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discovering the mystery egg, incubating the embryo, hatching

I am so proud of him, and so amazed that an egg we found just abandoned from the wild on the doormat has actually come this far, and amounted to such an adorable little cutie pie. He’s so gosh darn photogenic!!

He imprinted on me when he hatched, as he leapt straight into my hands once he was free of the egg (as opposed to sleeping how he was supposed to!) and he is super cuddly and adorable. However he is very high maintenance already, and he wants attention 24/7. I am starting to run out of sleep, because he keeps us up at night by whinging and crying when I am not there holding him, and am very behind on work!

Sorry if you have tried contacting me this past week and I haven’t gotten back to you yet, it will happen soon, I promise!

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any of his progress as he grows. This is what the adult ducks look like, for anybody who doesn’t know them (probably everybody who isn’t Australian).

Just like the hatching post, some more information is available by clicking the pictures to load up the captioned versions!

Lots of love to everyone, thank you for your support along this adventure! It’s Good Friday here, Basil hatched out just in time for Easter.

Happy Easter Everybody!


Hi guys! I have something cute to update!

Two weeks ago we found an egg outside on a doormat, just sitting there, almost like a practical joke. I looked around for parent birds, and left the egg for a while to see if any birds would return to claim it; but none did. I took it for abandoned- something which happens if eggs are infertile or unwell, or if the motherbirds are not broody, or if something startles them away. It was an unusual spot to lay an egg that would hatch.

None the less, I couldn’t just leave it, so I took it in and nested it myself! After bringing it up to temperature, we made a very simple incubator for it. I truly expected it to be a sterile or otherwise infertile egg, as it was just sitting around, but I couldn’t take the chance incase something was inside and left alone!

And at day seven we candled it (shone a light through) and lo and behold, there was a circulatory system developing! Our eggie is fertilized!

We’re on day fourteen now, and although I haven’t managed to get a better photograph, the veins have spread across the entire inside of the egg, and the embryo inside (the small dark pink spot in the centre above) is now much bigger with a dark eye, and it wriggles and dances and kicks inside.

We have no idea what it is inside, but I strongly suspect a native Australian Wood Duck as we have quite a few of those around, and it’s growth/incubation time ratio suggests a duck rather than a chicken which is faster. But it could be anything from a peacock to a golden pheasant; we aren’t certain.

I didn’t want to update earlier until it all seemed to be going okay, and it still is. We aren’t sure if the egg will make it to hatching, and it could have been abandoned for a reason (genetic illness, sick inside, etc) that might impede it’s hatching or life.

But it is still something I wanted to share! We are all very excited about it, although I am trying not to get too attached too fast in case it goes badly in the next two weeks. If all goes well and it is a duckling inside, we expect the egg to hatch on the 21st of March after a 28 day incubation period. Just in time for Easter. ^_^

Much love everybody! <3

Happy Anniversary to my special boys! We’ve been through a few big events and fairly drastic changes this past year, and they’ve supportive and loving all the while, and I wanted to do a little something extra in return. It’s also been a long time since I’ve posted art of the family here, huh? As a bonus, this one comes with a music mix on 8tracks!

listen on 8tracks  |||  collide - howie day / sea of no cares - great big sea / in your light - gotye / must be the music - the summer set / moves like jagger - maroon 5 / stuck to you - hellogoodbye / give a little - hanson / love is in bloom - archie remix (mlp)

anonymous asked:

How did you enjoy your Christmas?. What did you get for Christmas?

I got to enjoy my girlfriend’s beautiful company for Christmas and it was the best thing I could have received! ;0;

But some of the other things I got for Christmas included brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts and a delicate birdcage necklace from @the-picayune, an extremely sparkly pair of 60th Anniversary Minnie Mouse ears from @nerdyadventures, and a large pink coffee mug from my mum which formed a matching set she bought my girlfriend and I! I also got a really beautiful and thoughtful art project from miss Pi, which I think (and hope) she might post at one point, because it’s astounding and I was so moved and she put so much effort in!

We had a really nice time together. On Christmas Eve we made fancy hot chocolate and went looking at Christmas lights locally, we made a wreath, decorated the tree and the house together, and on Christmas day we made roast meats and vegetables and had a delicious and fancy dinner despite the Queensland summer heat and decorated gingerbread together. 

On boxing day we saw Moana at theatres (it released on boxing day here) and it was fantastic! All in all we had a really wonderful Christmas season together and I’m so happy that miss Pi and I got to share it with each other and with my mum as well! TUT <3


Hi everybody! Updating on the little eggie!

These are some photographs from about a week ago. The top is an image of candling the egg at day 17 and a good shot of the circulatory systems growing inside. Underneath is the same photo but I drew over the top of it the rough size, shape, and silhouette that I saw just five days ago because I couldn’t get a photograph. It moved about, curled it’s “head” and waved it’s “wings” and stretched the “head” part further away from the body and back again rather rhythmically, and there is a beating heart visible!

It’s now day 25, and is basically impossible to see through the egg to see inside, because whatever is inside is so big and solid that the light won’t pass through. That’s good news though, because it means it is developing well! At this rate of development I am now almost certain it is a native Australian wood duckling.

Tomorrow we enter the “lock down” stage, which means I will no longer be hand-turning the egg 5 times a day, because the baby inside will want to move itself into it’s ideal hatching position. We also up the ventilation, and humidity, to help the baby bird learn to breathe, and then to hatch out and not stick to the membranes inside the egg.

Lock down lasts three days, so if all goes well the baby is due to hatch in about three or four days. We’re very excited here, but also very anxious, the stage is the hardest part for the hatchling!

Fingers crossed and I will keep you all updated! Thank you everybody for your support! Lots of love! <3


GUYS! It’s happening! It’s hatching!

Five days late and I haven’t slept properly for two nights, but it’s hatching! :D We expect a few hours to go now! For more specific updates, check the captions on each photo.

I’ve been so horribly anxious that it wasn’t going to make it, but from here chances are fairly good. Still not 100%, but fairly good! Will keep you posted!


So last night I hosted a rather epic Japanese Dinner night here at “Café Teloka” and invited a few friends up for a five course meal! It was great fun, and everybody had a wonderful time and enjoyed the food, despite a few serious-sceptics. Some of the ingredients were hard to find, but at the end of the day it was pretty awesome!

Everything was cooked and prepared by myself with some assistance from the family, especially near the end trying to get the mains all on the table hot at the same time! The menu consisted of…

Hand made Sushi rolls (pickled cucumber, egg and mayonnaise, California roll (with and without cucumber due to someone’s dislike) and a ginger garlic chilli lime chicken)

Kenchin-Jiru Soup which was served in those black glasses. Guests poured the soup from silver tea-pots into the glasses, and tiny cubes of vegetables, tiny rings of onion, miniature radishes and flowered-carrots which were in the bottom cooked and floated to the surface as the hot soup went on!

Tempura Prawns

Mains of Stir-Fried Vegetables, Chicken Nanban, two-day marinated Teriyaki Beef and Noodles

and Mochi Icecream which I made as miniature flowers instead of their normal shape and sliced Tamarinds for dessert.

All in all it was a great night and super fun! Lots of planning went into it and it was pretty exhausting, but I had a great time and so did everybody else. I’ll try to see if anyone got a photo of the outfit I was wearing too, I’ll add that in if it turns up.