Fashion for Princess Bubblegum with feminine things!
Requested by: anonymous

Pink Ruffle Dress! $35.99 for this sweet, casual dress!
Pink Bowtie Dress! $21.99 - $29.99 (depending on the size) for this fancier, cutesy dress!
Pink Petticoat! $9.99 - $14.99 (depending on the size and colour) for this 26in. underskirt that will give any dress you wear a little more poof!
Chocolate Molecule (Theobromine) Necklace! $9.99 for a subtle, sciencey way to show your love for candy!
Pink Labcoat! $25.99 for this baby pink lab wear!
Beaker Earrings! $9.50 for these adorable smiley earrings!
Pink Atom Bracelet! $15 for this fashionable and subtly scientific bracelet!
Crown Hairbow! $8.09 for an adorable bow to bring you back to your kin roots!
Pink CaNdY Hat! $5.25 for this baby pink sweet and sciencey baseball cap!