adventures in sitting on the baby

Beach Year: Lup, Magnus, Barry, and Taako played beach volleyball with the Light of Creation for a solid twenty minutes before Davenport came and broke it up. He was very upset with all of them. That’s the power to shape worlds! You can’t just let Lup serve it into people’s faces! Lucretia, why did you just sit and watch this happen? 

(Lucretia whispered “Because I’m not a goddamn narc,” and Taako giggled so hard he almost got honest to goodness grounded. Davenport carried the Light of Creation around in a baby sling for the next week.)

1. Don’t date a boy who cancels plans last minute. Especially if he’s canceling for someone else. You are not a second choice. You are not a third choice. You are a first choice or you are nothing to him.
Do you understand me, baby? You are worth so much more than that, don’t let him push you around.

2. If he’s rude to you, drop him. I don’t care how many times he says “just kidding” or “baby, I didn’t mean it” you keep your head up, your shoulders straight, your chin high and you demand to be treated as the goddess you are.

3. If he doesn’t hold your hand in front of his friends or wrap his arms around you when you’re with his family then he isn’t worth it. Date someone who can’t keep their hands off of you. Date someone who aches with the need to feel your skin on theirs.

4. Make sure he has goals, aspirations, dreams. Make sure he has a plan of some sort. If he doesn’t have any of those what are you guys supposed to talk about? What are your 2 AM conversations going to look like?

5. Find out his hobbies and interests and make sure they’re similar to yours. If you want to travel, date someone who will drop what they’re doing just to take you on a random adventure. You don’t want to be stuck with someone who’s idea of a good night is sitting on his futon with cheesy Dorito fingers while you watch him play video games.

6. If your brother doesn’t like him or if he rubs your sister the wrong way, trust their instinct. There’s probably a reason. I can guarantee you, darling, if you bring him home and we can see in his eyes that you light up his entire world than we will love him just as much as you do. 

7. Baby, if he ever lays a finger on you, you fucking leave him. Don’t think twice, don’t look back and don’t you dare accept his apology two days later. 

8. If you can’t trust him you shouldn’t be dating him. If you have to go through his phone to sleep better at night he’s not the one for you.

9. You’re going to fight, you’re going to argue, that is all part of a relationship. But baby, if he is contradicting everything you say solely for the sake of an argument, just walk away.

10. I’ve seen anger and rage in your grandfather’s eyes. I saw it everyday for 17 years, baby. If losing a football game makes him so mad as to not want to speak to you, than you are giving yourself to the wrong boy. He’s going to grow, and he’s going to get meaner, and he’s going to hurt you. Leave now.  

11. If his laugh doesn’t claw it’s way into your memory and his smile doesn’t make you feel like the entire universe is right in front of you than you are wasting your time.

—  11 Dating Tips I Wish My Mother Would Have Told Me 


  • giorno does pols hair up in rolls and they talk about their ridiculous hair styles
  • pol spoils trish (like he wouldve spoiled sherry) and acts more as a big brother figure PLUS MATCHING SHIRTS
  • mista is a big baby and likes to sit in pol’s lap 
  • polnareff calls jotaro every time his kids do something cute and always invites him and jolyne over
First Steps

Requested by an anon, it turned into a drabble, I’m sorry

Summary: Batbaby takes their first steps and batdad is just a little excited.

Warning(s): None, Just Fluff, Baby’s Age: About 1 year

“(Y/N)!!” Bruce’s loud voice boomed through the halls as he picked up the small child and rushed to meet you.

Yelling never meant a good thing in the manor and especially not when you were all still trying to get accustomed to having such a small child in the house. Immediately you bolted from the kitchen, sprinting in the direction of Bruce’s voice calling out to you. Thank god the hallways were long or you two would have crashed into each other as you quickened your pace the second you saw Bruce carrying your baby girl.

Looking them over frantically, your eyes met his, “What happened?! Is she alright?! Are you alright?!”

Bruce’s face pulled up into the widest smile you’ve ever seen on him, rivaling the one after you said ‘I do’ while he set your girl on the floor, “She’s about to walk! You have to see this!”

