adventures in making

all I can think of is a Captain Swan buddy (true love) police show where they fight crime together and every morning Killian will get a coffee for himself (with a shot of rum) and a hot chocolate with cinnamon for Emma and they will drive to the office together and they will get a call about a crime in progress and Emma and Killian will kick ass together and sometimes Emma will be reckless and Killian will worry about her and sometimes Killian will be reckless and Emma will worry about him. And maybe one of them gets hurt on the job and the other one worries about them but they cuddle (carefully) in the hospital bed. And Henry starts to write stories about them and their adventures and David makes sure to tell Killian to watch Emma’s back (and David secretly tells Emma to make sure his mate stays safe). They go to David and Snow’s for dinner (and Regina is there sometimes) and sometimes they have date nights and sometimes their nights are interrupted when a call comes in but they work together, so it’s not so bad. And that is their happily ever after, working together and being a family and meeting each stage in life together. Emma and Killian.


so uh yeah ive been listening to the adventure zone for about 2 months now and im in Love