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Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress | Adventures In Dressmaking

Ruffle fabric is like the best thing to happen to sewing since… needles. OK, that’s a bit of an overstatement but it is fantastic. No more cutting out millions of strips of fabric, hemming them all, pinning them, trying to sew them all together straight and then realising you’ve screwed up line five and all the other lines are out. Ugh. Ruffle dresses are everywhere at the moment and this is such a gorgeous interpretation. Click through for a great tutorial on how to make this dress.

Striped & Ruffled Rose Tank | Adventures in Dressmaking

Do you find that sometimes you find something in the store and think - ‘I would buy that if…’

I do this all the time. Either I like the design but the 'body’ of the piece is hideous (case in point - what’s up with all the assymetrical tops at the moment!? They’re so ugly!) or I really like the body and they’ve ruined it with a creepy picture or some dodgy embellishment. Or it’s plain and boring and needs a bit more va va voom! This happened in almost every store I went into last weekend. So I decided I needed to get my sewing machine back out (it’s sitting in my sewing room collecting dust, sorry machine!) and whip up something as sweet and pretty as this. I don’t know if I would use stripes, and I think it would look sweet with a plain top with like a ditsy print rose… the possibilities are endless and can be tailored just for me!