adventures of rex the wonder dog


Hey, I´m sure you guys know I´ve been wanting a KND reboot and now´s our chance. You may be wondering: Why is it our chance now?

  • Well, CN has a new CEO and he´s taking good desitions.
  • There will be a reboots on CN, such as: Courage the Cowardly dog and PPG.
  • Mr Warburton wants GKND
  • We know there´s still story left
  • The fandom has just rised and we are more than we thought.
  • They´re accepting stories like KND (funny simple animation [not like generator rex or justice leage or teen titans with complex drawings] with serious stories, but funny as well, like steven universe, adventure time, gravity falls, over the garden wall, etc).

Now you may be wondering: Why does KND has to come back?

  • Numbuh 3 CURSED for this!
  • There´s a big story we´ll just know when the show comes back
  • We need to know what happened to numbuh 1 and the rest of the characters.
  • The crew want to do this.
  • The technology on animation has grown a hell lot and just imagine the VISUALS of GKND now! Look at cartoons this days and make a comparation, your mind will blow!
  • Numbuh 3 freaking CURSED for this!

Now, I´ve seen some petitions here and there AND THAT´S FREAKING AMAZING!!! but the question is: Ok, I signed the petition, what do I do now?

Keep the fandom ALIVE and let Catoon Network know WE´RE STILL HERE!

I have a BAZILLION ideas of what we can do now! Right now, I´m asking for recuits to participate on this movement I´m calling STILLHERE. Just send me an ask message (no annons, please) saying who you are, that you want GKND back and why, and your KND commission (´cause I´ll do a drawing for you just for joining).

If you do this, I´ll notificate you by personal messages any news or missions to do. I´ll reward you after each new accomplishment by giving you a free commission (you can look for the tag “my art” if you want to know my art skills :P). We´ll send letters to CN, make fanarts, spread the word, MAKE THIS GROW! I´ll open a deviantart group, and even a facebook group if you want to.

Please rebblog this so more people know about this. If you see this from another blog that´s not mine, let me know and I will owe that other blogger a commission.

If you sended me a message before, send it again, so you can get your commission and so I can write you down to notificate you each new plan.

For more information about my thoughts before 2015 (before the GKND thing came) go to my tag #please on my tumblr page. The tag now will be #stillhere

Remember, is up to us on making GKND happen.

Stay true.

Stay strong.

Stay Young…