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I’m just going to say that he’s probably done what 90% of the Pokémon fandom has done before and called that Kling ugly.

I know that he hasn’t called a Pokémon ugly since the whole true beauty thing with Mimi… but really, Kling should be an exception.

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Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock. I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson. I have no intention of being rude, but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literatures most loved characters.

{{Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock.}}

Such a shame that you think that a great and interesting woman character ruined your interpretation of Sherlock. Even with yer preconceived notion that Sherlock and Watson were gay and in love, I think you could have still enjoyed MG and SM version of Mary Watson. Mary brought love into John’s life and made him happy when he was sadly mourning Sherlock’s death. She gave him a beautiful daughter and most importantly, she became best friends with Sherlock too.

That is the most important part because up until then, Sherlock was the only close and trusted friend that John had (yes Stamford was his friend too but not on the scale of what Sherlock became to John) Mary liked Sherlock instantly and Sherlock liked Mary instantly as well. 

Sherlock knew that Mary was not perfect and that when he read her that she was a liar and keeping secrets but Sherlock had just come off 2 years of lying to his best friend and was still keeping secrets so who was Sherlock to judge when he himself was far from innocent. Sherlock could see that Mary made John happy and Sherlock knew that John needed and deserved to be happy, especially after faking his death and coming back to life.

For John to have Mary in his life at that time was the best possible thing that kept the Holmes and Watson friendship going, she saved that friendship because she knew how much they needed each other, she knew how important that friendship was to each of those men. The addition of Mary Morstan to the Holmes and Watson orbit was not about dividing these best friends, it was about enhancing it, about helping it grow to the next level, which was the brotherly bond that Sherlock and John had.

It was Mary who saved that friendship not once, but twice.

It’s all fine and good you think Sherlock and John were in love, I wouldn’t tell you that yer wrong. If that is yer interpretation of these two characters then, awesome. BUT that shouldn’t cloud yer judgement and enjoyment of the character of Mary Watson because even in the ACD canon stories Sherlock liked Mary. And in BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes loved and protected Mary Morstan Watson. She was his 2nd best friend and they had a bond that was totally real because they both understood each other.

They were very much flawed but they wanted to be better people and they became better people because they had one common denominator, and that was their love for John Watson. And both of them lied and did things to protect John from their truths. They didn’t judge each other and they didn’t have impossible expectations of what a friendship was supposed to be. Sherlock and Mary did the best they could. That is why their friendship worked perfectly.

{{I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson.}}

Honestly I probably won’t ever read the books. My husband who is a huge fanboy of Sherlock Holmes on the scale of the Mofftiss, tried to get me into Sherlock LONG ago but failed. I only became interested in watching Sherlock when I fell in love with Benedict and then fell in love with the BBC version of Sherlock. The writing, the setting of London, the actors that use their talents to bring these wonderful characters to life. The BBC version of Sherlock is the only version I’d ever be into. Fingers cross we will get S5 because S4 was AH-mazing! and I loved every minute of it and I’d love to see them expand on Eurus and explore more of the Holmes Family narrative. I’d love to see John and Rosie interact more, I’d love to see Irene Adler make a surprise appearance and cause some playful trouble for Sherlock AND I want to see how the Molly and Sherlock dynamic continues, now that we know they both love each other. I’d like to see where that love takes them..

{{I have no intention of being rude,but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literature’s most loved characters.}}

Anon, no rudeness taken! But I believe you are confusing interpretation with truth. The version of Holmes and Watson, YOUR interpretation is that you believe they are and have always been in love. That they are gay and that is the way ACD wrote them to be, gay on the down low because back then homosexuality was not acceptable. Well, the truth is, ACD modeled these 2 men after people he knew in his real life. And gave them personality traits of the people he knew in that life. We don’t know what the truth was about them. All ACD gave us was the stories of 2 men and their ridiculous adventures and it’s up to the reader on how they want to view this 100+ year old relationship between the world’s only consulting detective and a doctor who became his trusted confidant and documenter of their adventures together.

Thanks for stopping by!

