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The Last Scholar of GOLB

In Whispers, the Lich describes himself as "the ceaseless wheel; the last scholar of GOLB.”


What’s that mean? Our grasp on what GOLB even is is… nebulous. Finn bounced off of GOLB’s tongue after he died in Puhoy. 

GOLB “took” Magic Man’s wife, and when Magic Man made a Prismo wish to get her back, the wish failed. Prismo conjured a trashbin instead.

GOLB’s existence as Finn passed on from his Puhoy life suggests that he’s sort of an arbiter of death. He visibly opens his mouth to eat (?) the deceased Finn, before Finn somersaults away towards his real life. And the Magic Man situation suggests that GOLB’s position outranks Prismo’s. Prismo can’t supersede GOLB’s decision to ‘take’ Margles.

Whether that means that GOLB is Prismo’s boss, or that GOLB is a force that Prismo’s boss opposes, is yet to be determined. But GOLB outclasses Prismo, 100%.

So, the Lich being a scholar of GOLB means what? He’s an unceasing agent of destruction? We knew that already. That’s the Lich’s whole deal. And Whispers isn’t even the first time the Lich has described himself with a wheel analogy.

But another connection we can draw between GOLB and the Lich is supported by this other notable sentence the Lich says in Whispers:

You ever stop to think about that one? How the Lich just casually states a sort of cosmic knowledge of different timelines? This Lich hand doesn’t even originate IN our universe, but it acknowledges having been defeated by Finn. The Lich hand wasn’t even witness to being defeated in its own timeline! It was severed before Farmworld Lich was even defeated!

So, like GOLB, the Lich is an entity completely divorced from the concept of time, space, and causality. His spirit enters timelines at the pivotal event of the Mushroom bomb, and he begins - or rather, resumes - his mission to Spread Everywhere, Kill Everyone, and End Everything.

Consider how the Lich refers to Sweet Pea this entire episode. He calls Sweet Pea ‘the vessel’. Sweet Pea isn’t the Lich, so much as he was the Lich’s host - the conduit through which the Lich entered this timeline. Just like how Jake was the vessel through which the Lich entered Farmworld. That is the nature of the Lich.

The Lich cannot be defeated by destroying any of his bodily forms. He always appears somewhere, and, apparently on behalf of GOLB, executes his ordained mission of destruction. Sort of like a wheel, I guess.

whavkanalien25  asked:

Hey guys, I've been following you anonymously for years now and I love the way you go in depth about your own thoughts. So my question is what do you think Finns current arc is building to?

aw HECK yeah i wanted to write about this a couple weeks ago but never got around to it.

I wanted to make a post about open plot threads, and which threads the show would probably address in its limited 32 remaining episodes. A lot of my thinking for that post went into individual character arcs. LSP will probably get some closure about her place as princess of Lumpy Space. Betty and Simon will probably wind up together. PB mastering her candy powers and protecting her citizens. Stuff like that.

But Finn! I was kind of at a loss with Finn because I wasn’t sure what all there was left for him to actually do. He knows his parents, he’s found more humans. He could possibly seek again to bring them back to Ooo? The Guardian won’t be stopping them anymore, so future travels aren’t out of the question. But Ooo is a wasteland in Graybles 1000+ so whatever happens with that, if anything, seems like it might not have worked in the long run. Don’t know if that’s the road the show wants to take at the end.

The only thing that I know for certain will come to a boil and that he will have to address doesn’t actually have to do with him, but with Fern. Finn identifies himself within Fern now, and he is going to need to see the Finn within Fern prevail over the curse within Fern.

I’m not sure I see an external crisis that doesn’t even directly affect Finn as Finn’s series-defining arc, though, and it’s hardly something that I think the show would need to stretch over the final 32 episodes. So I took a look at Finn’s current place in the story aaaaaand season 8 so far has made it pretty clear where they’re steering him down the stretch.

He’s a helper. He acts as a doctor in Do No Harm, says it “feels right,” and then he meets his MOM the doctor. For the first time in his life. Whatever she tells him will have a ridiculously profound impact on him. And what does she tell him? That he’s a helper, too.

I don’t see his core character taking much more shape over this last stretch. He’s pretty much arrived at a really good place for himself. So what he still needs to DO is to help people. He needs to make sure everybody is okay.

The reason I didn’t see much for him to do at first glance is because the thing that will ultimately threaten everyone’s okay-ness is still hidden. It could be Sweet Pea, with the Lich inside of him. It could be whatever Patience St. Pim is planning with the Elementals. Could be the Ice Thing or the Crystal Dimension, or maybe Fern loses his internal battle to the curse and Finn has to deal with that. Could be something else entirely. There’s a threat - a number of threats - lurking on the horizon and waiting to strike. All that’s left for Finn to do is to do his best to make sure everyone’s okay.

His character arc could take a twist if he at some point FAILS to make everyone [cough cough Jake] okay, but at the end of the day, I think he’s a helper and that’s what this has all built up to.


Major spoilers for Adventure Time miniseries Elements.