AMG LIEK OKAY IGNORE THIS IF YOU WANT IM JUST EXCITED !! So I never buy the cash shop items/rigs on gaia but there was this adventure time faces item that was so cute and and so like i caved and bought one AND i won’t lie i prayed to God first LOL hey he listens to even the most small/weird things! & OMG AHHH when i opened it a chorus of angels all sang in perfect harmony and sparkles oh it was very desu and i was just like WAO it was the item! i just can’t even….im so excited over pixels i never AHH ILY GUYS. i just have so much love right now YEAHH! teeheehee sorry for trolling i just it’s like a CINDERELLA STORY and i want to share happy wishes with everyoneee may all your dreams come true no matter how small ahahaha also what is grammar/proper sentence structure teeheee