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Hehehe, these are super old now (pre Suffering Game!) but since I’m on the road to probably revamping the way I draw Taako for maybe the 18th time I figured I’d toss up these sketch pages of good ol’ Tres Horny Boys™️

EDIT: Forgot that tumblr hates…. images…… click thru for hi res!


Taako Taaco aesthetic

Inazuma Characters’ Chill Levels

10. Maximum Chill Level Achieved

9. Chill, except for that one time…

8. Wants to be chill… wants to be chill so bad…

7. Chill… a little too chill…

6. Generally pleasant people

5. Great, but should maybe calm down a little…

4. Chill Roulette

3. Doing THE most

2. Tried to be chill until the universe was like “lol Nope”

1. Portrays chill; Literally the opposite

0. The complete absence of chill

-1. The obliteration of chill as a concept


oh yea i went to the jojo festival in sendai in august feat. @trashcanchockie who did a MAAAd daiya cosplay bless her


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