The Vaccines cover One Direction’s Night Changes for BBC Radio 1

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We have set up camp for the evening. I asked His Majesty why it was being set up so early, and he replied that I needed to learn how to defend myself, especially in light of the trolls and the Orcs that we narrowly avoided meeting a couple days back.

I pointed out that other members of the Company didn’t have extensive weapons training, like Ori. His Majesty replied that Ori was not his concern, as Dori and Nori are capable of teaching him methods of self-defence.

I then pointed out that since Dwalin was the resident warrior, why didn’t he teach me instead. His Majesty said that it had been Dwalin’s idea for His Majesty to teach me in the first place. He seemed particularly skulky about that last point.

I finally mentioned that I hadn’t been eating properly all day, and His Majesty, in his infinite patience, insisted I take off my jacket and waistcoat already and just come do the damn practice.

Giver grant me patience; he is being insufferable again.