Personalize Your Own Winx Book (Germany)!

Perhaps knows one or the other of you have There is a page on you can bring out your own personalized books and as of now there is also Winx Club!
And umbedingt read to the end, because there is still a draw! : D How do already described above can be created on the page own book by itself designed as a Winx Fairy and experienced along with the six fairies an adventure. The story is called “The Legend of Eraklyon”!

Together with the Winx Club are makes your girls on an important mission to Eraklyon. Will they create the evil spell of the Trix sisters to break down and to protect the magical worlds? And what role does the lion monster? Adjust the main character as well as other details such as place of residence, date of birth and lucky charms easily online at.

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LA Night 5// Woman Crush Wednesday

I really don’t know where to begin. I think i will just start out by once again thanking alltimeswiftie for being so kindhearted and loving. Without you, last night would not have happened and I will always be so grateful…..beyond grateful….for the beautiful act of kindness you blessed me with. Thank you so much Jamie. The world needs more people like you.

Basically….I held one of the biggest secrets of my life for about a week. Around Thursday, Taylor Nation reached out to me and called me Tuesday basically as the arena doors were opening saying “Taylor is SO excited to see you!” I only told a few of my closest friends and my mom and cousin…..and the Lady at Jamba Juice who was handing me my smoothie as i was crying on Thursday, seconds after getting the message. (I’m just gonna breeze through this part because i don’t know how much I’m allowed to tell.

ANYWAY… i originally had PIT 1 tickets (again thank you so much alltimeswiftie) but when I picked up my ticket from the Box Office, my ticket said BSTAGE and i was beyond confused?????? But completely okay with this type of confusion????? i didn’t dwell on it too much. Then I met up with its-a-swiftie-metafour, twopaperairplanenecklaces (who gave me the shirt and socks to give to Taylor….AKA some type of Mission Impossible-type shit) and the lovely bitch herself swifternet…..what a time that was. Love you guys so much.

Doors open and I get to the meeting place ASAP. I’m in line when i spot Grace Helbig in line as well. I freak out a little because she’s hilarious af but i didn’t want to bother her so I watched from afar lol. I also stood in line in front of Siedah Garrett (one of Michael Jackson’s former co-writers. I had the most amazing conversation with her, her Manager, and Scott Swift (who soon came out to say ‘hi” to everyone and give out guitar picks. I absorbed so much from the conversation we had about the music industry and all of the problems with it and how hard Taylor is working to make it better for every artist who is just trying to do what they love. He also started talking about how excited Taylor is about the tracks she’s thinking about for the next album and how much she loves the process of making something new. “She can’t stop…she doesn’t want to” is what he said when we started to talk about how she only has one more album left.Then he talked about stocks and my mind drifted because……numbers….when do I ever like to talk about numbers?

So after a few minutes he looks me up and down, smiles then says “You’re so tall Taylor is really going to love you”. I smiled back and said “Thank you” then we got a picture together and soon enough I was in the Loft 89 area. 

Fruits and pizza were on the tables, the photobooth was accessible but literally all i did was talk to Siedah about her shoes and watch the clips on the flat screen about 94 times while i tried to figure out why i was so surprisingly calm and composed?????? just chillin on the couch surrounded by label people and what not……and here i am….some heaux from Tumblr…..alright.

Finally a woman comes inside and tells us that Taylor will be coming in and will talk to each of us and take a picture. It still hasn’t set in. SOOOOOOOOOO Taylor walks in, followed by Andrea a few moments later and she legit like BURST through the room “HEY GUYS!!” and i knew from that moment i was not gonna make it….i started looking around for the nearest exit right at that second but she was standing in front of it so i was screwed.

blah blah blah blah she meets everyone in front of me

i try to ease my way towards the far corner of the room before she can get to me

im backing up, looking backwards

then i hear it

“Oh my God you’re gorgeous!”

i look up and she’s standing legit right in my face i couldn’t process shit her eyes were so blue i couldn’t

“Wh-what what thank you so much what”….literally all i could spit out…i take another step back but she keeps getting closer to me lmfao 

“I didn’t know you were like a model??!!!” 

“You’re a model please Taylor”

“You’re so stunning and striking”

then i took another step back and ran into the table behind me and she reaches out to help me and is like “Hahahaha I do that all the time” then we both look at the table and she’s all “This table is so dangerous…but i love it so much it’s so….” then we said “chic” at the same time (LOL) then we literally spend a solid two minutes talking about a table that clearly has something against tall women yet is far too aesthetically pleasing to get rid of.