Your eyes closed as you tried to calm your racing pulse before you had a heart attack, reminding yourself to curse him out later. “Are you sure? I mean I guess it’s around this age they’re supposed to start, but I don’t know if I’m ready for this…”

“Just sit over there!” He motioned a couple feet away from him as he sat down in front of your daughter.

Gently he helped her stand - a motion she had mastered a couple weeks back, but just couldn’t comprehend what came next or how not to fall on her butt. He gave her a few kisses on her face, making her coo in delight before he helped her turn around toface where you sat, still holding his hands under her arms to support her. You sat across from him in the manor hallway and outstretched your arms towards your baby.

“Come to mommy, sweetheart!”

A smile spread across your daughter’s face as she recognized you, “Mmmmm!” She exclaimed in her baby talk with the sound she associated with you, just the beginnings of saying ‘Mommy.’

Slowly, Bruce began to take his arms away as your daughter began to express that she wanted to come to you. As she started taking a step Bruce removed his hands completely. Although she teetered and swayed quite a bit she made it across the short distance to tumble into your arms. You wrapped your arms around her to bring her close in celebration as both you and Bruce cheered and praised her, holding back the true squeals of excited parents.

After showering your daughter in kisses you turned her around, to do the same as Bruce did, only this time changing her destination to her father. Just as she made it into Bruce’s arms a camera flashed, making you both look up to see Alfred who casually offered his gentle smile.

“Although there have been countless children to pass through this house, very few have taken their first steps here. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. After all, it has been quite a few years since the last one has taken their first steps, I do believe the manor requires some updates to accommodate our newest wanderer’s safety though,” He looked to Bruce, slyly teasing him about his age while simultaneously reminding both of you of the downsides of her walking.

You snickered and moved to sit next to where Bruce was on the floor before you sighed, “This is gonna mean a lot of babyproofing…”

Alfred smiled again and nodded, “If she’s even slightly as adventurous as Master Bruce was, indeed. It means a whole lot of babyproofing.”

Bruce chuckled and shook his head, standing up carefully with your baby still in his arms. You followed suit, lifting yourself from the floor as well. Both of you shared a knowing look and turned your gaze to the small, smiling girl.

“I guess this means a trip to the baby store,” Bruce admitted and looked around the old mansion, only imagining how much supplies it would take to baby proof the main parts of the house.

“And here I thought her walking might be a good thing,” You added sarcastically, knowing with just one look at her that your little girl was going to be all over the house when she memorized how to walk on her own.

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What kinds of parents do you think each house would be?


The accidentally maybe too laid back ones that take you out to “ice cream for dinner” dates. They sign their kids up for several activities and want to participate in all of them. They aren’t great at helping with homework, but definitely spend a lot of one on one time getting to know who their kids are as people and facilitating them as much as possible. They try to make their kids as self-sufficient as possible early on, which sometimes means their kiddo makes it to school without a lunch. They may not be great at providing absolutely everything their kid needs, or being the most responsible of adults, but they are present in their kids lives, always cheering them on.


So. Much. Love. Hufflepuff parents are full of love for their children, and will accept them for anything. They want what’s best for their child and want them to be able to make their own decisions, but will get super strict about safety things (seatbelts, etc.). They will want to do everything for their child, but know that’s not a good idea because they want their child to grow up into someone who can take care of themselves. That’s a lot harder than it sounds and they may baby their child more than they mean to.



Ravenclaw parents are very set on letting our kids be themselves and rolling with whatever personality traits and interests they develop. 100% support. We’re probably not the best with schedules. Not like forgetful necessarily, we just tend to like a looser way of dealing with things. We’re open to adventure and exploration. GUIDANCE. Sitting down and just talking about life is our specialty, and we love to see our kids flourish and make their own discoveries. 120% chance that the kids grew up with an eclectic taste in things. Music, art, food, you name it, they’ve been exposed to it. And we’re embarrassing in all the best ways because we’re not afraid to be ourselves. 


Tough love. We’re the ones who want nothing but the best for our children, and we will make sure that they have it. We have high expectations for our children, and we want to see them succeed. Sure, this may make us seem controlling or over-domineering at times, but everything is an attempt to teach a necessary lesson and discipline. But you’re not alone. If you are struggling, we want to see you make it on your own, but we really do still want to help. And if somebody else messes with you, we want to see you stand up for yourself and if you can’t HOLY CRAP THEY BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE OHANA MEANS FAMILY AND NOBODY MESSES WITH FAMILY BECAUSE WE LOOK AFTER OUR OWN AND THE SNAKE AINT AFRAID TO STRIKE. 

