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I’ve pretty much shipped Bubbline since the very beginning. Make way guys, I’m the captain of this ship! And I’m not letting this fandom die! I will pilot this ship myself if I have to!!!

Watch Speed Paint HERE:

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

Taako in the finale (probably):

oh hey… didn’t see you there… its your Best Friend. Tockou Talko. BAck at it again. recording live from,, The Apocalypse. so, uh, I don’t really remember, When. or HOW I got here. I was a little disraaacted. heres a picture of me being distracted while the Hunger,, was Descending in front of me. anyway. I’ve seen better. so! a qwuickupdate, fr the fans. n th'followers. th'deceased friends and family. uhm. STILL sad. I’m workin on it.. turns out, Moon-Base does NOT have Prozac™. I’m still waiting… for my Man, KAVATZ…… to come back from the waaaar… I’m hangin’ out with my friends: Stick, Tree?, and Dirt. turns out my incapability to express genuine emotions aLIENAted everybody who was dear to meLETS TALK ROMANCE!!!!!!!! so… I.. heard through the grapevine, and also by living with them, for about a hunderd years, that,, BErry, and, LOP, stand next to each other. under Trees. kylan and c-hh.. dont really stand next to each other…. I havent seen them stand next to each other in a l.. in……. 18 MINUTESFFF HAAA– anyway this concludes my LetsPlay of DnD. all in all: 7/10 game. ALL my friends died. 7/10 MAKE SURE TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSC–