adventures of mine

good taz things
  1. taako’s sincere voice
  2. that time when carey thought magnus was hitting on her and she was like “you’re not my……. cup of tea” and mag was like “i know you’re gay” and made her a ring
  3. it ended on episode 69, which is the sex number
  4. lup was looking after her dumbass brother and the first thing she did when she could talk to him was kinkshame him
  5. angus mcdonald, boy detective
  6. the moon base, home to the bureau of balance and also fantasy costco and the chug n squeeze
  7. the form of transport between the planet and the not-really-the-moon moon is cannons
  8. the lack of description of garfield the deals warlock, leading to most fanart of him being garfield the cat
  9. when lup made the umbra staff, which justin knew would become an icon of his character, taako made fun of her for looking like a clown
  10. lup is arguably the coolest character and she’s trans
  11. all the gays
  12. boyland’s 400 sons and 13 daughters and unknown number of wives and husbands
  13. the big enemy is basically vore
  14. team sweet flips, which is 2 lesbians and a robot who is also probably lesbian
  15. abraca-fuck-you
  16. merle has completely forgotten that kravitz was responsible for the loss of his arm and continues to blame magnus
  17. magnus eating the philosopher’s stone
  18. everyone just assumed that the reason tres horny boiz could resist the relics was bc they were dumb as hell
  19. they almost always refuse to take anything seriously, but when they are serious… oh boy
  20. garyl the binicorn
  21. klarg just wants to drink tea with taako
  22. characters such as tom bodett (who is every citizen of rockport), della reese (a powerful angel), and clint mcelroy (the embezzling janitor)
  23. taako wore a skirt and the other boys kept trying to make it a Man Skirt™ but justin was like “no dudes it’s just a skirt”
  24. merle switched gods and clint immediately forgot who his previous god was
  25. “taako went on a date with death” “[you hear a very familiar voice that makes you so happy but you don’t know why] is it kravitz?” “you’re dating the grim reaper??” “i love you, taako” “i saw my boyfriend” “my boyfriend is death”
  26. the way the boys get so invested in the npcs
  27. all of the antagonists are so good (magic brian, jenkins, sloane, kravitz, the purple worm, lydia & edward, john hunger) (actually fuck lydia & edward. jenkins also is kinda shitty. of course the hunger isn’t great exactly. but yeah magic b, sloane, krav, and that bigass worm are all wonderful and gay)
  28. the ipre, aka nasa but with wizards
  29. griffin’s elevator fetish
  30. it’s me, taako. you know, from tv?
  31. taako’s relationship with paloma. his disappointment when he was tryin to talk about baking and she was like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh scone magic”. him calling her the oldest woman he had ever seen.
  32. the cleric never heals anyone but damn he can make people tell the truth
  33. the whole thing actually

feel free to add on

ever think about how the 100 years on the starblaster probably just destroyed all seven of their conceptions of what is socially appropriate with friends? and when thb end up working together they’re all pleasantly surprised to find that the others are fine with having all their shit in each other’s spaces. taako likes to drip dry in the nude? sure, whatever. merle has multiple ass tattoos? yeah, cool. magnus wants to know if merle will shave his back for him. merle is happy to help a friend. (it’s less noticeable with lucretia because she keeps people at arms length, but still. killian and carey are in considerable awe of the fact that they once pantsed avi in front of her on accident and lucretia didn’t even blink.)

kravitz is ready for it to be really awkward when taako tells his friends that they’re dating. you know, because of the whole “trying to kill them a bunch of times” thing. it would be understandable

what he was not prepared for is for magnus and merle to immediately be just like Way too comfortable with him as soon as they’ve confirmed he’s not trying to kill taako. he had assumed that it was just taako who had no boundaries but no, it’s also his friends. kravitz is a part of their group now and has also seen merle’s entire ass. he would like to be slightly less part of the group, please,,

taako and lup had a really intense goth phase and they always tried to one up each other in their gothness and like a century later when Lup starts an undead relationship with her necromancer bf she’s like ha bitch i win.

and then taako starts dating the grim reaper and lup is so pissed it’s the only thing she can think about when she gets out of the umbrella and he’s like pumpkin you thought

so obviously it’s always shitty when any of the ipre die but i wonder if there weren’t also certain combinations of people being dead that are just… 200% more awful

there’s a cycle where magnus and lup both die. and it’s like the energy has gone out of the entire group. taako always gets quieter and sharper when lup dies, but without magnus to rattle around the ship and distract everyone, his furious silence is deafening. barry doesn’t leave his room at all, and without lup or magnus to remind her there’s a world outside her journals, lucretia doesn’t either.

there’s one cycle where merle and davenport both die about halfway through and there’s just this horrible feeling of pseudo parental loss. barry takes it especially hard; he lost his father before he can remember and he just lost two more. the twins too - the others notice them getting even closer; they’re often joined at the hip, but now they’re rarely in different rooms.

or, magnus and lucretia die and the other five feel, suddenly, very old. the two of them are the “little siblings” of the crew. magnus is so big and lucretia so smart that it’s easy to forget they have twenty and twenty-two year old bodies respectively. even with the extra years they’ve been given, they’re still so young.

davenport and lucretia die and suddenly everyone’s twice as reckless. taako and merle die and the crew finds themselves humorless; it seems like there’s no one to laugh with or at. merle and barry die and the crew never realized how much of the good nature on the ship stemmed directly from them until then