We also like family dinners and schedules. 

BTS Reaction: You Riding Their Thigh

i hope you like it! Merry Christmas you guys!

Kim Seokjin

The thought had never really crossed his mind. So when you two were almost completely naked only the soft material of your undergarments between you and you asked if you could ride his thigh. He would be a little shocked but he would comply as he got to watch you please yourself for him.

“You wanna ride my thigh? Well alright then, anything for you. Now be a good girl for me.”

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Kim Taehyung

You had been teasing Tae all day, sitting on his lap and wiggling around subtly hoping to not be noticed by the other members, but he noticed. As you walked through the door finally alone you were quickly dragged to the couch. Tae sitting down legs slightly spread ridding you of all clothes expect your lace panties.

 “Get on daddy’s thigh princess, this is your punishment. Get yourself off on my thigh and daddy may reward you later.”

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Jeon Jungkook

This little bun would be so sweet to you in public no matter what. But when it came to the bedroom. You laying beneath him in a silky gown with nothing on underneath desperate for his attention. He decided to tease you relentlessly. Asking you to ride his thigh you nodded shyly as he placed you on top of it. Flexing as you grind against it. Whimpers leaving your mouth as his hands brushed your hair back.

 “Good girl, so desperate for me. Don’t wear yourself out princess cause this won’t be the last time you cum tonight.”

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Park Jimin

Jimin was more of a sub. He liked you to be in control and please both you and him as he watched you. You were his favourite part. So putting forward the idea of riding his thigh got him excited knowing he could just sit back and watch you. You got naked and started grinding against his thigh. Everytime he would flex you would moan into his neck he became harder than he was before.

 “As much as I’m enjoying this baby, I’m gonna need help because I’m gonna cum in my pants by watching you.”

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Jung Hoseok

Being a very adventurous person he liked to try new things. So this wasn’t the first time you have rode his thigh. He just loved the feeling of dominance it gave him as you moaned his name and cling onto him. And he didn’t even have to touch you. It made him go crazy.

“I can’t believe you are this needy for me and I haven’t even touched you with my hands yet babe. Such a bad girl.”

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Kim Namjoon

Joon was all about dominance. He wanted to show you that you were his. His beautiful girl, his baby, his kitten. He would definitely make it a game though. Still overpowering you watching you beg for him to fuck you. But he would wait it out as long as he could until he became very needy for you. 

“Are you gonna cum kitten? Oh no Daddy is gonna make you cum all over his dick, I hope you learned your lesson of being a tease. You definitely will in the morning when you can’t walk.”

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi did not like to be bothered while he was working. At all. He gave you many warnings to not come into his studio while he was working and that if you behaved he would give you what you wanted. Him. But when you entered for the 4th time into his studio without his permission he decided it was enough.

“Fine baby girl you want to disobey daddy? Then ride my thigh, finish yourself off cause that’s all you are gonna get until you learn to behave princess.”

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i feel great

Take the Lead

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

You stared at each other for an eternity, you on the bed and Harry standing a million miles away. Somehow you ended up toe-to-toe with him, Harry towering over you. And your hands rested on his chest, while his slowly fell to rest on your bum. No words were exchanged, only the fire between your eyes.

You could feel him pulling you nearer, and you weren’t imagining the way he lowered his head to meet your gaze. But when you made the move to press your lips to his, lifting up on your tiptoes to close the minimal distance, he stiffened. The kiss hardly lasted a second before he pulled away, bringing a hand to cover his mouth as he stepped out of your hold.

“Should go,” he mumbled, looking around for his boots.

“Did I–?” You felt self-conscious, uncomfortable even. Just moments ago you thought he was going to fuck you into next year, but now he wouldn’t even let you kiss him?

“Isn’t Tommy on his way over?” Harry yanked one boot on after the other before snatching his keys and phone off your dresser, shoving them in his pockets.

