adventures in breastfeeding


Today marks one year of breastfeeding. How we made it this long I have no idea. I’m pretty sure I “quit” at least 3 times. I’ve also “weaned” him once. And yet we’re still nursing four times a day.
To anyone reading this who is having a hard time breastfeeding… You can do it… If you want to. It’s not easy. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done (including labour). We supplemented with formula for months and still do before bed (supply is lower in the evening). I ate oatmeal more than any one person should be expected to. I drank the grossest teas with extra gross stuff put in it. I took so many pills I had an organizer that wouldn’t hold them all. I’m still on prescription meds to help. It’s worth it though. William loves his milkies. .

So we’re calling it quits on our breastfeeding journey. We made it 8 months which with everything we’ve been through is pretty good I think. I’m a little upset about it but I’m mostly feeling good about this choice. With the mastitis it’ll be too much to keep enough supply up. He’s eating more solids now anyways so the formula can go along with that and we can get into a better routine. How much formula are you mommas giving your 8 month olds?

  • We went and signed our lease for our new place yesterday. It’s a three bedroom townhome with laundry. We get our keys on February 28th but don’t have to be out of our current apartment until March 1st. That means a relaxed move and time to set things up nicely. 
  • I’m planning on opening a home daycare in our new place. I went to school for early childhood education and can’t imagine watching other children grow up while paying to have someone else watch William. 
  • Our new place has laundry.
  • I want to pick out paint colours for the new place but should really wait until we get our keys.
  • We went to breastfeeding clinic last night so I could talk about weaning and how I’m totally torn about what to do. We had a good talk (and I had a good cry) and have decided I’m going to keep plugging away at breastfeeding. It’s going to be more of a comfort thing than nutritional though. I’m going to start weaning off my pills and if William decides at any point that he’s had enough we’ll stop. He loves it too much for me to take it away from him though.
  • William is getting way better at moving around which is terrifying because I don’t want to have to instal his baby gate for a month (we can’t use pressure mounted because of the stair design).
  • I loath moving but am excited that we’ll have laundry. 
  • There’s a little area in front of our new place for me to put in a garden.
  • I get a craft room in the new place, it will also be a guest room.
  • I’m still recovering from mastitis. Latching on isn’t as painful now but I’m still worried it will come back.
  • During the early days of mastitis I stopped taking all my milk making pills (why add fuel to the fire, right?) and it caused me to start making colostrum again. It’s super freaky and apparently proves I need my pills… Well, the herbs at least. It’s also a common occurrence but usually takes longer to happen than it did me.
  • William is currently having a nap which is rare, but I need him to wake up to eat. He’s probably exhausted because he spent a good portion of the night screaming because of his teeth. They’ve poked through but are still giving him a hard time.
  • Laundry!!!
An update...

So, I couldn’t give up. I’m still breastfeeding at every feed. I’ve just given up pumping. I supplement with just formula now instead of a mix of formula and breastmilk. I still use the tube at home unless I’m feeling lazy. When we’re out I supplement with a bottle. Life is easier and strangely enough I feel as if my production has increased.


We went to the Well Baby Drop-In today. William weighs 12lbs 11oz (with his diaper on). That’s up a pound in 3 weeks or so. PLUS (and here’s the REAL exciting news) we did a before and after weigh in… 50mls! And it wasn’t one of our best feeds. I’m super excited for tomorrow.
I knew something was different. I have been absolutely starving for the past couple of days.

So hard.

William still wants to nurse and I just don’t know what to do. I’m still nursing a bit (trying to clear out this blockage) but was going to decrease the amount slowly but he loves breastfeeding so much. How can I take it away from him?
This morning he was patting my boob and licking his lips. It was too cute and broke my heart. So once again I don’t know what to do.
Thank you all for your words of support. I’ve not had one negative thing said to me which proves I’ve found the best Moms of tumblr.


These “Nursing days” are so very hard. It’s strange. I literally spend the day on the couch in my pjs watching movies, staying hydrated (usually tea with goats rue in it… Yuck), and feeding William… I am exhausted. It’s so super draining. It’s like having a newborn all over again… One going through a growth spurt and not sleeping. He hasn’t been napping and I make sure to feed him every 1.5 hours (today is every 2). Last day of it today.

Hello 2014!

Today started with the sweetest of news. While nursing this morning William transferred 120mls (approx. 6oz). That is how much he needs per feed. So for lost morning feeds we don’t need to supplement. Breastfeeding has been such a struggle for us but we’re making it.
To reward our awesome accomplishment I bought us a new carrier (I’m obsessed… I want all the baby wearing gear). The Manduca. I’ll post pictures sometime soon. I also got a jacket insert so William will stay toasty warm outside.