Then she’s like “Oh my God Kimani I am soooo happy you’re here tonight the show is going to be insaaaaaane”

“Taylor come on, you already killed me last night, we can’t take anymore of this”

“Well if you couldn’t handle last night then you’re really not going to make it tonight. I. AM. SO. EXCITED”

“…..this is honestly completely disrespectful Taylor”

“I think it’s disrespectful that i’ve had to keep this a secret from you guys for so long”

“Please stop”

then we both laugh and everyone in the room looks at us because tbh our laughs sound almost alike and in that moment i felt like i was just talking to an old friend i hadn’t seen in a while

“Where are you at tonight? I want to make sure you’re at the front of the house” then she turns to her assistant (i think???) and is like “Is she at the front of the house?” and the lady says “Yeah she was already moved” then Taylor “Great because you HAVE to see this” then i just smiled at her and was like “thank you” 

then i like frantically waved my hands in the air and im like “WAIT WAIT WAIT SWIFT how much do you know????” she just starts laughing again and im looking at her like

finally she’s like “Oh I know A LOT” and i just start shaking my head. Then i ask her if Calvin knows anything and she starts thinking and she’s like 

“Well….he knows *i love your blog a lot….but he doesn’t know YOU” then she starts to chuckle and im all “Oh God”

“Actually i wanted to make sure Calvin i standing right next to you tonight” AND THIS LITTLE I CAN’T EVEN SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING SHE STARTS CHUCKLING AND DOING THAT SMIRK THING AND IMLIKE 


“He won’t know hahahahahaha”

now im like freaking out like shit this woman is actually trying to kill me tonight she legit has it out for me 

then i remember the things Lia gave me and im like “Oh! speaking of…..i come baring gifts…this is from Lia and pretty much the rest of the tayvin squad” 

so i pull out the socks and she’s like “Oh my God….a cat and a poptart….two of my favorite things”

then i pull out the shirt and im like “now this one i’ll let you open for yourself i don’t know…”

so she unfolds the shirt and reads it

and her eyes get HUGE and she loooks sooooooo excited like when she does this thing

 and she’s like “OH MY GOD YES YES YES THIS YES THANK YOU” and she was soooo stoked about that damn shirt i couldn’t help but laugh and she’s like “this is so great” then she looks at me and she’s like Im supposed to sign something right” and she gets the picture and signs it “KIMANI”

started from the bottom


now we’re here


and she’s like chuckling while she’s signing it and she’s like “this is probably the creepiest signing ever” and I start laughing too and im like “Well you’re not wrong”

then we take the pictures (she took the fighting one with me pulling her hair to help me win a bet with my cousin……she was like “oh my god here, pull my hair” and she just handed me a chunk of her hair????? lol) then she’s like okay let’s take one like we’re obsessed with each other too

after the pictures she’s like “Im sooo glad you’re here Kimani tonight it going to be great” and im like “thank you for everything Taylor” and we hug again and she smiles at me and says “thank you” and keeps going

and that was when i realized everyone in the room was watching us the whole tiime

it was amazing.

then i asked a woman there if we had to go to our seats and she was like “No, Taylor wants you to stick around for the backstage tour” i shat myself.

Austin was standing in front of me talking to some guys and i would be lying if i said i wasn’t checking him out tbh baby boy is a YES

Before we go on the tour, actually, Austin was heading out and he sees me and he like….introduces himself to me like “Hey I’m Asutin” and i’m like “Hi, I’m Kimani” and he just smiled at me and we took a picture then he told me to have a good night and that my friends is how you actually get the girl… step closer

So we go on the tour and Andrea shows us around and tells us about how she and Taylor came up with the stage design while sitting around drawing (and eating???) during the planning process and how the huge monitor that shows all of the visuals is one of the biggest flat screen in the world (fun fact kids)

then at one point Andrea was walking next to me and she rubs my arm and moves her arm around my waist and hold me while she walks and she looks up at me while we’re walking and says “you are so gorgeously tall” and i smile back at her and say “thank you so much, you’re honestly the best” and we were just walking and smiling at each other and that was just the most amazing and warm feeling ever. Mama Swift is legititmately a batch of freshly baked cookies i love her so much i will always love this woman with all my heart.

the tour ends and i hug her. i tell her thank you for her strength and support and just….everything. she thanks me for supporting Taylor so much. We take a picture and she hugs me one more time before leaving.

I go to the B-Stage and watch literally every fucking celebrity in the world pack into the sound booth. 

I’m getting lazy now so im just gonna list characters and what occurred with each of them

Burns: Made eye-contact. looked me up and down. noticed his beard is a lot thicker in person. he leaves the sound booth. we legit had a stare down it was great

Jack Antonoff: Thanked him for making such an incredible album and how Wake Me is one of my favorite songs ever. took a picture

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: didn’t take a picture but i told him his character on Modern Family (Mitchell) is my Mom’s favorite and he laughed and said thanks

Serayah and her squad kept looking at me at some points so i avoided looking back because that was intimidating

Jamie is beautiful

Charlie was in his own world during Love Story and when i turned around he was right behind me so i asked him for a picture and he was like “ME???” and i laughed and was like “YES YOU!” and looked like an excited little kid stg he is so adorable. he took the picture and he was so happy then him and the guy next to him were like “we were all just back here watching you!” and then i look behind them and Calvin was looking straight at me and i was like FUCK so I like apologized to Charlie and the guy and they were like “No no no we love watching you dance” and then i was like okay it’s time to turn around now Love Story is too much of a jam to miss.

