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So last Tuesday night I finally decided what to cosplay for the Adventure Zone live show at comic con on last Friday night. Three days and thirty dollars later I present my void fish costume feat. rolling duck buddy. I am so glad I was able to make it in time for the amazing show!! Everyone there was so cool and seeing the boys in the flesh was everything I hoped for. 

It has been a while since any project on this scale came together with so few hitches and I am really proud of how it turned out!

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Hey friendly reminder to everyone that Jenkins is the only character to have such a bad roll that he died

Griffin: Uh, and he points his wand at the meat monster and a bolt of fiery flame shoots out of it. Uhhh,

[rolls dice]

Griffin: And he rolled a 2. And uh, misses the meat monster by a country mile!

[Travis and Justin laughing hard]

Taako: The worst!

Griffin: Uhh, and uh, with that, it’s back to the top of the order! [laughing] Uh, which is, the meat monster [Justin laughing hard]. Which, uh, trudges over to Jenkins, uh, picks him up by the throat, and throws him off the back of the, uh, open caboose door. And Jenkins… [rolls dice, scoffs] rolls an 8 on his dexterity saving throw. And you don’t see Jenkins anymore, he is gone, he has been deposited out of the back of the train. You hear him go:

Jenkins: Smell ya laterrrrrrrrrrrr~~~

Taako was right; Jenkins was such a shitty wizard that he died from his own bad rolls.

Guys it was AMAZING. I’ve never seen the brothers in person, live, in the flesh, right before me. I had no clue I’d be in the front row but, since I’m so short, they put my friend and I in the very front row right where the camera facing Chris Hardwick is. RIGHT NEXT TO THE BROTHER’S PODIUMS. LIKE, WHAT?!?

A few things I noticed right away when they first arrived on the stage:

  • Travis’ beard really is darker in person! I was surprised! (Also his nails were a sparkly blue, much akin to the ocean. I was hypnotized).
  • Griffin’s skin is LITERALLY BABY SOFT? I mean, the man doesn’t even know what pores ARE. He has the smoothest skin I’ve ever seen on a human.
  • Justin is Justin, he’s exactly how I pictured him to be and he’s a beautiful man. Gotta love him!

They also did this whole bit on a video of a dancing guy in a Spiderman costume that didn’t make it into the episode, but it was FUCKING HILARIOUS.

Pretty much everybody in the crowd were fans of the brothers so, as you can imagine, when they stepped out onto the stage, everybody went WILD! Yelling, shouting, laughing, whooping, hollering, clapping, the whole nine. The boys were so genuinely happy and waved to people in the audience (Travis and Griffin made eye contact with me a few times so, wow?). Also, I may have shed a few tears when the brothers arrived. Of happiness, of course. These guys have seriously changed my life.

Literally the whole entire thing was so surreal. It was also my first live-taping of a show EVER, and I’m so grateful that my first live-taping experience was for a show featuring The McElroys. 

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TAZ Modern Day/Youtuber AU

ok one (1) person told me to talk more about me and @weshouldfondue​‘s TAZ Youtuber AU that we screamed about for like an hour so here we go

  • Taako ran a VERY successful high energy cooking show on YT, Sazed was his assistant/editor and it was a long-running series. Sazed, angry that he was denied the chance to become Taako’s partner, starts insane drama and false accusations/fake screenshots about Taako which blow up all over the internet into a huge drama scandal. Taako, unable to handle all the hate and unable to let his voice be heard, deletes his videos and goes completely off the face of the internet. It’s nearly impossible to find ANY footage of his cooking show online
  • Magnus runs a carpentry/DIY channel. It’s very high-quality, chill music, detailed slow-mo shots of his work, a calming, informative series. Julia appears on a few episodes/helps with camera work/editor!
  • Merle runs a weird beekeeping/gardening/nature channel, pretty okay quality with whatever the first royalty-free music he could find. His highest videos have millions of views but he has like 3K subscribers because his weird videos get put in people’s recommendations and all of the comments are like “it’s 3 am why am I watching a dwarf prune a bush”
  • Lucretia runs an ASMR-like calligraphy channel. Posts infrequently and I can imagine she keeps to herself even while online. 
  • Barry does CodysLab types of weird science experiments that are creepy but oddly charming
  • Lup runs a fashion/daily vlog/makeup tutorial channel , but makes appearances on Barry’s channel often as the kind of Adam Savage in Mythbusters personality. Lots of explosions. Lots of fire. She winds up being the favorite.
  • Davenport owns the network they all belong to

Additional NPCs

  • Kravitz owns a taxidermy/animal skull/bug collection youtube videos. 
  • Carey and Killian own a workout/fitness/lifting channel together.