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“You’ve been my best friend for years, and I can tell you anything, right? Good, because I sort of stole a dragon egg.” Au

Last one for this meme!

“So how was your adventure?” Marco asked as his best friend walked back from the forest. Ace had claimed he was going to find an adventure in the surrounding woods while they camped. 

The freckled male looked so excited about the idea of exploring by himself that Marco didn’t have it in his heart to remind Ace that he had camped here many times with his family and the forest itself was rather small.

Instead, he had nodded, telling him to be mindful of the forest dragon. Ace knew of the campfire story from his other brothers so the man took his warning to heart, taking with him a hunting rifle just in case. 

Honestly, the older blond thought it was adorable how much Ace believed in silly urban legends. He was picking at the small fire, trying his hardest not to smile affectionately in Ace direction when the man broke through the bush line, back from his little outing. 

“You’ve been my best friend for years and I can tell you anything right?” Ace mumbled in place of an answer. Marco paused, heart, pounding away in his chest. 

Sure, Thatch had hinted that Ace may not be as straight as Marco thought but he never had hope that his feelings would reach his best friend. This sounded awful close to what he dreamed constantly of. 

Play it cool. Fuuuuuckkkk calm down. Just nod. It might not even be that. Just. Play it cool.  Marco told himself.

Good, because I sort of stole a dragon egg.” 



Ace casually trotted over holding the biggest egg Marco has ever seen in his life. It was as big as Ace’s chest and Ace was by no means small. “Yeah I found it by the caves, it looked cool so I took it. The thing is the dragon saw me so now it’s looking for us. We should probably run since I’m not giving it back.”

The freckled man petted the egg warmly while Marco gaped at him unintelligently. “It’s my baby now.”

“Give me back my egg.” A new voice demanded from the tree right above Marco’s head. Ace scowled as a blond man jumped down to their level- he was dressed oddly, like a prince from a Disney movie.

A black top hat, blue-tailed coat, loose light blue trousers, a blue shirt with a blue vest and a cravat tied around his neck. The blond camper wondered if he was a cosplayer taking pictures out here and Ace took one of his props.

“No. Back off. It’s my baby now” Ace hissed. ‘Go away you stupid dragon!”

Marco sighed. “Ace give this nice man back his egg-”

The nice man growled, like an animal and right before the shocked eyes of the blond grew scales, wings, and a tail. “Give me back my egg you filthy human!” 

“Come and get it you stupid overgrown lizard!” Ace shouted back, thrusting the warm and very much alive egg into Marco’s arms. “Hold my egg-baby.  Daddy got to kick some ass.”


The dragon chose that moment to fly at them, teeth bared in a sneer “That’s my child, you crazy delusional human! Give me back my egg!”

“over my dead body!” Ace roared raising his rifle but more like a bat than a gun. Really Ace? “And another thing! You’re cool too so if I win you have to be my lover!”

The dragon stumbled at those words and got nailed in the face because of it. He dropped like a bag of bricks.  Ace grinned as the man reverted back into a seemingly normal human.  “Thatch told me to make my gun out of sea stone for this exact reason.” 

Marco was still gaping around the giant egg in his arms. 

“Look Marco I got us another boyfriend!” Ace cheered running around the blond while waving his arms. “This is the best romantic getaway ever! Thanks for bringing me!”

What the fuck was going on? 

Ace took the bright yellow egg back from the shocked blond rubbing his cheek against it. “Did you see that Luffy? Daddy kicked ass!”