Look, I know I’m possibly tooting my own horn here, but I just need people to know how much a comment like this means. I am floored. I am humbled. I am giddy. And I am motivated. I have lost my writing mojo for a while now, but comments like this lift me up like nothing else. 

*cries tears of gratitude and determination*

Bless you, fandom. This is the kind of stuff that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

So… Splatoon 2nd Anniversary is right here.

I did’t get the game on Day 1 because I thought it wasn’t for me. I mean, shooter game? Online multiplayer? Nothing of that interested me that much back then. But the visuals and style of the game were amazing, so I quickly got interested anyway. Also, some friends I trust told me the game was lots of fun and easy to learn. That was one part of the reason why I bought the game.

But some other very relevant things that influenced me into getting the game were some very early arts of a very cute inkling couple created by @tamarinfrog​ / @cafe-cardamari​ . Everyone knows I like romance and fluff a lot, so I enjoyed very much the idea that squids could be shippable, haha!

If Clementine and Whinter are to blame for me getting into this new game and fandom that brings me joys and challenges every day, I thought it was only fair for me to draw those two today.

Those two characters never stopped evolving since they were created, and one day, by the will of their creator, they will live new adventures outside Splatoon. And I will love them regardless of the universe.

… and now, if you excuse me, I’m going to sleep because, well, it’s almost 6 AM… oops.

Undertale AUs: A Summary
  • Outertale: Do u wanna take a fucking guess buddy? what does it sound like. I'll give you a hint. It's space. Everything is space. space
  • Underfell: What if the Underground was exclusively populated by edgy middle school OCs also it was opposite day
  • Grouptale: The gang's all here
  • PTA Sans: I don't fucking know how this came to be or why but sans is a salty pta mom who is just about done with coordinating the bake sale margaret get off your ass for once he even had to organize the book fair you did jack shit and there's been a lot of talk of lemon bars also fight me helen
  • Flowerpot! Flowey: Big bad is captive. He is a problematic angst mine and he is shaped like a possible friend
  • Underswap: whut if persun... ww a s like OTHERR PERSON
  • Overtale: swap the species badda bing badda boom that's one more check off our token fandom au checklist
  • Understuck: the unholy love child of 2 already interrelated fandoms so technically maybe incest but also an AU and i know you don't want it here but please let us just have one sliver of sunshine we have been alone for 5+ months maybe six whos couting at this point haha this is our cocaine now
  • Littletale: Remember how in the 90s you could make a younger or baby version out of any show into another show? Yeah that's this but Undertale. Undertale Playground Adventure-Tales. That's the new name now.
  • Me: *sees announcement about the animated Supernatural/Scooby-Doo crossover episode next season*
  • Me: Oh, I don't know about that.
  • My brain: Doesn't that seem like the kind of thing Gabe would do to them though?
  • Me: ...

Life is much too short. Love more. Live more. Be kind. Have adventures. Worry less. Argue less. Enjoy the time you have with your loved ones because you never know what your time is up. Don’t waste the time you’re given. Be thankful when you wake up every day.

My heart breaks for Anne, Mike, Amy, Gemma, Harry, and all of their family and friends. Robin was a wonderful man who clearly had a heart of gold. Not everyone is equipped to be so wonderful at blended families the way Robin was. He loved Gemma and Harry as if they were his own because they were to him. Robin was proud of who all of his kids were and it was obvious to even me, the casual observer from a far. Nothing to me shows who he was more than allowing his 23 year-old son to dress him up in silver designer cowboy boots and a silly cap on a night he knew there would be photos of him. Robin likely would be proud of his son for choosing to take photos with fans despite the things going on in his life because Harry was making other people smile and happy and showing love.

Life is much too short to worry about trivial things. Don’t argue with people about things you can’t change. Don’t worry about things in life that aren’t yours to worry about. Just live and love. Give love. You don’t know how many more days you have been given. So go through each day with a smile and love. All you need is love.

