adventures in servitude

Silent Screams (ongoing, two chapters)
by NothingImpossibleOnlyImprobable / @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
and co-written by @icecubelotr44

Author’s Summary: A Jones Brothers tale about the intervening years between their sale into servitude and where we saw them next in The Brothers Jones, mostly Killian Jones character speculation and development. This will contain very dark themes in later chapters.

My Comments: Yes, please! This is a flashback story dealing with Killian’s childhood mis-adventures in servitude, so please keep that in mind when deciding whether to read this tale or not. Killian’s childhood after being sold into slavery can be assumed to be a pretty unpleasant place, so if physical and emotional abuse of children (both by adults and other children) upsets you, please steer clear! Otherwise, there is some lovely flashback angst and whump in this story - perfect for fueling your own angsty headcanons ;)

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