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Still as prissy and prim as what, Marceline?

And yes I am suggesting that the amp Marceline angstily uses after she talks to Bonnie in “Go With Me” (the same episode where she spends the whole night sabotaging Finn’s attempts to ask PB out to the movies) is a gift from Bonnibel. 

And that Bonnie purposely wrote Marceline’s name as prissily and primly as possible on the amp because she knows that Marceline secretly thinks her handwriting is pretty.

Fan Spotlight - Geek Remix

Introducing our Fan Spotlight blog debut! We catch up with various members of the Life is Strange community and ask them their thoughts on the series so far. 

For our first Fan Spotlight, we talk to Mari from Geek Remix! Geek Remix have been producing in-depth fan theory videos for each Life is Strange episode and we’ve enjoyed watching every single one!

Hi Mari!

Thanks for taking part in our first fan spotlight. We’ve loved seeing all of your fan theories for Life is Strange so far, we’d love to ask you some questions about them.

Q: Your Life is Strange theory videos contain a lot of detail and cross references. What is your usual process for gathering all the content for each video?

A: If I see something like a symbol, quote, or mythical figure, I will google what that is. I put all those extra pieces of information in my head and write them down. So when I see something that pulls it all together, I can easily use the other crazy information to create a “theory”. I know that most of my ideas won’t be true, I don’t even believe half the stuff I say. But it’s really fun for me to do anyway.

I also have the benefit of editing our Let’s Play series, which forces me to look at each scene multiple times. This is part of the reason why I notice things easily. I can slow down, reverse, or distort footage to see if there is something I missed.

Q: You are clearly a big fan of the series. What would you say are the key themes or features of the game that you relate with and enjoy?

One thing I really like is that it focuses on female friendship, the experience of teen girls, and what the effects of bullying are. I also like that the game shows that people are more than one dimension. Someone can at first seem like a scary and selfish person, but turn out to be a very scared and hurt human being.

And then the part that really pulls me in is all the mysteries, hints, and foreshadowing. It just absorbs me when something can have a surface layer of plot, but there is so much more going on that you can miss.

Q: We really enjoy watching your videos with each new episode. Have you done theory videos for any other game series?

A: Yes, although for only a few select games. I prefer to focus on games that I know a lot about and are really passionate about - or at least know I have a very solid foundation to create ideas from. When people ask me to do a theory on a game I’ve never played, I don’t think they realize they are asking me to become obsessed with an entirely new world.

Other games I have made theories for are:

Dragon Age

Mass Effect

Broken Age

[working on Dreamfall and Last of Us. Still in research and scripting phase]

I’ve also done some tv show theories, like Adventure Time. I do Easter Egg videos for dozens of games, however.

Q: What character from Life is Strange would you say you are most like?

A: I was going to say Max. But then I realize I’m probably a lot more like Warren because we both like scary movies, and binge watching scifi. He also seems kind of weird, which I am too.

Chloe is so much like Stacy that sometimes it scares me. They act, look, and dress the same. They even move the same.

Q: What are you hoping to see in future episodes of Life is Strange?

A: Something completely out of control, but still not jumping the shark.

Q: Finally, what would you use the power to rewind time for?

A: To sleep in when I need to. Or get more hours in the day so I can get more work done (aka procrastinate more).

We’d like to thanks Mari & Geek Remix for taking the time to answer our questions. You can check out Mari & Stacy’s Geek Remix channel here (warning: contains spoilers).

Looking forward to seeing fan theories for episodes 4 & 5!

More Fan Spotlights coming soon!

“Clara maybe this tree you got us is a bit too big… and so is this jumper”

Merry Christmas!!


The first wave of the all-new soaps are now up in the shop!

From top to bottom they are:
Rose Quartz - A fruity and floral blend with skin-loving pink Himalayan sea salt
Stargate - Travel the galaxy while smelling like fresh pineapple and sage
Steven Universe - Almost as peppy as Steven himself; a blend of pomegranate and ginger
Hearthstone - Refresh yourself with a mixture of florals and tonka beans with poppy seeds for exfoliation
Hey, Listen! - A cucumber mint fairy companion that won’t annoy you
The Doctor - Our popular candle scent in soap form, with Time Lord hearts
Dragon Hunter - Another popular candle fragrance, this used to be called Dragonborn. Now you can practice your shouts in the shower, too
Hidden Snail - Just like the Adventure Time easter egg, this agave and lime scented bar will reveal a cute snail after several uses

Another wave of soaps will be coming soon, so keep an eye out.  [:

So not being able to wear a hat is a punishment for human children (or at least Seekers) which might explain why Susan ripped off Frieda’s hat when she was retrieving her.

Also I think Gross has a weird fixation with bees.