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Story 1

Field Camp - Jimmy, Marcus and Sergeant Ong.

What happens during a field camp when two horny recruits meet? In their sexcadapes, they get caught by the sergeant. What would happen to them?

Story 2

Guard Duty - James and Dan

An unexpected guard duty brings unexpected pleasure.

Story 3

Reporting Sick - Marcus and LTA(Dr)Tan

After field camp, Marcus only got hornier. Is the MO as professional as he looks?

Story 4

“I wanna feel your butt” - Benedict and Zac

Two horny sergeants spend a weekend in office doing duty. Are they really doing duty or…

Story 5

Garage Maintenance - Gordon and Dan

Maintaining and fixing armoured vehicles is a chore. Will the vehicles be fixed… Or will the boys be fixed?

Story 6 

Company Midnight Adventures - Jonas, Lex and Marcus

Sex in the storeroom. Sex in the corridor. Sex around the company. The dare devils only got naughtier after field camp with a new member.

Story 7 

Good Night, Wet Nightmare - Shawn and Jay

Night is the time for rest. It’s also time to jerk off after a long day. How will things turn out when a peeping tom is caught?

Story 8 

The Gym - Fabian and Timothy

What kind of sparks will fly between a sergeant and a fitness instructor in the gym? Will Fabian be holding a dumbbell… Or holding a hard dick?

Story 9

Jungle Confidence Course - Albert and Elias

In the dense forests of Brunei, what happens to two officer cadets, sexually deprived, low on morale in the woods?

Story 10

Forbidden Love - Leonard and Steve

Steve was the PA of a high ranking officer. Do they have a professional relationship… Or romantic relationship?

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Time waits for no man
So reach for the stars
I’m fired up!

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waffle-baffle  asked:

Greasy boi and glowbug meet vampire bitch and Bubblegum girl


I don’t know what mitch was thinking, nor do I know what Joey is wearing, but what I do know, is that you wouldn’t want this squad showing up at your door demanding reeces cups.