“He and Michael are taking me for dinner…” Your voice was quiet. Harry was acting strange, his haste to leave almost hurtful. “Why don’t you join us? Said summat about gettin’ a curry, and I know how you love a curry, Haz.” You tried to smile, attempting to break the awkward tension Harry was creating, but the incredulous look he gave you signaled you’d not said the right thing.

“I’ve just heard you promise yeh brother that you’d stay away from me, Bubbles. What’d’ya think’s gon’ happen when he turns up and I’m here?”

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Do you guys have any kid stiles and the Hales fics? And/or best friend Derek and stiles fics?

Our CHILDHOOD FRIENDS and FRIENDS TO LOVERS are the tags is for you!


John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

The by kaistrex

Snippets of the lives of four-year-old Derek and baby Stiles as they grow up together.

Forever ongoing.

We’re Like Milo and Otis by tabbytabbytabby

Stiles and Derek meet each other before they can even talk. With Claudia being the Hale family Emissary, Stiles spends most of his time with the Hales. Stiles and Derek are immediately inseparable. Stiles learns early on that his magic reacts to Derek more than anyone else and because of that he is able to shift into a fox and go on adventures with Derek. Those adventures aren’t always safe but one thing is certain, they’ll always look out for each other.

It’s Strange (So Strange) by StupidGenius

“M’not a little baby.” Stiles huffs. His feet can’t touch the floor where he’s sitting, legs swinging back and forth. “I’m eight years old.”

“Yeah? Well I’m twelve. I’m a big kid now.” He flashes his eyes for emphasis. Stiles doesn’t look impressed.

“You’re not a big kid. Cousin Wednesday says you can’t be a big kid until you’re a teen. You’re not a teen.”

“I am too a big kid!”

The Treehouse by rieraclaelin

It has a lot of sweet memories, and some not so fond. But its favorite story, the one it will whisper to the leaves at night when the moon is bright and full, is the story of the wolf who fell in love with the human.

☆゚Sentences → Domestic Bliss
  • ❝ Come on, get up! I wanna go get waffles! ❞ 
  • ❝ Why did I just hear a {meow/bark} come from that room? ❞ 
  • ❝ Okay, so, upside is I made dinner! Downside, I might’ve made dinner for the whole neighborhood. Turns out, pasta grows in water! ❞ 
  • ❝ Do you remember our first date? ❞
  • ❝ Okay, we’ll do rock, paper, scissors for who gets the bug. ❞ 
  • ❝ {Written note}: Dear Fool, this is your water gun. You have five seconds to prepare for war. ❞ 
  • ❝ You aren’t tall enough to reach that, but I’m willing to watch you try. ❞ 
  • ❝ It’s YOU I’ve been hearing at three in the morning! ❞ 
  • ❝ The animal crackers are gone, but if you leave to go get some, I’ll politely keep my back turned until they’re back in the cabinet. ❞ 
  • ❝ The baby was crying, and now I’m crying, and I think I’m making it worse! ❞ 
  • ❝ Hey, baby, sit up for me. I brought you some tea with your medicine. ❞
  • ❝ I want to go on an adventure. 1:28am is the best time for finding our big journey! ❞ 
  • ❝ Hey honey, uh, hypothetically, how many plastic balls would it take to turn the living room into a ballpit? Hypothetically? ❞ 
  • ❝ God, you’re always so cold. Get over here, I’ll save you. ❞ 
  • ❝ For the love of god, get off the floor! You’re sinking in the lava! ❞
  • ❝ Well, what happened is, I put the kid down for a nap. But I got tired too. So, now it’s 11pm and no one’s had dinner. On the plus side, Spongebob is on.❞ 
  • ❝ I’m going to mop the fucking ceiling, watch me. ❞

She isn’t sure of the exact moment, that heartbeat on which it began. She twists bitter anger, understands it as love. Standing with bare feet by the kitchen, a bowl in her arms and a smudge of dirt on her forehead. The tears roll down her cheeks, land with a metal din inside the bowl. She barely hears the words although they are shouted, screamed, Leandra’s face splotchy red with rage. The dish rag clenched in her hand, and she shakes it in Hawke’s face as she burns with boiling ire.

