adventures in fabulocity


Hehe, so I wanted to make valentines for people this year, so if you like and/or reblog this by the 10th I will give you a valentine through your suubmit box. I will be drawing them, but if there are too many, I won’t make everyone their own, only a copy of another. I’ll start drawing them on the 10th and sending them out the next day. Now watch this only get 4 notes. u.u

      Fingers tapping on the bathroom counter, she read through her list. Making sure she remembered everything, she slowly began to rip a hole down the small stuffed rabbit. She then poured rice into the opening and bit off her nails, adding them to the bizarre mixture of rice and stuffing.
      Red thread she used to sew up the hole. Quietly she chanted, then submerged the toy in a basin of water. Immediately she dashed off to shut off every electric appliance she owned while getting a glass of salt water.
      When she returned the bathroom she stabbed the rabbit several times, leaving the knife inside it. She took off to the closet in her bedroom and crouched down behind the clothing, glass in hand.
      Hours passed and nothing happened. She left the closet and walked back to the bathroom to dispose of the rabbit.
      Her breath stopped as she found the empty sink. Her hands shook as she slowly turned around, expecting to seethe rabbit. When she did not she slowly took a step forward. She walked throughout the house, wondering why it didn’t work how it should have.
      The sound of with blew in her ears and the air got unusually cold. Before she could turn around she felt a sharp pain in her back. Her eyes widened as she felt a warm liquid trickle down her back. She coughed up more blood and her legs shook.
       The sound of wind stopped and she only heard one last thing.
                                    “I don’t play games.”