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Who's There? + Mayday Mix
Wolf 359
Who's There? + Mayday Mix

I feel like someone’s probably done this, and probably better than me, but I couldn’t find it?

Spoiler Alert: Don’t listen if you’re not caught up through Episode 30: Mayday

so, me doing audio editing is like a pterodactyl trying to do open heart surgery with a sledgehammer. But I wanted to hear these tracks synced up. Best listened to with headphones, ‘cause in your right ear you’ll hear Who’s There?, and in your left, Mayday

I synced them as well as I could, there was like a twenty-some second discrepancy between them at one point, and again, pterodactyl with a sledgehammer, so. Enjoy?

physics friend: how is it already midnight?

me: well, you see, there’s the sun, right? and the earth, you see, the earth is traveling around the sun, but it’s also! rotating! so the side–

friend: you know…the Coriolis effect is real…but [holds up a pen like he’s gonna launch it at me] i’m pretty sure i could correct for it easily from this distance.

me: wow. that was the nerdiest threat i ever heard. that tops the time last week that i asked how you’d feel if i applied a positive moment of inertia to your jaw.

friend: yep. i try.

so i’m taking introductory neuroscience right now and my professors are really big nerds?? like


hot hot potato

so hip, keeping up with the young people

i, too, stress eat when watching the donald talk 

film nerds

peter the tiny horse is literally a class meme. every exam will have peter the tiny horse in any shape, way, or form with no exception.

do you even lift bruh

even the last page man

in conclusion, my neuro professors are giant smart-ass nerds
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(I’m so fucking tired hahaha)

So I called my mom real casual to just ask her if they had made it back from my parents camping trip

And all of a sudden she’s like “so have you more of a concrete idea of where you want to go to grad school?”

And I was like “uhhh 0*0” bc *I* know what I want but I’ve been afraid of talking to my parents about it

And I was like “well…yeah…I mean I kind of like-”

And before I could finish she was like “you like Montreal right?”

And I was just like “…yeah” and then I added “I mean I really like Berkeley too but idk if I want to live in California” and my mom was like “oh yeah you’d probably be lost in cali; it’s just a totally different world from Texas sweetie”

And like the conversation just changed from there

So I…think that went…well?

I got this photo frame for christmas during 13 Days of Taylor and I love it so much because my mom and I were so happy and filled with hope. The 1989 tour was the last real adventurous thing we did together before I went off to college. That means a lot to me. Look how young and happy we are here. A lot changed when I left for school, but our love for each other and Taylor Swift remained. Thanks for so many amazing memories like this, Taylor. I’m so grateful you were apart of this one too.


Dear taylorswift,

My name is Gabby, and I’m sending you this letter to thank you for the amazing difference you have made in my life for the past 9 years. My 22nd birthday will be this Thursday, April 23, and my mom has always taught me that my birthday was not just to celebrate my existence on this planet, but it was also an opportunity to reach out and be a gift to others, be it through service or even a smile. So, after wanting to put my gratitude into words ever since your debut album was released in 2006, I figured that writing you a letter on Tumblr and close to my 22nd birthday would be a good time and place to do that.

I vividly remember being 13 years old and hearing “Tim McGraw” for the first time at 2AM after sneaking a pocket radio into my room. I had just had my first break up, and was so heartbroken that I had no idea what to do. Your song brought my tender, barely teenage heart so much solace. The next morning, I told my mom that I had a new favorite singer and that I was going to start buckling down with my guitar and piano lessons and be just like her. That Christmas I received my first Taylor Swift CD, and by the time I graduated high school, I was the girl known for always having one of your CDs in her car.

As I grew up, your music helped me to focus on my dreams, especially when I wasn’t the “cool girl”, and not let mean people in high school beat me down. The messages and example you gave me helped me see the things that mattered most in my life, especially the relationship I have with my mom. In 10th grade, my parents forbid me from dating a boy they thought was too old. “Love Story” gave me a sense of solace because I knew that someone else, someone like you, knew what this felt like. I was so angry that I didn’t speak to my mom, who was my best friend and biggest supporter, for months. When “Fifteen” came out, I remember her calling me into the living room and explaining that she was sorry that she hurt me, but that she did everything for a reason. She then said, “Taylor wrote this song, and it’s every bit of advice I meant to give in this situation.” After hearing that song, I finally understood and we were able to reconcile.

After high school, I started college at a university about an hour and a half away from home. Your music fended off homesickness, loneliness, and anxiety that came from a new adventure. Sophomore year of college, my first real boyfriend of over 2 years broke up with me. I was destitute, not eating, sleeping way too much, and an all-around wreck, because we had planned on getting married after college and I built my life plans around him. Then, I bought “Red”, and listened to “All Too Well” sobbing because you understood and your words comforted me. Every single song on that CD was a message from you saying, “Don’t give up! Love yourself! You will get through this!” You were my best friend during that dark time, even after I jumped into the arms of an emotionally abusive guy (“Trouble”), and then learned to stand on my own two feet for the first time in my life (“We Are Never Getting Back Together” & “22”).

Now, I’m in graduate school, pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, and setting goals that I had no idea I would ever be dreaming of trying for. I’m pursing my dreams now because every time I think of quitting, I think of you and the messages you’ve sent through your music. Even the way you have lived your life, by being kind to others, loving everyone as they are, and being a good friend, has been a constant reminder to embrace who I am. You’ve helped me to embrace myself and I know that being smart, silly, goofy, fun, joyful, emotional, kind, and a good girl is perfectly okay (Thank you, btw, for writing “Shake It Off”!). You have made more of an impact in my life than anyone I’ve ever looked up to. As an only child, you’ve been the big sister that I’ve never had, even though we have never met. I know I’m not as vocal as other Swifties, and I may not be able to stay out until 4 AM for a new album drop or attend one of your concerts because of my school schedule, but I want you to know that I am as grateful and as loyal of a fan as any of them. The past 9 years of being your fan has been a blessing, and I pray that you continue to inspire us all for years to come. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for your influence, Taylor. Thank you for all that you have done in my life and the lives of others.

Forever your fan,


okay but if the pokemon in Pokemon Go really do depend on your region of the world

people actually getting motivated to travel to places they never would have before to get their favorite pokemon

strangers in airports trading foreign pokemon with each other

friends from across the oceans swapping pokemon like violent little virtual friendship bracelets 

strange pokemon that the locals have never seen around before striking up conversations about real life adventures 

college students studying out of their home state/town suddenly having the advantage in something