There are the days of indifference. The choleric disdain as Leandra passes by, without acknowledging Hawke’s outstretched arms. The days of regret, resentment. When Hawke’s presence is a reminder of all that she left behind, for someone she barely knew, for a baby she – “She doesn’t mean it,” Malcolm tells Hawke as they sit together, “she loves you.” So Hawke picks a fight with the neighbor boy. She steals from the baker, splashes mud on the nice dresses of the other ladies. Hawke is dragged home by her ear, Leandra scolds and Hawke feels loved.

Hawke stands on tip toes, reaches over into the crib and two sets of little hands reach back. “Get away from there, you’ll hurt the babies,” Leandra says as she shoos her away. Hawke sits on the steps while Leandra cradles them in her arms. Leandra and Malcolm tell two versions of the same story. At night, tucking her into bed, Malcolm whispers of wild romance, a daring adventure. When her parents argue, Leandra spins a tale of youth, recklessness, and a fantasy that didn’t come true.

She drowns Bethany and Carver in love, protection, and Hawke steals them away for the wilder things. She brings them home in the evening, full of mud and laughter. The flush of anger starts in Leandra’s brows, spreads outwards. She tells them not to come inside. As Hawke washes them off, she tells the twins, “She doesn’t mean it. She loves you.” Leandra’s attention slips from them as they grow older, and so Hawke spends more and more time with her siblings.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you knew how to heal,” Leandra tells her as Malcolm’s ashes fade away in the wind, but Hawke only knows what Malcolm taught her. “This is your fault.” The tears roll hot down Leandra’s cheeks as she cradles Bethany in her arms, casts a glare where Hawke kneels beside her. Hawke understands responsibility. It’s always been hers. She finds a way to give her mother back her nobility, but Leandra only collapses to the floor and screams for Carver. Hawke understands failure. It’s always been hers.

Descending into the dark, through bloodstained corridors and dimly lit rooms. Hawke finds the broken painting of her mother in the last room, stitched together from canvas not her own. She takes her mother into her arms, and readies herself for the anger. “I love you. You’ve always made me so proud,” Leandra tells her and Hawke doesn’t know what to do with these words, how to feel them. So, she feels nothing. 

Elorcan baby headcanons

requested by @a-court-of-throne-of-glass literally months ago sorry hun xxx

For more baby Elorcan stuff, I would recommend reading this first!


-They are both thrilled to be parents. Scared shitless but happy all the same.

-Lorcan may be a fierce Ass warrior, but he has no idea how to take care of children. He has no parents to model himself off. He knows Elide will be a good enough mother to make up for it.

-Lorcan loves his son so much, and insists on taking him everywhere. The only problem is people also like to steal his child. An excited female (AELIN) or a lonely warrior (FENRYS FOR FUCKS SAKE) will just whisk him away without asking and it infuriates Lorcan. He hates not knowing where his son is. He’ll go to Elide all panicked and she’ll know where the boy is, and he’ll be bitter for the rest of the afternoon because he didn’t know.

-Elide has a lot to do as a Lady of Perranth, so Lorcan often takes the baby out on adventures with him. The baby is still young and only can say garbled words, and Lorcan has him sitting in a high chair watching him and Rowan train. The baby laughs at the spectacle, and it’s hard for both Lorcan and Rowan to concentrate when they can hear his cute little snickers, but they try to continue on anyway. They stop suddenly though, when the baby’s laughs turn to a long winded continuous ‘Papapapapapapa’ and it’s his first real word. Lorcan’s son just called him Papa. He races to his sons and snatches him up and runs to Elide, hoping his son continues long enough for him to show his wife. They just make it, and Elide cries when she hears it.

-Elide and Lorcan are playing with him one day, just relaxing in between the huge amounts of meetings they have, when their baby pulls himself up with the table. He had been doing this for a month now and every time he did they oohed and ahhed but this time THIS TIME he takes a tentative step towards his mother, and then another and then another and everyone is cheering and he’s walking to a fro between his parents and it’s just a very good day.

-When he’s six, Lorcan takes it upon himself to start training him to wield a sword. The boy is still rather little and struggles to keep up sometimes, but he wants to make his father and uncles and aunts proud. He’s small for his age though, and he struggles a little bit. Lorcan is the most patient teacher though, and helps him every step of the way. Rowan constantly asks why he was never like that when they had to train younglings and soldiers in the army.

