Crossroads of Thrilling Adventure!

I probably could have gone on forever including little Thrilling Adventure Hour in-jokes, but I didn’t want to overload the image. Had this design kicking around in my head for awhile, I sat down to work on it yesterday and was almost finished when Photoshop crashed. Of course, I hadn’t saved any of my work. (Why the hell doesn’t Photoshop autosave?)

Fortunately it was easier the second time since I knew what to avoid and how to speed up the process. Perspective remains my nemesis.

Calling all Adventurekateers!

Does anyone know who runs the tahfridgemagnetpoems Tumblr? I turned one of their workjuice-themed poems into a song, and I want to post it on YouTube and give them credit and all that good jazz, but their askbox is closed and there’s no identifying info on the blog itself.

This is a job for the Internet!

Edit: Damn, that was fast!

Captain Laserbeam: What evil lurks, my young chums? Did the Little Drummer Boy start another murderous merry marching society?
Adventurekateers: Worse!
Captain Laserbeam: Did the Street Magician conjure another belligerent boulevard or antagonistic avenue?
Adventurekateers: Worse!
Captain Laserbeam: Tell me Citizen 100 isn’t back to his old tricks trying to turn Apex City back into the colonial town he remembers so fiendishly fondishly?
Adventurekateers: Worse, Captain Laser Beam!
Captain Laserbeam: Well, what could be worse, Bethany?
Adventurekateer Bethany: The Diebrarian has returned to Apex City!
Captain Laserbeam: Leaping Laserbeams again, my fourth most dangerous foe!
Adventurekateer Bethany: Last time you tangled with him, he almost Dewey Decimated half the city.

From #130, Captain Laserbeam: Paperback Fighter. By the way, the Diebrarian’s henchmen were Late Fee and Paper Cut. I love the puns. Love ‘em. 

The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Captain Laserbeam "Waterfowl Play"
  • Todd:Maybe you should get some help on this one! Maybe, uh, team up with Dream Girl.
  • Captain Laserbeam:Dream Girl and I aren't teaming up so much anymore.
  • Todd:But you guys used to team up all the time.
  • Captain Laserbeam:And now we're not.
  • Todd:Why not? Why aren't you...?
  • Captain Laserbeam:We're just not, Todd!
  • Sasha:I heard that she's been teaming up with the Platonic Ideal.
  • Captain Laserbeam:Seriously?
  • Sasha:Yeah. Yeah.
  • Captain Laserbeam:Ok. Well.... Good for her.

30 Days of The Thrilling Adventure Hour! - Day Twenty: Adventurekateers!

You did it! You’ve been accepted as an Adventurekateer!  You got your pass into the Adventurekateer Clubhouse, your Adventurekateer T-shirt is freshly ironed and your mom signed the permission slip! (because you’re 12 again, sorry about that.)

Who is your Adventurekateer Best Friend? (aka, your favorite Adventurekateer?  Here’s a handy list at the TAH Wiki.)  What job do you have at the Adventurekateer Clubhouse?  What quirk of yours would drive Captain Laserbeam up the wall every time you met him?

(As an option, you can also answer today’s question as an Investigateen, if you’d like.)

The awesomest person of the day is danigi for creating today’s artwork.  Thank you Dani! <3


Great work danigi!

Alright Adventurekateers! What a great day it is to be inducted into such a prestigious team. I will try to give simple answers today if at all possible.

Who is your Adventurekateer Best Friend?

I really think I would get along with Dana the best. I’m an audio visual person, as a result I am significantly more talented with words than I am with numbers. I respect Dana for being such a whiz at math and feel that with our combined forces we could make the Adventurekateer Clubhouse run more efficiently. But that would involve me addressing…

What job do you have at the Adventurekateer Clubhouse?  

As I said, I am a bit of a wordsmith by trade and I love talking to people. So I suspect my job at Adventurekateer HQ would be in the recruitment and promotions department.  I love that the clubhouse has a very diverse and multi-talented range of good thinkers among its ranks.Keeping this spirit alive within the group is crucial to helping the Adventurekateers provide Captain Laserbeam the will power to break free from his enemy’s clutches or for the team to carry on in case of his untimely demise.

What quirk of yours would drive Captain Laserbeam up the wall every time you met him?

I ask too many questions. My professors during school often spoke of how numerous and frequent my questions would hold them up before class, and how they would sometimes hide in their offices when they saw me in the hall to avoid running late. It has improved over the years, but when I was younger it was a tad bit out of control. I can just picture Captain Laserbeam deducing who the villain of the day is and just before he leaves I would begin asking about the bad guy’s life story and motivations. He would give me a face that indicates that he’s kind of in a hurry, but I would just press on. I suspect if I became an Investigateen I would not have this problem. Phillip Fathom would just have to yell “My Parents Died At Sea!” and I would probably quiet down very quickly.

Hey there my fellow Thrilling Adventure Hour fans. A sad but hopeful little Adventurekateer has a question for you…

Do any of you have/know someone who has any TAH lapel pins other than the King of Coffee and “clink” ones, that they would be willing to part with in exchange for some digitally transferred value papers? Like the Adventurekateer symbol, Mars marshal badge, or anything else?

