adventure time trivia

My fav piece of Adventure Time trivia is the time that Cartoon Network made the artists have to change the title card for “The Enchiridion!”  Multiple times 

Why? Well here’s the finished design! Doesn’t look too bad, right? They’re just playing around with a baguette. 

It looks cute! What could have possibly been wrong with their first design?


Adventure time trivia: Candy Streets~ 
When the cats are in the suits with a suitcase, this is similar to the character, Business Cat, from Our New Electrical Morals.
In the Candy Drugstore behind Ann there is katakana (Japanese) on the glass that reads “ファーマシー”, meaning “pharmacy.”

When Ann is getting the empty jar down, on the far right of the screen, there is a bottle with Viking ruins on the label; they possibly spell out “Eelaei.” Viking ruins are also on the yellow carton next where the jar was sitting; they possibly spell out “Apreil”.

Jake turns into a pipe that Finn inserts into his mouth. This is a reference to Sherlock Holmes.

Several connections to “Mystery Train” appear in this episode, including the return of the Candy Kingdom’s train system (and many of the former passengers) and Jake transforming into a person (such as he did as “The Conductor”).

When Jake stretches into a lawyer, the form resembles the Business Men from the episode “Business Time.”

Adventure time trivia: episode Shh!
The tomb BMO was hiding in references King Tut’s tomb.

Jake breaks open the wall with an axe in a similar fashion to Jack Nicolson in the film “The Shining”.

The way Finn and Jake ripped their signs to say “BMO, we love you. We’re Finn and Jake for real! We’re not talking today because we’re playing a game! We love you!” is similar to creating a stick-up note.

It is revealed in this episode that BMO can smell.
Also, he seems to be attracted by the smell of technological equipment.

The title card references the part when Jake hacks into a wall to get to BMO.
One of the pictures on BMO’s tomb shows a bikini babe.

This is the only episode that BMO attacks Finn and Jake.