adventures in xnalaring

Shepard and Ash tend to be rather passionate about various things, including gaming. Sometimes they can be really competitive about it. Sometimes they get carried away and forget about everything else.

Kaidan knows better than get in their way and has to entertain himself while the other two set their score. He also doesn’t talk about how he could easily kick both their asses in any game.

After dinner I felt groggy and fell asleep. Just a short nap.

Still, deep enough to give me dreams.

And what was I dreaming about? that I was not, in fact sleeping, that I was sitting by my computer, making more xnalara pics with Kaidan, Ash and Shep, as usual. Except, you know, these were mostly nsfw and involving an actual threesome.

Well, my “art” may be mostly innocent, but I still ship them. And then every once in a while someone comments on my works that they totally should get it on, so it’s not like these thoughts are out of nowhere. But damn… Now that I think of it, it seemed like they were posing for me. Like, half of my dream was about me sitting here, and the other one was sort of in-game. And they were all “Hey, how about this? Check it out!” I mean, THEY WERE TALKING TO ME, helping me get new ideas! And they were so nice about it! And totally okay with the whole situation, too XD Pretty sure, at some point Shepard suggested they get completely naked (aka using specifically edited models)… It probably has to do with the fact that I only saw such mod for him alone XD

Guys, I think I’m losing it.