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Doctor Who: A Year in Review

  • Two missing Patrick Troughton serials are discovered and released
  • Peter Capaldi is announced as the next Doctor and makes his first appearance on the show.
  • Big Finish announces their 50th anniversary story that unites the first eight incarnations of the Doctor.
  • The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who airs on November 23rd, featuring the return of David Tennant and Billie Piper.
  • The docudrama ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ airs, paying tribute to those who created the show back in 1963.
  • Peter Davison creates a tribute to the show that involves people involved in all areas of the show - both on-screen and off.
  • Tom Baker and Paul McGann make reappearances on the show for the first time in after 32 and 17 year absences respectively.
  • Classic villains including the Great Intelligence, the Ice Warriors, and the Zygons make their own reappearances on the show.
  • Three regenerations are featured -  two of which have been much desired by fans.