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[human!Prismo art by iamthespacecadet]

All files hosted on Google Drive, so you can watch (occasionally in HD, even!) or download, and they’re never going anywhere. thanks, Google :) this post is a labour of (slightly obsessive) love, so likes/reblogs are treasured!

Updated 25 February - through Do No Harm

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Bad End Friends Masterpost!

liCollection of Ideas that were added to this AU! Which was original Bipper, IceFinn and Beast! Wirt, but now it seems that it has gotten bigger! New additions are being separated to make it easier and find the fandoms they originally came from! 

Gravity Falls

☻ Birthday Girl Mabel - Mabel can’t wait for her birthday and invites everyone she knows, and obviously her brother has to show up. But when no one comes, she is all alone and sooner or later she starts loosing her sanity and throws her own “Pity Party” And after hearing that Dipper isn’t going to show up, she goes ballistic and trashes the house, setting it aflame and deprives herself of sleep, not wanting the party to end. 

☻ Pacifica Northwood - Idea by @tigerlizii - Lumberjack ghost spares her life unlike the other Northwest’s, but he curses her into becoming wood creature/tree nymph

Star vs the Forces of Evil

 Monster Marco - Marco takes Toffee’s place including his clothing style, personality and rarely seen alternate creepy facade. Probably the most sane out of all the other Bad Enders but can get surprising really quickly. Mostly seen as a leader figure is very apathetic towards everyone, with the exception of Star and sometimes Tom.

 Mewberty Star - Mewberty strikes again but in a really unnerving way, making Star lose her senses and turns into a full love-crazed “yandere” and even becomes cannibalistic. She has a dark sense of humor that includes legit hearts.

 Pyromaniac Tom - Tom’s title as a demon and his own ignition powers aren’t enough to satisfy his sudden pyromania, so he finds more ways to set flames by burning everything in his path even if it kills someone. He uses this as a threat to other’s in the group, but of course most of them are unfazed, mainly with Mabel, Bipper and Marco. Marco finds his threatening amusing while Mabel shares the interest and Bipper just mocks him. However IceFinn and Wirt become very defensive. 

☻ Siren Jackie - A smaller addition to the group and shows up rarely,, luring in others with her majestic singing. Beautiful but extremely dangerous, at least she’s rare.

Adventure Time

 Feral Vampire Marceline - Simon never found her, so she was left on her own and grew up in the most wild of states, so she attacked anyone or anything in her way and it became an entertaining habit to her.

 Sugar Crashed Bubblegum - Bonnie is in the state where her mind consumes what she is and uses that as an alternate energy source. A “Sugar Crash” happens when someone consumes to much glucose and has fatigue, but since Bubblegum is entirely made of sugar, she is ultimately and constantly hyperactive. 

 Lich Jake - Must I say more?

Steven Universe

Steven Diamond/Polar Opposite - Instead of being the half-gem son of Rose Quartz, he is the son of Yellow Diamond and was raised by her instead. As said, Steven as his polar opposite.

 Crystal Clusters - The crystal gems eventually being mutated into gem clusters and it’s a literal painful thing to go through and is terrifying to them. 

 Or Rose Quartz being the one leading the invasion to Earth as well- @squidspookies :> Everything is Evil here man the poor Earth holy crap

 These ideas were inspired by the original AU and also came from these two as well!!

@sir-o-lantern @eldritch-bill-cipher I’m pretty sure there were a couple more but memory sucks :p

Oh yeah and the theme song!

Main: “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez 

More from Melanie and Halsey match with this so much! Which is why we picked it, but Mad Hatter just sums up the entire concept! There you go! Share if you like to help this fandom grow! #Bad End Friends


AU Credit and the addition of Bipper, IceFinn and Wirt

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ LOK, ATLA, and Adventure Time Links

Basically, a lot of the shows I love are not on Netflix (or not all of the seasons are on Netflix and I usually have to watch them online. I decided to make a useful masterpost of some of the links I use to watch my shows. Most of these are compiled from other master lists of links and are ones I use on a regular basis and work for me. 

Adventure Time (Seasons 1-6) 

Avatar: Last Airbender (Books 1-3)

Legend of Korra

Book 1: Air
Book 2: Spirits

adventure time masterpost | (• ◡•)|╯╰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Adventure Time Episode Guide Seasons 1-6

So there’s roughly 10 million episodes of Adventure Time(ok, 200), and while I love the show to death that’s a lot to watch in order to be able to follow the storyline. There are a lot of people who are interested in catching up on the storylines, but who don’t want to sit through every single episode in order to do so, and I want to help.

Below the cut is an episode guide (with links!) that will make the show a little more concise. It contains the episodes that are, in my opinion, most central to the show’s several major story threads, labeled based on importance.

Using this guide will shorten the show by between ½ and ¾, depending on how strict you want to be. I hope you find it helpful!

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