adventures of a gluten free mom

At the park with my Nephew
  • Simon: *runs up to me, hand outstretched*
  • "Fijj Peas!"
  • Loki: *pulls the carton of goldfish crackers out of my bag*
  • "You need to sit here to eat them, all right?"
  • Random Vegan! Mom: "You shouldn't give him those processed snacks. I only give my daughter organic, gluten free wafers and dried fruit. She loves it!"
  • Loki: *nodding thoughtfully*
  • "Is your daughter the one over there eating wood chips?"
  • Random Vegan! Mom: *screeches what sounds like 'Umbrella', but a surreptitious look at her baby bag tells me is 'Ambrellyh'*
  • Loki: *looking at the bag of Vegan!treats the woman left on the picnic table with disgust*
  • "I'd say the poor child's confusion is understandable."