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My photos from filming in Steveston on Wednesday are up on my Flickr! Here is the link.

They filmed 5 different scenes throughout the day. The afternoon consisted of a scene with just Josh; a scene with Ginnifer, Lana, Beverley Elliot, Raphael Sbarge, Tony Amendola, and Eric Keenleyside; and a solo scene with Ginnifer. The evening scenes were one with Robert and Jaime Murray; and a solo scene with Giles Matthey.

Feel free to use any or edit any, just please link back to my Flickr if you do!!


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Tyler and Josh: Happy Wheels Adventure

• okay we’re on a couch
• are they okay
• look at the agility
• dude get on the bed!! you have plenty of room!! i mean couch, we’re on a couch, we’re not laying on a bed in our underwear
• we’re actually at the pool with like three other chicks
• bike rides that are the worst for me personally are the ones where there’s arrows through my neck
• nice! keep going
• dude did you just burp
• yeah sorry
• ew dude that burp smells so bad
• what like pure red bull and passion?
• you got this sphen
• ~all of the OOHHHs~

Listen here pals,,, i luv rnm smut and angst as much as the next guy,, but hear me out,,we need more FLUFF we gotta let em cuddle man,, more rnm cuddling n holding hands n rick being an ass bc “romance is for LOSERS morty” but morty convincing him to go on a picnic with him anyways. Or rick takin morty out on a far away moon during a meteor shower n morty falling asleep against Rick’s chest. Rick kissing his forehead n carrying him back to the ship Just,,,, let them rest,,,,,

Until Dawn Sims 4 Adventures! - Part 2

*sigh* I have done the deed.

I swear, killing off Hannah and Beth in Sims 4 was hard. I’d really bonded with them. I’ve got them saved in another file, but for my main gameplay file - which is set in the aftermath of the events at Blackwood - obviously they couldn’t be around. Luckily I didn’t have to muck about allowing their needs to drop to zero - I cheated to get them out of the way. I was hoping to do the deed while Josh and the parents were in bed, but true to form Josh was up earlier than I expected - and he witnessed it.

The next couple of days were freakin’ awful as I tried to deal with Josh’s Very Sad moodlet. There’s a rather disturbing thing about continuity in Sims 4: if Sims don’t witness a death, they don’t get a moodlet or emotion associated with it, even if they knew the deceased. So Josh’s parents - and even Sam - were bright and chirpy even though they all had high relationships with the twins. Meanwhile Josh was wandering around looking totally miserable. Just because he witnessed the death. Ouch. Ouch ouch.

At least this meant Sam could comfort him.

The one consolation was that now with the twins out of the way, I was able to skip ahead in continuity to after the events of Until Dawn and Josh’s rehabilitation. From here on I’m going to play out my headcanons as to what happened to the kids afterwards.

Starting, of course, with Ashley and Chris’ wedding. This I imagine taking place about two years after Blackwood, so Josh is about 23 (my age!), Sam and Chris are 22 and Ashley is 21.

This would also be my first wedding in Sims 4 so I was nervous. But it went off without a hitch. Ba-dum chsh.

Well, OK, there was one hitch. I had not counted on BETH AND HANNAH’S FREAKIN’ GHOSTS SHOWING UP. 

Oh my god, only Sims could generate a scenario this bizarre.

So, while the ghosts of his sisters were scaring the pants off everybody downstairs, I managed to sneak away Josh and Sam for a little bit of heart-to-heart.

The ‘Kiss on Cheek’ interaction is one of my very favourites. But that’s not all they got up to.


(This again follows my private headcanon universe, which has Josh and Sam get together at Chris and Ashley’s wedding, after they’ve had time to heal and recover from the events at Blackwood.)

Also, Sims can make heart-shaped cookies when they’re in a ‘Flirty’ mood. I did not know this and I can barely describe how cute it is.

After the wedding, I moved Chris and Ash into a different house, far better suited to their needs… or what they will be. Because first comes love, then comes marriage…