adventures of dan and phil

It’s funny cuz that’s exactly how we look.

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

Hey I’m sorta new to tumblr and I need some cool blogs to follow so please reblog if you post any of the following:
• Hetalia
• Hamilton
• Homestuck
• Cute animals
• Astrology stuff
• Steven Universe
• Adventure Time
• Gravity Falls
• Miraculous Ladybug
• Pastel aesthetics
• Voltron
• Free!
• Haikyuu
• Yuri on Ice
• Markipier
• Dan and Phil
And I’ll check out your blog!

hi i’m vick and i’m getting really tired and sad about all the shit on my dash so i’m unfollowing a bunch of people and i’m gonna try and make my tumblr a place where i’m not unhappy all the time so like/reblog this post if you blog about

  • the adventure zone
  • steven universe - though i do not want any su critical anywhere near me thanks, please do not follow me if you post su critical
  • dan and phil/jacksepticeye/markiplier
  • night in the woods
  • the x files
  • animals
  • space