adventures in book signings


I went to go see Sarah J Maas on Sunday in Toronto and while I enjoyed the 8am-3pm waiting time (solely because of my friends), I was a little disillusioned. I’m probably just someone who’s insanely picky or naive when it comes to signings (I’ve only been to like 4 or 5), but I was really surprised with how strict the guidelines were for the event.

We arrived at 7:50 am and were promptly told the guidelines. We were to not leave or we would lose our spots (if you had to go to the washroom or get coffee/food, you’d have to tell security), which is understandable because there were A LOT of people (we were like 150-155 of 250). Then we had to buy the book, get a wristband, and leave our books with the staff and if you already owned a copy, oh well *shrug* (which you couldn’t get signed–though when my friends asked SJM to sign a different book other than A Court of Wings and Ruin, she obliged). For reference, usually a receipt as proof of purchase is usually sufficient.

SJM is a sweetheart in person, even if some of her responses to questions were a liittttleeeee problematic, but hey, they’re her characters. She complimented my friends and me on our makeup and outfits, which was awesome. I just found the guidelines for her signing a lot more strict than I’ve ever experienced. Granted, she’s a much more famous author than some of the authors I’ve met–for reference, there were well over 300 people at her signing.

What really jarred me though was the view of people crying beside the main line because they didn’t make it in time to be one of 250 people to personally meet SJM and get their books signed. It’s true that time management would have been useful (there were people there since 3am, but again, someone who didn’t research or ask questions or had experiences with popular authors would probably make the same mistake). I know exceptions can’t be made for one person or else that would open up the floodgates, but it was still a really sad scene.

Overall, the experience of meeting SJM was great. She and her husband were adorable as he stamped two books and she signed ACOWAR and talked to the fan. It was the strict guidelines and some of her responses that made us question the event and dimmed our excitement. (I.e. Feyre being a hufflepuff–which a very specific whattttt?! moment).

Of course, this is just my opinion. Sunday could have been someone else’s perfect day. People seemed to be having fun and even though we could barely hear her from our spot–the place was super full, so we couldn’t even see her, people were actively trying to hear her responses. The hearing issue was at times to the extent where we just wanted to meet her.

My Tips for Author Signings: Always be earlier than you think you need to be. Be considerate of the people running the event, even if you don’t agree with their rules. Have fun!


What an amazing whirlwind of a book tour. What an amazing turnout by all of you all over this beautiful country. Thank you to all of the bookshops that held me, to @quailridgebooks for the final stop on this bit of touring. Thank you for the @typewriternyc for venturing outside the confines of NYC and coming to North Carolina. Just thank you. I feel so lucky to know you all, to meet you, to be allowed to do this at all. Thank you.

Children’s books


The jungle book (Rudyard Kipling)
Primary, raw, wilderness,   survival of the fittest


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ( L. Frank Baum)

Economic allegory, farmer, knowledge holders


Peter Pan (J. M. Barrie)
Adolescence, refusal to grow, companionship, carelessness


The Little Prince ( Antoine de Saint-Exupéry )

Moon, imagination, sensitivity, humanism


Jumanji ( Chris Van Allsburg )
Games, jungle, father-son relationships


Heidi (Johanna Spyri)
Natural, simple life, campaign against industrial world


A Little Princess ( Frances H. Burnett)
Princess, romantic, good education


A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket)
Dark, dark humor, survival, drama


Treasure Island (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Adventures, treasures, trips


Babar the Elephant ( Jean de Brunhoff )
Society, elite, civilization, government


Pippi Longstocking ( Astrid Lindgren)
Original, free, quirky


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ( Lewis Carroll)
Imagination, madness, lost, labyrinth

The signs as Zamonia quotes
  • aries: “There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written, that's all.”
  • taurus: "If somebody loves you, you always love them a little in return."
  • gemini: “No one who writes a good book is really dead.”
  • cancer: “The ability to love is not a prerogative of the good but may well be the one thing they share with the evil.”
  • leo: “Reading is an intelligent way of not having to think.”
  • virgo: "Why not ask yourself whether your other dreams are real? You go on trips and undergo the strangest experiences every night. How do you know they only take place in your mind?"
  • libra: “When bad habits become a habit, you have to turn over a new leaf.”
  • scorpio: “Stealing from one author is plagiarism; from many authors, research.”
  • sagittarius: “Knowledge is night!”
  • capricorn: “I’m as good as dead, but they haven’t buried me yet”
  • aquarius: "... the smell of fires that burn in the distance, with a touch of cinnamon - that's the smell of adventure!"
  • pisces: “Life is too precious to be left to chance”

so, a week late but on monday, i met the uk’s poet laureate. i’ve been loving carol ann duffy’s poetry for a while now so my friend and i went to one of her events in our hometown. after giving an emotional reading, she did a book signing, where we got to meet her and i told her how much i adore poetry and how a lot of my work seems to stem from themes in her work. she encouraged me to keep doing what i am doing and was very polite. life can be very beautiful sometimes. you just have to write the poetry if you can’t find it.

last night my friend hosted this huge party in his apartment with delicious food and drink and good people and every one of them said i look comfortable and happy in new york~


So I have audiobooks and I wanted a better album cover for it on iTunes.

Sherlock Holmes Books + BBC Sherlock

The signs as book genres
  • Aries: Adventure, Action, Epic
  • Taurus: Cooking and Recipes, Romance
  • Gemini: Books criticizing society, Satirical, Comics
  • Cancer: Romance, Drama, Biography
  • Leo: Drama, Novel, Classics
  • Virgo: Crime, Contemporary
  • Libra: Chick-lit, Art, Mythology
  • Scorpio: Mystery, Crime, Paranormal, Thriller
  • Sagittarius: Adventure, Spiritual, Travel
  • Capricorn: Historical, Economics, Politics (opinion books)
  • Aquarius: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Futuristic
  • Pisces: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry

Among the exclusive covers that BOOM! is bringing to Emerald City Comicon are two that I’m involved with: a gold-foil version of The Midas Flesh #1 by Chip “Sex Criminals” Zdarsky and this special cover of Adventure Time #25 by Ian McGinty that features a buff little baby that can swim like a man! 

If you’re coming to ECCC, hey guess what I’ll be there as will Chip and Ian too and we’ll all sign these books for you!