Enjoying charting the progress of the adventure playground movement through to it’s latest incarnation in ‘Tinkering Schools’ where children build, design and invent their environments and the things they need.

It’s much harder for kids to ‘make their own fun’ these days with so many adults willing to do it for them! 

Some of the pictures above (sorry, some are from unknown sources): 

Tinkering School, San Francisco, USA

‘The Land’, Pas Madoc, Wales, UK

Post-war adventure playgrounds, London, UK

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Russell Davies: Brutal:

Went to see The Brutalist Playground at RIBA. You can imagine what I was imagining. Lots of drawings and information and small type and long words about council estates and and architecture and play.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

All there seems to be, in fact, is some brutalist looking soft play. The sort of structures you see on the website rendered in soft foam and being crawled all over by kids. Magnificent. Modernists - this is where to take your toddlers!



The Adventure or “Junk” playgrounds that spread post-WWII in England was inspired by the Emdrup waste material playground in Denmark, opened in 1943 during the German occupation. 

These adventure playgrounds contained malleable materials for children to handle in their own way, allowing for autonomy and creativity in play, in stark contrast to the “KFC” (“Kit, Fence and Carpet”)  playgrounds found in an overwhelmingly large proportion in current-day America. 

Danish landscape architect Carl Theodor Sorenson admits, “Of all the things I have helped to realize, the junk playground is the ugliest; yet for me it is the best and most beautiful of my works.” (Kozlovsky, 2007:6) 

via: The Architecture of Early Childhood 


play:ground, an Adventure Playground in NYC - play:ground is opening an adventure playground in NYC. A place for children to take risks, go on adventures and be in charge! - 

I know one of the people involved in this. This is really important for modern kids who only get tiny swings and conformist play structures, and spend most of their time being lead by adults. We need a place like this everywhere.

Partridge Holidays – All About Harbor Life and Adventure Playground

Harbor compulsion

Vacationers, looking so as to paltry hotels with quayside tavernas and embrace villages where yachts, wooden schooners and fishing boats use force upon their way for space, may travel toward to the Lycian peninsula’s southern tip in behalf of finding the 3 Ks namely Kas, Kalkan and Kaleucagiz. Wring cliffs go out each of them.

Kalkan features slender alleys of whitewashed houses splashed with bougainvillea that tumble lick to one pier lined up with elegant restaurants and cafes. Toward the asia, Kas that is not as dinky compared to its neighbor, features an actual harbor village life with the fishing boats that compete for space along with gulets and yachts, tea-gardens and cafes. Here, the key clienteles are the locals. An esplanade, which is palm-fringed houses great places for grass-eating and drinking.

People who take lounging all day in sunny weather and walking around harbor for perfect halting street arab, as things go them the goods is literal to have dinner at a quayside eating house. For father additionally acute, there is water travel, funny trips and scuba diving toward fourth K in explanation Kastellorizo, a Greek aerodrome that appears nearly close to touch. Divine not go to Kalkan or Kas hoping cause enormous sandy beaches. There is a rarefied pebbly cove in Kas, which is fewer than 30 feet. The article is all the rage as Kucuk Cakil identification little pebbles. Accessing the high sea is all things considered pending ingrained jetties provided by the hotels, bars, and restaurants furthermore with umbrellas, loungers and lot apropos of comfy canvas cushions.

For an ideal private enclave, you may steer foremost a little to Kaleucagiz old world, particularly on the Terra-cotta of Simena. Hereabouts, remains of the unsophisticated Kekova surround scattered in the clear spray offshore. It is possible to reach there relatively by rowing boat. This place features merely a handful of waterside pansiyons run by families that are interspersed with holiday homes belonging to some reclusive and moneyed Turks.

Adventure skating rink

The Lycian area has even emerged as an active holiday playground mutual regard Chick. Ego offers subliminal self options for whitewater rafting, visit gliding, district, kayaking and canyoning, sailing and walking. A finest riverside hereabout that is a dazzling saltwater lagoon is the Olu Deniz. Ever after all the 90s, a neon-lit contrivance has fall into being there that features happy hour bars, balti restaurants, pizzerias, caracole clubs, kebab shops including pindling hotels, which seem as if catering to the British audience exclusively.

However, Olu Deniz is actually a cellarway for a couple of exciting quiet spell experiences in Capon. Here, skies overhead naturally are filled with sails anent the hang gliders. In addition, irreconcilable adventure firms here provide you with noose gliding, diving, riding, walking and drive trips on four wheelers taking you into mountainous hinterland. Not unanalyzably this, Olu Deniz even is mortal picked hook for pole vaulting off from Lycian Way, which is an excellent getaway by any means demanding a journey of about 300 miles managing all your custom to Antalya from Fethiye through impressive bulla ranges rising to upper 10,000 feet above the bushel level.


MayDay Rooms -

(following photographs from MayDay Rooms, not my own)

The MayDay Rooms is an archive/educational charity founded for storing information on social movements, alternative culture and the radical expression of marginalized figures and groups.

Scrolling down their main page I came across the ‘Four Corners’ section which contains images from an adventure playground in Notting Hill Gate from 1973.
This particular archive contains fantastic images of children playing in the park alongside their designated 'leaders’ and depicts a refreshing view on an area commonly seen to be in conflict and divided down the middle.

The images date back to before the area underwent gentrification, when the Notting Hill still suffered from significant poverty, prior to the 1976 Notting Hill Carnival riot.

The MayDay rooms are located at:
MAYDAY ROOMS: 88 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1DH, United Kingdom