adventures in st. louis

A while ago, I had an opportunity to play an Adventure League game for the first time ever! I was at Anime St. Louis with my friends and we had some time to kill, so we hit up the game room. And friends, let me tell you, this was all adventure league legal, but it was silly as all get out.

The party consisted of five goblin siblings:

  • Fart, the barbarian
  • Pop, the conjuration wizard
  • Gulp (me), the rogue
  • Nyan, the cleric
  • and Nom, the adopted gnome fighter who thought he was a goblin.

If you’re curious about those names, we have a running gag in our group that goblins choose their own names after their favorite sounds.

We tangled with some kobolds and had a grand old time full of laughs. I will definitely bring Gulp back around sometime.

100Days100Women, Day 36: Emily Hahn is one of those figures who when you begin to tell their story, it starts sounding like you’re just making stuff up. But no, it’s all true.

Hahn got a mining engineering degree (the first woman to do so at the U of Wisconsin), worked for the New Yorker, walked across Central Africa alone, worked for the Red Cross, traveled to Shanghai and fell in with prominent Chinese political figures, married an English Officer, moved to New York while he chilled with the kids in England, authored 54 books and hundreds of articles, authored some of the most popular travel guides of the mid-century, oh! and had a pet gibbon named Mr. Mills. Am I forgetting some? Certainly.

Not bad for a girl from St. Louis ;)


A 60 day paddling trip down the Mississippi River condensed into 60 photographs. (Spot your city?)

throwawaytheplan  asked:

you should write some kind of fluff that involves Barry bringing Leonard something SUPER campy (romantic-wise) and he thinks that Len'll hate it but he actually loves it ;)

(This got ridiculously long and out of hand, as most of my work concerning these two often does, so it’s all under the cut. Enjoy! <3)

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Vinton, Iowa
Population: 5,257

“As far back as 1843, a grove of cedar lined the river bank where Vinton now stands. Many of the trees were tall, straight and free from knots. These trees were cut down by an adventurous spirit of the name of Thompson, and by him rafted to St. Louis, where they brought a very large price. “Cedar” Johnson, the next year, had a logging camp farther up the stream, and in 1845, James Newell cut a raft in Black Hawk County, which about exhausted that valuable timber. Other parties had ascended the river before Thompson for the purpose of logging, one of whom was Dyer, a misshapen, hump-backed creature, who could neither read nor write.”

this summer has flown by, it feels like two seconds ago we were chasing waterfalls and drooling over the hawaiian ocean, and now the time has come for us to start our own adventures. I love you to the moon and back Carls, and St. Louis is so lucky to have you. vidabrilla