I live in stupid Australia so I have never been able to see a live show and buy show merch in person, and until a couple of months ago I never really thought to look at the online store. So I’ve missed out on all the goodies and I’m super upset because I love lapel pins like you wouldn’t believe and there have been so many cute TAH ones… D:

This is most likely a pointless call out, but hey, who knows; someone out there might be willing to part with old merchandise, and I won’t know unless I ask!



Salutations Adventurekateers! As promised, I’ve decided to lay out my plans for NaNoWriMo. I’m going to take a break from tv episodes to try and write a full screenplay. Now, I’ve had a lot of ideas floating around. As mentioned before, I was tempted to adapt The Future of Us by Jay Asher. However, this just isn’t feasible for me. Instead, I’m toying with two idea: One, an old screenplay I started a couple years ago, and an original idea. I haven’t decided yet, but my plan is to write both for a bit until I decide which is working. Hope to hear from you guys, and I hope you enjoy the final product!


For those of you swell souls generous enuf to follow my Instagram know that this year’s Comic Con was beyond the cat’s bananas for me.  Among my highlights was actually getting to walk around and chat a scoche with quite possibly my greatest living hero Paul F. Tompkins which was fairly ridiculous and I still don’t know what bus fulla orphans I unknowingly saved to earn the privilege of doing so.

Paul was there to represent the Thrilling Adventure Hour's World Domination Tour ('cause let's face it, combining THA with SDCC was as overdue as combining Jesus and Cobra Commander which never existed until that very special anniversary episode of The Golden Girls) and I made him the attached fanartisms to thank him for everything The Doyles mean to me.  There isn't a Thrilling Adventure Hour alive that I wouldn't clink to, and the San Diego show was among the clinkiest!

Hey adventurekateers,
I know I haven’t posted here in a while and I’m sorry
I’m going to start posting regularly and I’m thinking of opening my submission box so people could submit their stuff. Let me know what you think, thanks :)


Greetings Adventurekateers!

It’s been a few months since we did a welcome post, so we thought it was time to dust off ‘ol welcome mat and give everyone a refresher.

We are fyeahthrillingadventurehour, and we’re a blog run by Adventurekateers for Adventurekateers.  We do our best to bring you all the news from TAH and those that write and star in it, as well as some of the best stuff that gets posted on tumblr, twitter or wherever else on the internet.  The official TAH blog is here: workjuice.  You should probably follow that, as well!

We wanted to point a few things out to help you more easily find the cool things the TAH fandom has to offer.  

Here on the actual FYTAH blog, if you open the page, we have a gold bar at the top of the blog with some pages of helpful links.

  • The official links page will help you navigate to all the official TAH content on the web.  The TAH twitter, the website, Facebook, merchandise, etc. The page also contains links where you can find Workjuice players in social media. At the bottom are some cool extras  where you can actually see TAH performed a little bit online, and official videos. 
  • We also have a page of fan works.  Here you will find links to things like TAH Fanfic, 8-tracks and other TAH-related blogs.  If you run an active TAH fan blog (as in, solely dedicated to TAH and no personal posts or non-TAH related posts), or think we’ve missed something, feel free to submit to be listed here. Please also note that we only link to blogs who properly source their content when applicable.  If you are a fan artist, please feel free to submit a link to a tag with your TAH fan works, as well!
  • We also have a tags page. Most  FYTAH content has been extensively tagged, and most of those tags can be found on the tags page, so feel free to use that tag page to find TAH content posted on tumblr!  
  • If you’re still wondering what’s up with TAH in 2015, check out this post!

There are a couple of other important things we’d like to make sure you know about…

  • We have an extensive Thrilling Adventure Hour Wiki!  Just about any information you’d like to know about TAH can be found there!  If you enjoy wiki editing, please feel free to read the How to Contribute section, then jump on in and help!  
  • Two important pages on the wiki we’d like to point out real quick: If you’re new to TAH, please read over the New Listener FAQ for important information and help orienting you to the show.  If you’re going through the show for the first time, please check out the Sparks Nevada Universe Continuity Guide to help get you through Sparks Nevada by not missing any episodes (there are several not labeled as Sparks Nevada episodes) and in the right order (there are several out of continuity for various reasons.)

Okay one last link….

  • If you haven’t seen it yet, last year TAH released a 7-part Documentary Web Series.  It’s really excellent,and for those of you just getting into the show, will definitely help orient you to what’s going on!

We are super friendly and happy to share our knowledge about TAH, answer any questions, or help out however we can.  Please feel free to ask us questions, or post in the “thrilling adventure hour" tag, as it’s used more than the "the thrilling adventure hour" tag, someone will answer you.  

Please note that we do not publish every ask we receive, we generally only publish asks that we feel are helpful, or we fell the majority of our followers would find interesting.  We’ve gotten a lot of submissions lately like general observations which are things that should be posted on personal blogs and tagged in the TAH tags. Some of these are sometimes reblogged here. Thanks!

If you’ve been an Adventurekateer awhile, please jump in, say hi and help the new Adventurekateers out when you see them!  Thanks!  :) 

Sayonara, solid citizens!