When your relatives visit
  • Relative: oh look how you've grown! What have you been up too? What's new??
  • What I'm thinking: oh ya know, I buried myself in a trashcan an and got myself involved with psycho fandoms on the Internet. Not to mention I haven't seen the light of day in a couple weeks, but whatevs.
  • What I actually say: oh, just school stuff. Lots of homework.
  • (While eating dinner)
  • sister: can you name all your friends?
  • me: well, Marija, Laura...(skip a few) umm, do guy friends count?
  • sister: Yeah. Any friends. Alien, whatever.
  • me: okay, so then the Doctors (1-12 plus War), Merlin, Arthur (that's 30), Morgana, Sherlock, John, Molly, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Tonks, Remus, Neville (that's forty)...(skip a few)... Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo-
  • sister: they don't count.
  • me: how?
  • sister: they don't exist. How are they your friends?
  • me: well, they spend time with me, make me laugh, make me cry, they make me feel better...
  • sister: that's ridiculous.
  • me: anyway, Legolas, Thranduil, Dori, Ori, Nori (that's sixty-five) Bifur, Bofur...(skip a few)...
  • sister: no, I mean, real people.
  • me: okay, J.K Rowling, Peter Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Steven Moffat-
  • sister: they don't even know you. I bet ten bucks they won't recognize you.
  • me: So? ...Finn, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum (that's 90)... Captain America, Loki, Thor, Kirk, Spock, Leonard Nimoy, Picard...(skip a few)... Leia, Luke, Han, Chewbacca, the Ewok population (oops, lost count) there anything else?
  • sister: i'm shielding myself from all this stupidity.
  • me: I bet I can find a million people who will take offense at that statement.
  • sister: How? You have only fifteen *real* friends.
  • me: To Tumblr...!
  • Actual conversation I had with my sister.

yet more choice of robots fanart

i honestly don’t know how it happened but i’ve become kind of completely obsessed with this game, i honestly think i’ve seen almost every line of text by this point

like suddenly i am super inspired and i want to draw like every scene? idk, something about how it’s a text adventure just really makes me want to illustrate haha idc if there is no fandom i will be a fandom of one

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Gabi, I want to learn your opinion about a matter because you are always the first place that i came after bad things happen. I trust your logic. Do you think Louis is really in France? I don't believe he is because you know, everything is looking fake (especially location update by his bodyguard... i mean...). I feel like it will be like Louis' Atlanta adventure. What do you think?

I think their team is using the fandom’s stalker nature to their advantage and they realized that there is no participation needed, nor actual photographic proof for this fandom. Just a tweet is enough, or just a geotag, or an IG like and the fandom already believes everything. especially with this Atlanta thing and now the ski trip. 

  • Do I think he is there? No. Believe me we would have seen it. If they want the message to get across they shove 1345 HQ’s in our faces.
  • Do I think they want us to think he’s there? Maybe. Possibly!
  • Do I think that it is just a fan craving for attention? Well, yeah afaik the fan said they were just trolling.


- Louis liking a tweet about his NYE party we have never received a single pic with Louis in it

- Louis posting the London IG video when this ‘supposed ski trip in France happens’

- Apart from that IG video which could be dated anytime, we have not seen Louis since very early morning on the 30th. 

He disappeared from the map on dates that almost coincide with Yachtgate. I am actually playing with the idea that he was on that boat. PS: Before I get a few anons: no, I don’t have proof nor do I need it because it doesn’t change a thing. It is just a fun headcanon. 

  • Laura: Oh look a cute gnome-y guy! He wants to have tea!
  • Tampon Fandom: Hoe don't do it!
  • Laura: ...And he wants to make me his child bride. Great.
  • Tampon Fandom: Oh my god.
  • Laura: So I challenged him to a battle of wits! Thats apparently a riddle-off. I am SO in LOTR right now!
  • Tampon Fandom: Are you kidding me?!?!?!
  • Laura: Two riddles down, who knows how many to go!
  • Tampon fandom: OH MY GOD!
I don't know where you're going,

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But do you got room for one more,

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troubled soul?

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I don’t know where I’m going,

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But I don’t think I’m coming home,

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and I said,

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I’ll check in, tomorrow,

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if I don’t wake up dead,

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This is the road to ruin,

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And we’re starting at the end

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-Fall out boy, Alone together