adventures of dan and phil

Hey I’m sorta new to tumblr and I need some cool blogs to follow so please reblog if you post any of the following:
• Hetalia
• Hamilton
• Homestuck
• Cute animals
• Astrology stuff
• Steven Universe
• Adventure Time
• Gravity Falls
• Miraculous Ladybug
• Pastel aesthetics
• Voltron
• Free!
• Haikyuu
• Yuri on Ice
• Markipier
• Dan and Phil
And I’ll check out your blog!

actual conversation between dan and phil
  • phil: put your nose right into the edge of its butt and shoot.
  • dan: frick that. there is no way in hell i'm gonna do that.
  • phil: you can do it. dan, come on. we've all got faith in you.

I need more blogs to follow!! bc dash is literally empty and i need frens

reblog/like if you into:
+ waterparks
+ mcr
+ fob
+ p!atd
+ just bANDS
+ tswift
+ phan
+ regular show!!
+ cartoon network
+ art
+ animals!!
+ dank memes
+ garlic bread

or if you’re a grunge, pale, or aesthetic blog pls
or a fanfic blog lol

i am desperate
//send me a lyric and i’ll make a blurb with whoever you like m8