Attractions that almost happened, Fire Mountain. 

If there is one thing we disney fans love it’s our mountains, we got Space, Splash, and Thunder. But there was a time when we almost got another one, Fire Mountain.  Fire Mountain had it been built would have been the defining eticket experience for Adventureland here at the Magic Kingdom. Which unlike our Disneyland sister is missing an eticket that delivers on thrills due to us not having an Indy ride. So knowing this the company made a plan back in the 90′s to create a huge expansion for Adventureland here at Walt Disney World. One that would include this mythical mountain and some other elements that would please the Disney fan who sought adventure and thrills. 

Fire Mountain was to have been built in one of two locations in Adventureland between Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain. Or just south of Pirates of the Caribbean. Which would have had a new path built leading to the area, the effect of this would have altered the jungle cruise’s layout rerouting it. 

So what was the mountain going to consist of? The ride would have been a flying roller coaster. Which meant that guests would start the ride sitting down just as they would on an inverted roller coaster. But would then leaving the station the seats would swing back leaving the riders lying face down. For anyone who has ridden Manta at seaworld the concept is very similar in terms of the vehicle you’d be in. The ride have been themed to be an active, south seas volcano, with lava filled chasms, fiery explosions and smoky passageways. 

Beyond just the main Fire Mountain attraction there was to be a subland known as volcania. Which would feature other attractions such as the return of the beloved Nemo’s Nautilus as shown in the concept art above. But in a different context and moved to the more appropriate Adventureland. Lastly a Mysterious Island would have also been in the attraction line up for this land giving guests a place to explore. 

As for why this never came to be there is no real reason. However this is a concept I want to see return considering Adventureland here at the Magic Kingdom still could use a reinvigorating. So that concludes Fire Mountain, if you liked this post please hit that heart button or reblog, as always until next time!



Cinderella Castle Sunset! by Andrew Carter


Adventure awaits! by Leo deCandia
Via Flickr:
Entrance to Adventureland at Magic Kingdom