All the adventure time references and cameos i know

Inside Cartoon Network:


On the episode ‘’Where the wild Chads are?’’ It seems like Chad is watching something interesting

On ‘’Benson’s sleepover’’, a small Jake plush appears on the shelf

Black hat Finn poster on a wall on the Clarence episode ‘’Attack the block party’’ (thank you @mewberty for telling me :D)

-We bare bears:

On ‘’My clique’’,guess what is Chloe Park watching on TV

-Uncle grandpa:

On the Steven universe and UG crossover episode appears a Finn mention just above Steven’s name on UG’s list.

Out of Cartoon Network:

‘’Adventure time’’ mention on a pannel of the Bravest warriors comic issue 22

A small Jake plush(i want to think so) is falling on the Bravest warriors Holo John special (2015)

A kid is cosplaying Finn on the South park episode ‘’A nightmare of facetime’’

Finn and Jake appear fettered on the Futurama episode ‘’Leela and the genestalk’’

The simpsons parodied Adventure time on the new episode couch gag ‘’Monty Burns’’ 

But actually they had parodied it before on the Halloween special ‘’the treehouse of horrors 2014′’

And finally, the most controversial.This is my interpretation so it is very possible that i am wrong.

On the Cleveland Show episode ‘’hot cocoa bang bang’’ the family visits the San Diego comic con.On one scene we can see a character that reminds me a lot of Adam Muto wearing a Jake the dog T-shirt. 

That was all,friends. If someone has more references, please add them to the pile.Thank you! <3


What time is it? SKAventure Time!!

(Adventure Time parodies of album covers from ska bands Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sublime)

Bubblee you’re all right

Finceline you’re okay

Flinn could have turned out better

All of the AT ships are pretty all right but


You look like a lot of fun


And that is how I know

Hey Princess did you really think

You could fool me into believing that line?

In the episode of Goliad

You had a good grip on using human DNA



Really wanted to

Really wanted to

Really wanted tooooooooo

Guys, what if Lapis and Steven turn out like Marceline and Ice King?

Lapis: Steven, I can feel myself loosing control,

Malachite is taking her toll.

I know you can see me in your dreams,

And I’m afraid it’s exactly how it seems.

Malachite is keeping Jasper 

Steven: Away, but she’s getting closer,

to being insane, and I gotta grasp’er

Please forgive me for what the Gems do,

When we loose you.



A new shitty parody video by me and my guest Illustrator Dane Georges! Check it out! It’s the longest So This is Basically yet! :D

I'm Too Famous/Shameless ft. Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time Parody)
I'm Too Famous/Shameless ft. Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time Parody)

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Cover Up


I can’t help it if I point out things
That are wrong, with the world you’re creating
I’m using words and manipulation
When I propose a question, you get so retracted
You’ve got a pair of eyes that i’m getting scared of,
I’ve tried to hard to show you all my love
But it’s now fake like a stage magician,
When we met, it was, much more fun to be myself
Everybody needs a friend,
And i’ve got no one else left
So little, but I don’t blame them
Can you see that? I’m too shameless.
Haven’t you noticed how I look at you?
I thought we had it all, our hearts were burning
Haven’t you noticed all i’ve lost so far?

Now, everyone can see me hurting  
The storm that’s coming, yes its calling
Now, everyone can see me falling  

(someone requested this :)  )