adventure time photoset


かヂロ brought up on their Undertale twitter that Masaya Onosaka would be a good choice to voice Burgerpants and that kills me because it’d be perfect casting, honestly.

But considering that Onosaka is also Alessi’s VA… it would be fitting that Midler and Mariah would be Bratty and Catty, no?


Me as Bonnie, my wife @stripper-stalker as Marcy. ❤ This is our very first cosplay together, and the first at all for me. We have a long way to go.

More HERE.


We are awesome. Can’t wait to take more cosplay photos with you, pumpkin pie. Me as Bonnie, @stripper-stalker as Marcy. ❤

More HERE.

.:Everything Stays:.

Let’s go in the garden

You’ll find something waiting

Right there where you left it

Lying upside down

When you finally find it

You’ll see how it’s faded

The underside is lighter

When you turn it around

Everything stays, right where you left it

Everything stays, but it still changes

Ever so slightly

Daily and nightly

In little ways

When everything stays