adventures in bionicle

Tell me that I’m only dreaming
Everything around me, spinning
I need someone to wake me up before it’s too late

Lyrics: Mr FijiWiji feat. Openwater - Growing Up

A quick illustration I did in one sitting because the song in question came up unexpectedly, haha.

Vakama, Krakua and Teridax during Time Trap. Best book by far.


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1. Both were taken into a “family” where they acquire power.

2. Both at some point take over their “brother’s” body.

3. Both are sassy rich bitches who have minions.

4. Both are related to time at one point (Mask of Time, The World)

5. Both have some menacing “fuck me” eyes.

6. Both are remade into fucking Gold and Purple babes 



I’m going to show you all a serious Bionicle throwback.  This is The Bionicle Adventure Game: Quest for Makuta. See I got this back in 2001 on my 10th Birthday (I’m 24 now), and I might have played it 10 times before I moved to the middle of nowhere and had nobody to play with. All the pieces are there and ready to play.

deadbaconpool I think you might appreciate this


It’s like one of my Japanese animes.

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The text version of the Bionicle novels (all of Bionicle Chronicles and half of Bionicle Adventures) with other official stories arranged in chronological order.

First link: Tale of the Toa, Mata Nui Online Game Walkthrough

Second link: Tales of the Masks, Beware the Bohrok, Makuta’s Revenge, Mask of Light, Wall of History

Third link: Mystery of Metru Nui, Trial by Fire, The Darkness Below, Birth of a Dark Hunter, Legends of Metru Nui, Voyage of Fear