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Happy Anniversary to my special boys! We’ve been through a few big events and fairly drastic changes this past year, and they’ve supportive and loving all the while, and I wanted to do a little something extra in return. It’s also been a long time since I’ve posted art of the family here, huh? As a bonus, this one comes with a music mix on 8tracks!

listen on 8tracks  |||  collide - howie day / sea of no cares - great big sea / in your light - gotye / must be the music - the summer set / moves like jagger - maroon 5 / stuck to you - hellogoodbye / give a little - hanson / love is in bloom - archie remix (mlp)

blueroseangelshaven  asked:

Happy Birthday Teloka ^^ (or Happy Quite Early Birthday XD)

Thank you so much miss Darcy! ^_^ I don’t have a drawing for my birthday like I do for the others because I do those drawings as presents… so…

(hi res so you can actually see the earrings!)

Here’s some photos of the little spread I woke up to this morning! With a coffee and some adorably wrapped presents which, when unwrapped, were equally as adorable! (and equally as pink! Today is super pink wow! even my outfit is pink XD) They are very lovely, the bird earrings are so cute and I needed a new wallet really bad, and I always am doing cooking and cupcakes and have a lot of jewellery to clean.. these are very thoughtful gifts and I am very grateful! ^_^

Thank you again for your well wishes!!

anonymous asked:

How did you enjoy your Christmas?. What did you get for Christmas?

I got to enjoy my girlfriend’s beautiful company for Christmas and it was the best thing I could have received! ;0;

But some of the other things I got for Christmas included brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts and a delicate birdcage necklace from @the-picayune, an extremely sparkly pair of 60th Anniversary Minnie Mouse ears from @nerdyadventures, and a large pink coffee mug from my mum which formed a matching set she bought my girlfriend and I! I also got a really beautiful and thoughtful art project from miss Pi, which I think (and hope) she might post at one point, because it’s astounding and I was so moved and she put so much effort in!

We had a really nice time together. On Christmas Eve we made fancy hot chocolate and went looking at Christmas lights locally, we made a wreath, decorated the tree and the house together, and on Christmas day we made roast meats and vegetables and had a delicious and fancy dinner despite the Queensland summer heat and decorated gingerbread together. 

On boxing day we saw Moana at theatres (it released on boxing day here) and it was fantastic! All in all we had a really wonderful Christmas season together and I’m so happy that miss Pi and I got to share it with each other and with my mum as well! TUT <3