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Adventures in Bionicle: Legends of Metru Nui #7

That funny moment when Turaga Lhikan doesn’t just give Toa Onewa something to do while Whenua and Nuju are training for their mask powers… He gives Onewa a task involving BOTH OF THEIR TASKS COMBINED.

I have never realized this subtlety of sass until just now. Apparently when you’re older you can pick up a lot of stuff you missed as a child.

Tell me that I’m only dreaming
Everything around me, spinning
I need someone to wake me up before it’s too late

Lyrics: Mr FijiWiji feat. Openwater - Growing Up

A quick illustration I did in one sitting because the song in question came up unexpectedly, haha.

Vakama, Krakua and Teridax during Time Trap. Best book by far.


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Not art stuff but I think this is cool

Okay so a friend of mine likes to design custom 3D bionicle masks and was experimenting when he remembered the program he’s using has a hair particle system that allows for covering an object in ‘fur’ objects that he can alter into another object

so he messed around with it and

what is this

ew looks like golden mold

it looks like some sort of golden puzzle pieces

…wwwwaaaait a second…

it’s vahis. it’s tiny freaking vahis

the head is covered in thousands of GODDAMN TINY KANOHI VAHIS and I love this


a head covered in itself


1. Both were taken into a “family” where they acquire power.

2. Both at some point take over their “brother’s” body.

3. Both are sassy rich bitches who have minions.

4. Both are related to time at one point (Mask of Time, The World)

5. Both have some menacing “fuck me” eyes.

6. Both are remade into fucking Gold and Purple babes 


Adventures in Bionicle: Legends of Metru Nui #3

I decided not to post these things constantly in the Bionicle tag because I didn’t want to spam and annoy the living crap out of everyone.

Let’s break down what I have seen so far:

Lhikan (of the Toa Mangai variety) sounds a LOT younger than I remembered him to be. But that’s okay because he’s one of my favorite characters in Bionicle ever so he’s excused.

Toa Metru Vakama looks fucking adorable. Just…


*watches Matau crash into a pillar in the Great Temple*

…And thus, the running gag of the movie has begun.


It’s like one of my Japanese animes.

Adventures in Bionicle: Tale of the Toa #2

(Pg. 24 - 25) “Kopaka lifted his shield, protecting himself as best he could. When the eruption of stone stopped, he found himself trapped between several huge boulders.

Glancing up, he saw a figure about his own size gazing down at him, resting his weight on one of the large stones. The stranger wore a bronze-colored mask, and the eyes behind it were concerned and a bit sheepish.

"Sorry about that,” the stranger said. “I was practicing. Are you all right?”

“I would be,” Kopaka returned icily. “If you weren’t standing on me.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the most awkward way to start off a friendship I have ever encountered.


I’m going to show you all a serious Bionicle throwback.  This is The Bionicle Adventure Game: Quest for Makuta. See I got this back in 2001 on my 10th Birthday (I’m 24 now), and I might have played it 10 times before I moved to the middle of nowhere and had nobody to play with. All the pieces are there and ready to play.

deadbaconpool I think you might appreciate this