Bubble’s sort of almost kinda contest?

There was a huge majority (every single person who voted) of people who wanted to do the adventure into the Everfree Forest! So… that’s whats gonna happen.  I need one of each type of pony, and one of another type so they can be included as well.  This extra type be a deer or a gryphon or an alicorn or whatever.  They will be chibified when they are with bubble in the forest.

The story that forms while they are traveling will depend very heavily on the questions I get from followers and the reactions from the included ponies.  Therefore, the ones that are included will need to be able to send asks that are related to the story to be able to remain in it.  If you are a canon character, that is fine you can be in it as well c:


  1. Reblogs count as entries, Likes only count if you had reblogged.
  2. You must reblog with the type of pony you wish to have adventure with bubble.  That includes, Earth pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Other.  This is important. Thats why its bolded.  If you reblog it and you are chosen, but do not have the type in the post, I will choose again.
  3. No whining if you don’t win :c Please.
  4. If you do win, I will need to be able to be contacted while this little event is going on c: I might even make a skype group if all parties are okay with it so we can keep in contact.
  5. This ends sometime Friday or Saturday, depending on the time I cam stream, and I will stream the finished drawing above with the ponies that are included.
  6. This is only for my followers, but if you would rather reblog elsewhere, please indicate it in the reblog who you are so I don’t skip over you on accident c:
  7. No reblog blogs :C! thank you.
  8. Have fun reblogging :D I’m super excited for this and I hope you are too!

Things like drawing responses are not required.  I just need there to be a ref of your pony and a small description of how they would react to getting lost in a forest with bubble.  You can also forfeit your win to a friend if you suddenly realize you don’t wish to participate c: so long as they follow me.

:D Yeah, there ya go.  I’ll reblog this every day as a reminder to those who wish to participate.  If you have no desire to see this post on your dash, it will be tagged as “AdventureBubbleTime”

c: Yeah <3 Enjoy.