birthday, Andrea Swift.