So I came home yesterday, I’m back in California in my new house. BUT IT WAS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE TO GET HERE OMG


Yesterday, I left my apartment at about 1:15 to get to the airport. Since the airport is like 10 minutes away from my apartment, I get there at about 1:30. My American Airline flight doesn’t take off until 3:15 to Dallas and then I would have a layover for my flight Orange County that would come take off at 7:20 (PST).

Okay, no biggie, I can wait around, all good. I just check in my bag, go through the short security line, and wait.

We were supposed to board at like 2:45pm. There’s no plane. 3:15 rolls around. Still no plane. TURNS OUT, the plane was stuck in Dallas due to “Mechanical/Technical Issues” and they had to completely change planes. They were delayed by almost 2 fucking hours. 

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I knew I was not going to make my connecting flight (along with a shit ton of other people). It’s about 3:20 at this point, So I go up the gate counter place and was like “WHAT DO.” 

Apparently that Orange County flight out Dallas was the last one going to the OC. SO the dude told me I could take the flight to Chicago at 6 (it would land in Chicago at like 7)and then take the Orange County flight going out of the Chicago at like 7:40. It would be a tight layover time, but I’ve done it before and I know O’Hare pretty well that I can make it from point A to B pretty quickly. 

OH YEAH, but this flight wasn’t American. It was United. SO, I had to go back out to the bag counter to reclaim my bag from American to check it in with United. So I do that, only when I go to United, they’re like “Check in isn’t open until 4 (it was 3:30), so go wait over there until we’re open.”

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After screaming internally, I wait and then go up to the check in counter to recheck my bag. FOR WHATEVER REASON, it wouldn’t ring up and the woman accidentally charged me like 4 times, so I had to wait until that issue was fixed, which took about 20 minutes. I mean, I know I had the time (and I didn’t yell at the lady cuz she was being so nice and it’s not her fault the machine wasn’t working - never be mean to employees, people) but I was hungry and wanted to eat but couldn’t.

BUT ONCE THAT WAS DONE, I go through security AGAIN and wait for the plane to arrive. 6 rolls by, we get on it, everything is fine


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As far as I know, there were NOT any thunderstorms, but Control Tower was basically like “all flights coming to Chicago stay on the ground, don’t come until we say.” SO WE DIDN’T TAKE OFF UNTIL ABOUT 6:20 and we don’t make it to the gate until about 7:20.

BTW, the flight was scary. There was a lot of wind and the pilots seemed to be trying to get there ASAP, so it felt like the plane was going as fast as it could and I was like “Imma die on this plane, fuck”

Anyway I haul ass off flight cuz boarding for the Orange Country flight closed at like 7:24. But then I ran into a bunch of slow ass motherfuckers who think that the escalators and moving walkways are for standing and taking up the whole fucking thing and don’t understand the concept of “MOVE GOTTA GET MY FLIGHT” 

And another shit thing is was that I didn’t have my inhaler on me (it was in my suitcase), so I didn’t wanna overexert myself and give myself an asthma attack. 

I FINALLY make it to the gate at 7:26. They already closed boarding and there was this other woman who also didn’t make boarding. We were directed to the customer service and we just started talking about how BS it was that we couldn’t get on, but whatever, lol.

So I wait in line and get to the counter, talking to this nice lady. And while we were trying to figure out what to do, this dude comes up and starts yelling at the guy helping him because he’s like “I’ve been waiting here for 3 hours cuz of my layover but the plane I’m supposed to be on keeps getting fucking delayed, this is such bullshit, you guys need to have your shit together” as if it’s the dude’s fault that the guy’s plane has problems. 

I told the woman helping me “OMG your job must be so hard, I’m so sorry” and she’s like “YEAH we get yelled at all the time.” Anyway, she first was like “Would you wanna take a flight to San Fransisco” and I’m like “UH that’s 6 hours from my house, so no??? Do you got anything going to LAX?”

So I get a new free ticket to LAX and the woman told me that my checked bag hadn’t gotten on the flight to Orange County, so she was gonna reroute my bag so it would go to LAX. My ticket didn’t come with a seat, so she was like “just go to your gate and ask the person to give you a new seat.”

SO I waddle my tired ass over to the gate and there’s a person there. She’s able to get me a nice window seat in business class (or, excuse me, economy plus~), free of charge. And then she’s like “it’s your lucky day!”

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But no, that lady’s cool. It was nice of her to give me that seat. 

SO this flight isn’t supposed to take off until like 9 and then it would in LAX at 11:45(PST). AND THEN FUCKING 9 ROLLS AROUND AND THE PLANE GETS FUCKING DELAYED AGAIN DUE TO “overcrowded runways at LAX.”

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SO as I’m waiting, I decide to charge my phone. In the process, I end up talking to this girl Anima, who is also on my flight. We somehow hit it off really well and we became fast friends. She was super awesome and sweet (and pretty as hell OMG) and she was from Florida coming to LA to meet some friends.

SO we finally board the plane and I come to find that Anima is sitting right behind me. So I wait for the person sitting next to her to show up and ask him if I could switch seats with him, to which he says yes, thankfully. And then we finally take off at 10pm. 

Me and Anima just talked the whole time, but we were slowly getting more and more tired as time went on. In fact, we don’t even get to the fucking gate until 12:30am (PST) after being on a plane for 4 fucking hours. 

AND THEN we go to baggage and I meet up with my mom. Anima goes her separate ways, but we’re definitely gonna try to stay in contact. We have each other’s IGs and numbers, so that’s cool~

But after waiting for a while, bags start rolling out… and I don’t see mine.

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I keep waiting and waiting and it doesn’t show up. We go the bag counter and I give the person my ticket thing for my bag. 


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BUT WHATEVER, they were able to deliver it this morning… So it did get here, I was just missing shit. And then my mom drove me to our new house, which is complete disarray cuz they gotta unpack 20 years of shit, lol. 

I didn’t get to go to bed until 2:30 though… And I had to wake up at 8 because my mom had an electrician coming in. But the second he left, I went the fuck back to sleep, lol.

SO YEAH that was my adventure… It was awful, lol. But at least I made a friend~

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Adventure is Out There || Up AU Bingo2 - Vacation

Food? Check.

Water? Check.

Enough toilet paper to tepee an entire neighborhood? Check.

It looked like almost everything was set and they would be ready to leave for their grand adventure in just a few. The many, many, many balloons were in place. The essentials were bought and stored away in supply closets. A map was neatly set up near the steering wheel she had installed.

The only thing missing now was her companion for this adventure. 

Roxy only hoped he wasn’t going to bring everything he owned. She wasn’t entirely sure how much balloons could actually hold. It would be his things they would throw out first, he just didn’t know it yet.