-The boy is quite the mischievous devil and goes out of his way to pull pranks on his family members. This includes making Elide think he’s deathly ill (luckly aunty Yrene is there to sooth any fears) making his uncle Fenrys think he’s been stabbed, and tricking his Aunt Aelin into giving him extra cake.

-He doesn’t have a lot of friends, so by age ten he starts sneaking out to play with the kids in the streets. Orynth was a prosperous city, but all cities had their version of slums. He would run around and play the most inventive games, and with the charm of his mother and the magic from his father, kids would swarm to him. He was their elected leader, and they even made a little flag for themselves. The only problem? His parents would have no idea where he was when he was doing this. It freaked the hell out of everyone, and they combed through the castle and city trying to find him, worried that some extremist fae that had supported Maeve had taken him. You can imagine Lorcan’s surprise when he found his boy rolling around in the mud with the humans, having the time of his life. And you can certainly imagine the revere and slight bit of fear that was in the children when they saw one of Queen Aelin’s high commanders storming towards them. Lorcan has a look of pure fury on his face when he approached his son, but as soon as he was in arms-length he just scooped him up and hugged him.

-After that, Lorcan insisted that the children he play with simply come to the castle. Where, if they wanted, they could receive free food and baths as well as training, courtesy of Fenrys.

-The boy was a lot like Lorcan was as a teenager – driven by his dick. At the age of 18, he had well and truly explored himself in every way possible. Elide got Yrene to sneak herbs into his food that would prevent him from catching diseases.

- He was incredibly loyal to his family, especially his mother. He would do anything to make her proud of him, including making the decision to train in Wendlyn when he was 22 so he could become the best possible solider and protect his family to the best of his ability. Lorcan raged and Elide cried when he told them he planned to go. It would only be for two years, and he would miss them dearly.

- while he was away, he settled, and Elide was overjoyed. She was always scared about what would happen to Lorcan once she passed, fearing her husband would find a way to join her in the afterlife. Now, she could rest assured that if their child was there with him, then Lorcan would always remain.

- when he came back he was the most refined yet savage solider. He was clean shaven, his hair short and neat, and he had the posture and composure of a prince. The first time he fought though, Lorcan was cowed by the power his son had accumulated. He was so powerful, in fact, that it drew the attention of Aelin herself, who gave him a chance to show her that not only was he powerful in body, but also in mind.

- while he was away proving himself to Aelin, Elide got sick. Very sick. Sick to the point that Yrene had to come as fast as she could from Adarlan. He sat by her side all hours of the day, abandoning all his duties so he could be with his mother. He held her frail, mortal hand in his and cried every time she coughed.

- at one point, both he and Lorcan had to leave, and when Yrene came out she shook her head, and told them there wasn’t much more she could do, and they should probably say their goodbyes.

- When they came in to see her, Elide had the biggest smile on her face. Both her men burst into tears at the sight, thinking it was the last time they might ever see it. Luckily for them all, Elide pulled through, and her son decided to decline any further offers from Aelin. One day, he would be the Lord of Perranth, and he needed to start staying home and acting like it.

At the top of my Lungs

You’re curled up on the couch, laptop and blankets nestled on your crisscrossed legs, and you couldn’t be described as anything other than wholeheartedly content. Utterly, undeniably complete- that’s how you have felt the last three days- and quite honestly there is a very large piece of you that knows why. Even if the smaller, more stubborn side wouldn’t let you admit it, it most likely had something to do with the fact that Shawn was home again and he barely let you out of his sight. 

 It was weird at first, settling back into the ‘You know how I feel about you, but we’re still not exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, and so I’ll try and keep my distance for your sake’ routine he had created before he left. It was weird to hear him say I love you again, to have him tell you how much he missed you, to see him and listen to him face to face and not over a skype call. 

Thursday and Friday he whined for you to come over after work and had kept you up way too late both times, the drive home afterwards being torture. Saturday was perfect though spending all day watching movies, and playing games, and making food. Saturday felt like he never left, and so when you woke up this morning in his room and not the one across the hall it didn’t feel anything but right. Your fingers tap away at the keys now, the gorgeous Toronto skyline back-lit by the winter sky in the large panel window to your left, as you find yourself really writing again for the first time in a few weeks.

