New Releases: Adventure Time - Fionna & Cake

It’s up to Fionna and Cake to save the day from the Ice Queen, hopefully with the help of her friends Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee, this adventure will be a peace of cake. Ice Queen is creating havoc again when she decides to try out some of her wicked cool ice magic on some poor Fire Lions. Fionna and Cake to the rescue, only they might be too late for their fiery prince. [Softcover, 160 pages]

Available now for $19.99 @MyComicShop

“Jake the Badass, Finn the Rebel”

Sketches I made concerning more AT fan art.
I couldn’t decide which edit to pick, so I uploaded both.
Just don’t have a misunderstanding with Jake’s arm one of Finn’s right trail
Can’t decide whether to blacken it with black coloring pencil, or just a pen.

Finn and Jake belong to Pendleton Ward :D