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ID #12978

Name: Cassie
Age: 17
Country: Germany

I’m from Germany/Darmstadt. I’m a 17 year old blond-haired girl with blue/green eyes and I need someone who’s into deep conversations, adventures, netflix and tattoos. I’m a very open person who needs a lot of space but if I’m in a realtionship, my partner will always be my number one and I’ll give them as much attention as they need. If you trust me, I trust you. I need you to be open-minded and you have to love pizza. I know it’s a lot I’m aksing for but I hope that there’s someone who understands me and feels the same. Btw I’m bi.

Preferences: Maybe a girl between 16 and 20

ID #62999

Name: Joey
Age: 20
Country: Singapore

Hey there! I’m just a lady living in an island with summer all year, waiting to enter university. Singapore is really humid, not exaggerating at all. I love receiving and writing letters, especially the joy of receiving a letter in your mailbox after a long tiring day. We could exchange some cute and artsy little gifts, alongside exciting stories, adventures, cultures, and even about your day.

Here’s some of my interests. I absolutely adore animals, specifically dogs, penguins, cats, and rabbits. I love chilling with friends over great sceneries and sunsets. The clouds and vivid colours in the sky call out to me, which explains most of my Tumblr posts. My taste of music range from indie-pop to EDM. I’m a really big fan of The Chainsmokers and Aurora. I like to decorate my bedroom walls with tiny watercolour paintings, fairy lights and some other handmade stuffs. I like Theatres and Musicals, especially Cirque du Soleil! Unfortunately, I can’t sing that well but playing the piano can make up for it. I enjoy watching anime and movies, particularly DC, Marvel, fast and furious. I like reading books - Harry Potter, Shadowhunters, Mortal Intruments, and some non-fiction books.

Have a lovely day!

Preferences: I personally prefer snailmailing over emails and Tumblr chat, however, those are fine too. I would like to talk to people around my age range. Anyone pleasant is fine as long as you are kind to others and not a creep.