adventure time easter eggs


The first wave of the all-new soaps are now up in the shop!

From top to bottom they are:
Rose Quartz - A fruity and floral blend with skin-loving pink Himalayan sea salt
Stargate - Travel the galaxy while smelling like fresh pineapple and sage
Steven Universe - Almost as peppy as Steven himself; a blend of pomegranate and ginger
Hearthstone - Refresh yourself with a mixture of florals and tonka beans with poppy seeds for exfoliation
Hey, Listen! - A cucumber mint fairy companion that won’t annoy you
The Doctor - Our popular candle scent in soap form, with Time Lord hearts
Dragon Hunter - Another popular candle fragrance, this used to be called Dragonborn. Now you can practice your shouts in the shower, too
Hidden Snail - Just like the Adventure Time easter egg, this agave and lime scented bar will reveal a cute snail after several uses

Another wave of soaps will be coming soon, so keep an eye out.  [: