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"In My High Heels, I Will Punish You": The Cultural Importance of Gender Representation in Sailor Moon

Here it is! For some reason the google doc leaves off the end notes and also formats it weird. But I’ll try to reformat it on Wordpress sometime in the near future. In the meantime, here’s my updated annotated bibliography.

This thesis is painstakingly researched, for real. It basically covers three major things: gender presentation in Sailor Moon, queer presentation and dub censorship. It compares the anime and manga and goes into the history of the magical girl genre, quotes from Ikuhara and Naoko, tons of academic sources, all that. There are several sections, labeled with titles like “Jumping around in a Short Skirt”: Power in the Feminine" and “Girls and Cousins Too”: Queer Censorship in the Dub" so it’s easy to tell I’m a giant dork. There’s also pictures and all. It looks longer than it is mostly because of the added pictures and formatting ish, in reality it averages to about 35-36 pages double spaced. So it is long.

I'm really happy my thesis is recieving such positive response!!!

I worked really hard on it, possibly harder than I’ve ever worked on anything school related, so it makes me very happy! thanks guys! 

I just really wanted to sum up all the things I find really interesting examining the series. It was my goal to make this the ultimate summation of my relevant Sailor Moon thoughts to an outsider. SO I GAVE IT MY BEST SHOT. I’m glad it held together for the most part!