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Valentine’s Day Special ;)

Oh ho ho? What is this? Well judging by all the gaudy decor hanging around the bureau and the multitude of glittery cards and chocolate stuff under our door, it must be Valentine’s day! That’s right guys, gals, and nonbinary pals - it’s that special day and Taako has a sizzlin’ special date ;) 

…ha. Psych. 

No fucking way, man, Valentine’s day is dumb as hell. And I’m not just saying that ‘cause my date cancelled on me or some equally lame excuse. I just honestly, genuinely, don’t care. This wizard slash chef has bigger things on his metaphorical plate, thanking you VERY much.  

Also? Company parties are the pits, my guys. Like hell I’m going to that blah fest. 

Nah, boy, instead this seems like a great opportunity to chillax with my boys, throw on my comfy pants, ring of frost some sweet bevs, and kick it with a Boy’s Night In! 

And what do all good good adventure boys need for a perfect Palentines day? 

Hot diggity shit, that’s right! Today’s dish is…


Now, just so you know, this one dooooess take a bit of prep work, so be sure you either prepare in advance, or start early! 


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Two things

1. There will be another Terrifically Exciting Installment of the Adventures of Mrs Hudson tomorrow evening! 

2. Would anyone hypothetically be interested in buying a print of one of my stupid cartoons to raise money for a good cause? Needless to say I haven’t figured out the logistics of how this would work yet, but if enough people are up for it I’ll give it some serious thought.