The apartment door swings open and you let your gaze travel upward, already smiling. Shawn walks in, shrugging off his heavy black coat, as his hands wonder to his curls to brush off the snow that clings to them. His eyes automatically dart towards the hallway thinking you must still be asleep, that is if you haven’t left, and he’s worried about waking you. He freezes when he sees you perched there, looking so cozy, on the sofa instead.  

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Super Baby Talk

Talking about his private life was Henry’s least favorite thing to do. It wasn’t like he didn’t expect that. All the fame and the glory has a price: having a thousand people talking about your personal life it’s one of them. He used to be the most discrete man of all the men, but the things has changed a little bit some years back.

When you and Henry started dating you had all the eyes on you. Everyone seemed to need to know where did you live, what you did for living, who your parents were, how old were you, what was your blood type and so on… but then people got used to you and little by little everyone was finding out some details from your normal life. It wasn’t like you are famous now, but you’re not as anonymous as you once were. It was delightful to see and to listen all the greetings when you and Henry got married. Everyone seemed to be as happy as you two, even when Henry decided not to speak much of it in front of the cameras.

The pregnancy announcement though, was his ideia. An instagram post: a photograph of him dressed as superman, Kal wearing a red cape and your belly with a S on it. “Super Baby Coming June” written in a beautiful typography, just like a movie poster. The internet went crazy. The following months were all filled with love and sweet wishes for the boy who was about to come. Henry was over the moon with the new baby — and had no fear of talking about how gorgeous you were looking while carrying his beloved child, even when he was detailing how much you felt like a real hippopotamus.

Now 10 months after the delivering, Henry was sitting there in front of a interviewer, laughing at some joke about his mustache.

“But let’s talk about the major role you have in your life right now… the dad role. How old is your boy and how’s all that being for you and the wife?”

“Yeah, he’s 10 months old now. It’s quite an adventure!” he laughs tenderly “It’s very tiring… but also very energizing. He just learned how to walk, so now we have to keep an extra eye on him. He is the most amazing kid ever. I may be known as superman but Y/N that is actually a super woman. She has been the best since day 1… and I know how all this parenting thing can weight more to her side — since she’s the one who suffered all the hormones things and etc, but she is tough! Me and my boy we are very lucky to have such a wonderful woman taking care of us. She’s really a wonderful woman. A wonderful mom. She’s just amazing.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. And does the baby know how to speak any words?”

“Oh, he does. He’s a very talkative little guy, even though it doesn’t sound much like English yet. He can say "Kal”, that it’s our dog, “mama” and “Cavill.”

“No Dada? Daddy? Oh my goodness! How does it feel for you? He calls you Cavil?”

“It hurts me a little bit.” he jokes. “But he does not call me Cavill. Basically everyone who enters our house it’s Cavill to him, but he calls me "mama” as well.“ He laughs loudly, just like the interviewer.

"I asked to people to send me some questions for you and I gotta say… most of them want to know two things that I’m not so sure if you can answer.”

“Uh. I’ll try.” He sits straight on his chair.

“One: ‘how does Y/N got in shape so fast?’ and two: 'do you have plans to have more babies? Because your genetics combined with Y/N’s is the best thing ever.’” the interviewer laughs. “I’m just reading, but yes, I agree!”

“Oh, Y/N is a fruit girl. She eats a lot of fruits. And drinks a lot of water. And let’s just say… she’s naturally beautiful.” He says with a big smile on his face.

“Look at him! Oh, you’re so in love aren’t you?” they both laugh. “But what about baby 2?”

“OH… yeah! Her genetics does make me want to have at least more 3 babies. A Justice League, actually. But I’m not the one who have to carry the babies on my body, so it all depends on her.”

Yooo hey! This one is a request. It took me way more time than I expected to write this one AND it ended up short but I had fun! I absolutely love writing dad!henry, hits me right on the feelings. Here it is. Hope you all like it. :) XX T. 

I heard that has some great content on @legendofthesuperflashlock‘s blog. I think you guys should check it out! ;)