adventure time thanksgiving day project

So this is the short video I made for the Adventure Time Thanksgiving Day Project! I know, I really REALLY waited until the last minute to do this, so it’s really kind of rushed and terrible. But it’s all true and genuine!

If you haven’t already, y'all should join in on the fun while there’s still a few hours left to do so!

(also, I hereby give my consent for Kasu and MrCaputo to use this video, blah blah legal disclaimers blah blah)

I don’t want to show my thanksgiving video cos’ I think I’ll just die from the  embarrassment

So now I present to you, my (very short) ukulele cover of the Adventure Time intro song!

It has a big Finn and Jake ceramic figurine, along with tiny versions of Finn & Jake, Marceline, Peebles, Ice King, Lady, and gender swaps Fionna, Cake, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Mo-Chro & Ice Queen!



The Evolution of the Adventure Time Thanksgiving Day Logo

When I thought about the logo, I just try to do something truly original, and in just five minutes, I had the idea ready. A shield with crossed swords, and a cute BMO, behind a ribbon with the words “Adventure Time Thanks”.

Once approved the idea from Kasu, I started to work on the shield. Only I had a problem that I could not fix the swords on the shield also because I don’t have photoshop.

But thanks to Kasu, she was able to give me a great help in this creation for the project. And again I thank her for this. You did a great job!

After some fixes on the Demon Sword, the logo was ready and we used immediately to start the project!

But every time I looked, I felt like the need to improve it, and fill that void, that I saw on the surface. Now is definitely much better than before. And I’m proud of, especially with Kasu. Without her, this project would not have existed. Thank you! And for all those interested in the project, for more information

you can go here.


Today is the last day to submit your videos to The Adventure Time Thanksgiving Day Project!

And if you have already done, you can be sure that we have received your video. We have seen them all, and believe me, they are all fantastic!

No wait … Finntastic!

I really appreciate your commitment and your participation

and cooperation in this small and amazing project that I only thought about and discussed with fuckyeah-kasumisty a month ago!

Thanks guys, without you this project would have never existed.

And I’m glad! Because I had never seen so many people join in a project like this! You are really fantastic guys!

And above all, you fuckyeah-kasumisty! You’re the best!

For those who still want to send their videos before this November 19th, you can send at and go here for more informations.

And get ready for this 22 November!

Ciao Ciao!