Everytime i turned around i could see Calvin perfectly because of my heels and he was always either watching Taylor really intently or whispering to Burns…and when Taylor was closest to the B-stage his dorky ass would just be standing there smiling… was magical…i was in a Tayvin sandwhich. When she was talking about illuminating everyone in the crowd she looked right at him and mimicked his accent a little and was like “yeaaah??” and she smiled at him and i could hear him laughing behind me. it was like one of those things where there were literally thousands of people in that arena but these dorks were pulling out inside jokes in the middle of a performance i was so offended @ Tayvin i want in……rude.

she pointed to the crowd during IKP and i thought that was so beautiful of her because honestly for us it really is always her and no matter what, for her, it’s always us.

she mouthed “I love you” to him while leaning in forward on the balcony situation thingy before Clean though and did a little wave to him while she mouthed it after she talked about feeling okay with yourself no matter what other people say about you and at that point i was liquid.

everyone was exiting and i finally just waved at him…no more beating around the bush. i didn’t even ask for a picture, i just waved. then he waved back and almost ran into Andrea and i was like “shit that’s your fault Kimani” but he just put her hand on her back and let her go in front of him and she smiled and patted his cheek super sweetly and was like “thank you” and he looked down with his hand still on her back guiding her and smiled at her and in my head i was like GIRL IF YOU DON’T KEEP THIS MAN I AM SUING OH MY GOD

then i went home

never cried

i was completely calm the entire night except for during the performances

Taylor Swift made sure i had the time of my life

and i did

thank you for EVERYTHING Taylor

(*) reworded to avoid chaos

Our Jared Padalecki MinnCon2015 Photo Op

climbthatmooselikeatree purchased a Jared Padalecki photo op with the intention of having him be the meat in our fangirl sandwich. Needless to say, that didn’t happen, but not because he wouldn’t go for it, because we all know he would.

After the season 10 gag reel was leaked, we came up with the idea to make a small banner that read Sam FUCKING Winchester as well as making beanies with the Always Keep Fighting logo I got from his Facebook page. I also decided to add to my stress by taking in and printing letters to Jared regarding the AFK campaign.

Banner: Check
Beanie: Check
Letters: Check

Now all that we needed was to calm the hell down.

So we’re standing in line and I’ve put my letters on the table (I had previously talked with Clif and he said he’d make sure Jared got them), and proceeded to shuffle through the room. Jared was glorious. His hair was shining in the crappy lighting and he wouldn’t stop smiling. About ½ way up, climbthatmooselikeatree bent over at the waist, just taking a minute to be by herself before her life changed. I rubbed her back and Clif looked on with a concerned look. When he came over, I assured him she was ok and we made small talk until we were almost to the front of the line.

By this time, I could hardly breathe and my chest was all warm and I was clutching the beanie I wanted to ask if he would wear in our photo and the banner so hard my hands were starting to hurt (I have carpal tunnel).

It’s finally our turn and I look up into his very very kind eyes and hold out the hat. “Will you wear it?”

His eyes light up and sparkle and his mouth does that hanging open thing for half a heartbeat before he grabbed it and said, “hell yeah, I’ll wear it.” Dude… my heart skipped a beat.

“You can keep it if you want.” I know there are strict rules about gifts and if he had said he couldn’t keep it, I would have mailed it, but I thought what the hell.

“Of course I’ll keep it.” He literally slammed the hat on his head faster than I’ve seen him do anything in the past 15 years.

So we’re standing in front of the camera and we unfold the banner. After the camera flashed, he wanted to know what the banner said, so Tara flipped it up.

He made this awww hell yeah face. “Sam Fucking Winchester. That’s on the gag reel.”

“Yeah, we know.”

He handed the beanie to his handler and we floated out of the room (after I gave the letters to Clif). At this time, we’re clutching to each other and giggling like school girls.

