#001 - 19 Feb 14
Something small. But i drew this on the footpath out the front of my house at 9.50pm at night.
Reason? I love finding small things in weird places that remind me that there’s a sub culture of wonderfully creative people that aren’t bound by social constraints.

Whilst lying on the footpath I had a cricket jump on me and I did the “oh crap is it still on me dance”.

People on my street probably think I’m weird.

Life experiment

From tomorrow onwards I’m going to try and introduce a break from constant monotony in my life.

Each day I’m going to try and do one thing completely random and out of my way to introduce a sense of adventure, randomness and fun in my life.

I’ll post a photo everyday of what I achieved.

Introducing more positivity into my life one small step at a time.

If anyone else wants to partake I’ll run it under the tag #adventurepix
Just post a picture of what you done and maybe a small explanation describing why it was special for you!