“why do you still love narusasu after all these years”

listen asshole:

  1. (a lot of reasons that dont actually matter)
  2. in the 7th grade i drew narusasu fanart and wrote a letter expressing how much i love naruto and sasuke and sent both to the people at shonen jump magazine and eventually the fanart was seriously published in shonen jump and i really dont want to regret it


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened in 1910, and was intended to house 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. But a tuberculosis outbreak hit Jefferson County soon afterward, spurring construction of an expanded hospital, one that could hold over 400 patients. Once the antibiotic used to prevent tuberculosis was invented, there was little need for the hospital, and it closed in 1962. While urban legend holds that over 63,000 people died at the sanatorium during the time it was in operation, average death rates for the hospital suggest the total number would be closer to 8,212. Still, the sanatorium has gained a reputation for being one of the most,  if not the most,  haunted places in the United States. The building offers tours and opportunities for paranormal investigation, and there are numerous pictures of apparent paranormal phenomena to be found on a quick internet search, if you are so inclined.

Article -

I participated to wander-lily contest and I won! If anyone is interested, this is the story I submitted:

January 24 2014, 10 :30
My cousin Simon and I arrived at the Appalachia parking on Route 2, NH. We’ve heard that the King Ravine Trail was one of the hardest hiking trails of the Northeast. So the plan was to climb by the ravine, get to the summit of Mount Adams and reach the Crag Camp cabin for the night.
By the time we ate a small lunch and got our packs ready, it was already 11:00 when we made our first steps on the trail.
At 15:30 we arrived at the bottom of the ravine. It looked quite steep from there. I wasn’t sure it was such a good idea anymore. Even under normal conditions it would be a challenging route. The fact that the rocks were covered by ice and snow and that I had 35 pounds of gear on my back would make it even more challenging. But I was there, I wouldn’t turn back without even trying.
The ascension went well, but it took us a tremendous amount of time to reach the top of the ravine. Once we did, it already has been two hours since the darkness had fallen. The sky was astonishing, the number of shooting stars I saw that night is unbelievable.   We decided that it would be wiser to go straight to Crag Camp and summit Mount Adams the next day.
But everything began to go awry. It was cold, very cold (-19 °F). The intensity of the beam of light coming from my headlamp was diminishing at an alarming rate. The extreme cold was depleting the batteries. It was hard to navigate above tree line without much light. The strong winds, shooting small ice particles straight into my eyes was making it even more difficult. I had goggles but wearing heavily tinted glasses in the dark is not very different than being completely blind.
At some point, we realized that we must have missed the way down to Crag Camp. We’ve been walking for way too long. We turned around. After a few minutes, our tracks had completely vanished because of the drifting snow. I had to admit that I had no idea of where we were. We were lost.
I tried to use my GPS but it wasn’t functioning properly because of the cold. The north was always changing direction, it wasn’t making any sense. The batteries from my headlamp died. I tried to change them but after fiddling around gloveless with my GPS for too long, my hands were now frozen and uncoordinated. I accidently dropped the new batteries in the snow and couldn’t manage to find all of them.
We were extremely tired and hungry and we couldn’t find a route that would be safe enough to go down in the dark. We didn’t had much choices, we found a spot where the wind seemed to be slightly less strong, dug a hole in the snow and waited for the daybreak.

January 25
I couldn’t sleep. The falling snow was covering me very quickly and I had to remove it at every hours. I was afraid that if I fell asleep, I would be buried alive and I would suffocate from the lack of oxygen.
After what seemed to be an eternity, the sun finally rose! My confidence had come back.  In the daylight, it will not be long to figure out where we are and find a route to get down. But I was wrong, the worst had yet to come.
After traversing the small valley between mounts Adams Four and Sam Adams, we lost the relative protection from the wind that we had. The winds were a lot stronger than the day before. I’ve never seen something like that. It was impossible to stand for more than a few seconds. Every gust was projecting me violently either on big rocks or on the rugged ground. 
It took us three hours to cover a distance of only 2 miles. By the time we arrived completely exhausted at Crag Camp, my body was covered by bruises and cuts. My jacket, pants and mittens were all ripped. I can’t believe we didn’t get more seriously injured. We took a two hours break and we continued our way down to the parking lot.

After this experience, I told myself that it was enough. It wasn’t worth it to take such risks. But the feeling didn’t last for very long. A few weeks later, I was standing on the snowy summit of Mount Washington, contemplating the sunset, not even concerned about the fact that I would have to go down in the dark.

Working on the front cover of my college sketchbook. They told us to express ourselves so I’m layering on my personality as thick as I can 😂

Aria’s Story [DEMO]

We have finished the demo! (*^▽^*)
I’m very grateful to all the members of the team and the people who supports this project, thank you!


Spanish Version
English Version

((Special thanks to pakilusin for the english translation and for the pretty art of this post!))

Hope you enjoy the demo! Let me know if there’s any error!
Thank you so much! We will keep working hard! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Aria’s Story is a horror RPG game that is currently in development. The game is focused on exploration, story and puzzles.

“Aria is a bookworm who loves adventure stories and always spends her free time in the library. One day she falls asleep while reading a book and when she wakes up the library is closed. Believing that they forgot to wake her up, she tries to find a way out… In that moment she becomes the protagonist of her own story.”